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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Review of Sonny & Reed's Teething Necklace!  

I have long hair. As most of you know Long
hair and babies, well lets just say they do not go
together well. Lately most of Rowans and my conversations
go something like this;
"There's the baby, such a pretty baby. Mommy is going
to scoop you up." Tickled pink Rowan throws up her
hands. "That's a good, OUCH, no Baby, OWWWWWW!
Baby please let go of the, OWW IEEEEEE I SAID. Rowan,
didn't you and Mommy talk about, Rowan, that hurts,
Stoooooooooop. Please let go of," I feverishly work
to get her little vice like fingers to release the now two
huge handfuls of hair she has. " Mommy's hair is not
a toy, OWWWWWW, Rowan please. OUCh ouch ouch."
I work fast to dig a Graham Cracker stick out of the
box which she grabs with one hand while still holding onto
my hair with the other.
"Rowan, Please let go. Lookie want a cookie for the
other hand?" I say as I dangle it in front of her to
peak her interest. She reaches for it and I think I
am saved. Then she proudly Shoves the Slimy
Cracker from her mouth into my ear and grabs some
hair with that hand.
I am sure that any of you with more then a handful
of hair have had a similar conversation with your
little one. The Other thing we have going on around
here is Teething and every single thing goes into the
mouth. Even the hair! So not only do I suffer the Yank,
pull and cracker crumbs there is also the slime!
Ewww ( shudder) YUCK! I would sometimes rather
have the dog lick me then suffer Rowans puddle of
goo that has taken permanent residence on her chin.
Really, I wipe her mouth so much I am afraid one of
these wipes is going to take her chin with it.You know
the little Ghost in Ghost Busters, well that is my house,
just about everything is covered in slime! Every single toy,
my keys, the remote, the dog, the edge of any table, the
crib, my bed, the walker and high chair, even the Coffee
pot ( don't ask!) is covered in a THICK coating of baby dribble!
I feel so bad for her teething but the fact I wash clothes and change
her a dozen times a day, go through bibs like Kleenex and have
had to turn my house in to a giant "Boy in the Bubble" habitat
has dimmed my sympathy's. The Goo in my hair and the fact
I no longer own an article of clothing that does not have stains
all down the front  has "Wiped" that sympathy
out what-so-ever!
I was doing a review for another company when they
asked me out of the blue if I might be interested in doing
a review on a product that is referred to as a "Teething
Necklace," Teething necklace, wouldn't that get her closer
to my hair..............ah what the heck anything that might
change that little Goobers focus would be a perk right now!
So Sonny and Reed sent me one of the Teething Necklaces and
it came this week. I was surprised. I am not sure what I
thought it would be but this wasn't it. The necklace is made
of large plastic beads that have little bumps on them. The bumps
remind me of the little bumps on teething toys, you know what I
am talking about. The rattles that have a little round circle on
them covered in bumps so they can apply some pressure to
those sore little gums. Well now I had a whole necklace made
of those little gum soothers!
The other part that surprised me was the necklace was
fashionable too! Really, I would have bought it even if
I didn't have kids. They are clear so they go with anything though
they do offer a Blue and a Black bead as well. They are also
large enough to see clearly and complement any outfit
without appearing too large and garish as to over shadow it.
The bumps also added some pizazz. I was reminded of the
Boo Hoo style that is so popular in the last few years and
immediately thought of a few outfits I could pair it with.
I was surprised I really liked it! In fact I loved it but
the question remained, would it just end up being an
accessory to an outfit or would Dribble Butt like it as well?
I put it on when she was napping for I didn't want her to
see what I was doing. If I put it on while she was by me
she would notice and it doesn't matter if I put a Garlic
necklace around my neck, the simple fact Mom has something
would be enough for her to have to have it too. When she woke
I sat holding her and talking to her for a bit for she is slow to fully
wake and I think that is my favorite time with her. For every other
minute of the day she is such a busy girl I have to run a marching
band through the house to get her attention but when she first
wakes I have that sacred hour that is all about her and I. About 20
minutes later she started to come to life and squirm. She was looking
for something to grab and gently swooshed my hair, it always
starts out gentle to the YANK comes from out of nowhere in
left Field. Then she spotted the necklace. I tried not to act interested
for she is a smarty pants and I didn't want her to know this
was part of my evil plan! ( hahahahahahaha) She still had
one hand on the hair but the other was all over the necklace.
The gentle tugs turned a bit more desperate as her little
gums started to get on her nerves and then it happened,
She Let Go Of The Hair!!!!!
Better yet by the time I set her down almost an hour later
my hair had still not been bothered. No slime, no Eww, no
gobbledy Goo! Now I was impressed! About an hour later she
started fussing and I could see she was tugging her ear and
her gums were hurting so I offered her the necklace to see if
it would help her settle down and it did! The soothing little
bumps and the natural chillyness of the necklace worked
like a charm and brought her some relief my hair never
would have been able to offer!
( Busy doing a happy dance, be right back!)
This is quickly moving up the ranks around
here on her favorite item to play with list and
I can already see her clinging to it for a long time
to come. Sonny and Reed is the name of the Company
that makes these charming fellows and you can order
them off thier website in all of the three colors I told
you about. They are already FDA approved and non-
toxic.  Trust me, anyone with hair past their shoulders
has got to get one! Oh, and your babies gums
will feel better too!

Sonny and Reed

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