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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Split Ender Review  

I have long hair right now. In fact I have had long hair
since I was old enough to tell my Grandmother No, when
she said let's go get your haircut. Before I was old enough to
make up my own mind on my hair my Grandmother would take
me to Georgette the Butcher every summer the first day
she had me out of my mothers site and at our summer
cottage. Do you know how hard it is to face your friends
when you have a Dorthy Hamel Cut that is a few inches
short so it can last a little long then to add insult to
injury she was a perm fanatic and would throw that into
the mix. Think this

But shorter and worse! Once I was old enough to say no
I swore I would never cut my hair again and didn't other
then trims here and there until I was pregnant with my son at 24.
That time Andy's Dad thought it would be funny to shave his head
and called me to tell me. After I climbed through the phone
lines to strangle him I though I would teach him a lesson and
put my Waist length hair and put it in a pony tail on the top of
my head and snipped it off. ( don't mess with hormones) After
I got stable again I cried and regretted my decision and grew
it long again. My Grandmother almost went off her rocker
because of this and the only gift I received for Holidays and
Birthdays from her in all that time was hair items and
a gift certificate to her saloon and every time I saw her the
first thing she would do would be to hand me a hairbrush.
I once again stuck to trims and it got to my waist and
I found out I was pregnant with Rowan. I did cut it for that
but not like with my son, only about 8 inches. I love my hair
long and will most likely have long hair all my life but I need
to make clear there are problems with long hair. Those
problems have a name and its name is split ends! Even with
regular trims you end up with them and the longer your hair
is the more you get. Add in the fact my hair is super thick
and super dry and then try not to laugh if you see me on
a hot and humid day. The combination of long dry hair and
humidity make me resemble the bride of Frankenstein.

There is not a hair product in the world that can fix this. It was
a trade off I made, super long hair equals split ends. Plain and

Then I found the split ender. Wow, Bye Bye Split ends. The great
thing about this product is every ones hair ends at different parts
through out your head. Even a straight cut ends up uneven at
times and when ends split it becomes even more choppy. The
Split Ender takes care of those ends no matter where they
are without you having to run to the saloon every week for a trim.
You can do this at home anytime you want and when you keep
a tight reign on your split ends it keeps you hair smoother
and softer and silkier and no more frizzy fly aways. It is
super simple to use and it is almost as big a no- brainer as
brushing your hair. In fact that is what you do, place your hair
between the clips like a curling iron or flat iron and ZIP
bye bye to the frizz! Perfect every time.

It is perfect for those times you got you hair just
so and notice a spot with frizzy ends you just can't stand for
they ruin the effect. 30 seconds later and you are perfect all
over without risking cutting to much like you would scissors for
it only takes the tips. Even my son could do this and I wish I
had this when he was 8 and decided to cut his own bangs for
if he is going to use something on his hair he isn't supposed to
touch I would rather it be something that can't leave him looking
like he just got off the boat! I love how this makes my hair
look and if I had this when I chopped it all off I would still have
that same head of hair for even hormones wouldn't be enough
to allow me to chop off perfectly smooth luxurious hair!

Even better, if you hair is dry like mine and mine is so dry
it feels like horse hair some days, the split ender comes
with a bottle of Silk! Now this stuff made me want to climb
up to my roof and scream its praises! I use frizz ease and other
products like that to keep my hair smooth and glossy for
without it I look like heck. Now I like the look those products
give me but to touch it, Ewwwe! Greasy and gross. I have yet
to find a product that works until now. These are little tablets
you crack open and work into your hair when damp. Then you can
either blow dry or let air dry and what you are left with is
smooth, shinny, glossy, healthy looking hair that you can
touch and not be able to butter a pan with you hand when you
are done. I could not feel this in my hair at all. You look at me
before and after and know I did something, you touch and you
will wonder what. An added perk to this product is it makes
my hair so soft and manageable I can do all those cool, sleek
styles I never could before. When I was younger I would spend
hours trying, when I got older I would just go with the waves
because I will be darned if I spend 4 hours in the bathroom
working on my "do" then walk out in August heat for it to
insta frizz! I can't wait to I go somewhere I can show off
some styles!

This combo gets a huge two thumbs up and a
snip snip from me and you can learn more or even order
one from the button on my site. That's right, I posted
a button for I love this stuff ( the silk) that much and with
the split ender am super impressed with how it works and
the fact it is going to save me a small fortune in saloon costs!
No more Bride of Frankenstein for me!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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