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Friday, December 11, 2009

Fiji Water Review and Giveaway  

           Now these guys didn't have to send me a product to
review but they did! Wow, DID THEY! I have been dancing
around the house all day like a fruitcake. You see, it started about
five years ago, well, really 25. Where I used to live we had the
worst tasting water in the world. Could have just been plumbing
but the point is I could not gag this stuff down. To make matters
worse I spent me summers in our home on Black Lake and there
we had a well. GROSS! So water has always been an issue for
        As soon as I had a job I started buying bottled water. In those
days they did not have the selection they do now. I was an Evian girl
and proud of it. For 15 years I would drink Evian every single day.
My thing was to stop in the morning and grab a big bottle for work
and then on the way home do it again. I was still too young to learn
about warehouse stores so I did the 7-11 thing and Evian got to be
a pretty expensive habit. I took a road trip about 6 years ago and
made a stop somewhere in the middle of nowhere to grab a bottle
of water and these people did not have Evian. I thought I would
die, first from thirst and second from a heart attack due to the
temper tantrum I was having.
         The guy was watching me dancing around huffing and puffing
about how it was just my luck to be stuck in the middle of no where
and dropped into the stone ages. He timidly raised his hand like I
was a school teacher or something ( note to self: ask son if I am
really that intimidating when angry?) and informed me that they
did carry other bottled waters.
  "Really," Grunt! " What kind!" Sarcastic sneer.
"Um, we got some of that fizzy stuff and some of that colored
mountain one too. Oh, and some stuff we got by mistake."
"Really!" I am rolling my eyes here. Wow, I really am mean
when I am mad. " Colored mountains and fizzy waters, where
are they?"
"In that refrigerator by the bathroom."
"Water near the bathroom, Perfect!"
   I marched over to the cooler where all the rows of
water sat next to fishing worms and minnows and saw
the fizzy was Perrier and that colored mountain was
blue mountain. Great, I hate them both. All they had
was one more choice and I had never heard of it before.
In fact I had never even seen Fiji water before and its
square bottle. Did they have a well out back and were
pulling some sort of Jedi mind trick? Fiji? Huh? Do
they even have water down there that isn't salt?
Is Fiji even down there? Does it matter it is my
only choice.
    I grabbed it, payed and stormed out the door. Andrew
and a friend of mine were in the car when I tossed them their
sodas and slammed down my bottle. I pulled out the map
to see how far to the next sign of life and twisted off the cap.
Next thing I know I am shoving the map back into the glove
box and heading back into the store.
  "Do you sell coolers here?"
  "Um, yeah. We got those styrofoam jobs with the lid."
"Where are they?"
"Over there on the wall by the Deer feed and salt licks."
Do you know he has the nerve to say all that with a straight
 I marched over and grabbed a cooler. "You sell ice?"
"Yeah, its over down there by the Vole poison."
  It didn't matter I was walking to it and grabben a bag
of ice out of a cooler that is older then the combined age
of the nearest rest home.Then a marched back over and
(wait, is this where I heard the Banjo's-Ha ha) and cleaned
out the entire stock of that Fiji water. It was that good,
the fact that the next store might only have Koolaid had
nothing to do with it.
   After that day I was hooked on Fiji. I know just about
every store in the Tri-County area that has it and I live
with two boys. Well, one man and one boy but fact is
they are of the male gender and that means if there is
something in the fridge I want they will eat it first. Now
I want you to come over here and ask those boys what
happens to them if they drink my Fiji ( my son did it once)
and you will be able to watch them right before your very
eyes turn an un-natural shade of white and start to shake
all over. They will lower their eyes and mumble to the
floor. "Don't talk about the Fiji." and scamper away.

    That is how serious I am about my Fiji water. When
I spoke to the nice lady Grace from Fiji I told her a
little about my obsession and how my son knows
better then to touch my Fiji and so does my Husband
and how I plan to raise Rowan the same way and she
laughed and send she will send them some samples too.
Now as a review Blogger when a person says sample
that is just what they mean. Most of the time is a few of
an item and once in a great while you end up with a case
on your doorstep. That's fine. When I agree to review a lot
of those places it is because someone here or I know asked
me to find out if it was any good so I didn't set out to do it
for my benefit. I am just used to getting a couple of something
and seldom think about it any more. Plus, Bottled water is
more expensive then Soda Pop any more and I thought
when she said she would send some for the boys and Rowan
I was getting a couple of bottles each.
           Next, my UPS man and I love each other. I have known
him for 10 years and he is super good to me. I see him just about
every day for at least 4 times a week I get a couple of packages.
Today I hear him pull up and run down the stairs. By the time I
grab the baby and get there most of the time he is to the porch.
Today he was still unloading.
There were a couple of packages and then boxes.
"Michelle, wake up! Are you okay I think you passed out!"
There were five cases of Fiji water line up inside my living room
door. Can you believe that? I couldn't and have the bump to
prove it! This has got to be the coolest Company ever! I mean
really I have never in my whole life been so impressed with
a company. Now I don't have to tell you guys what I think
about the taste. I think my little story covers it but in case some
of you didn't understand my feelings on the water I will say it
   It is awesome! Truthfully. I know some people don't think there
is a difference from one bottled water to the next but there is.
I have tried every brand for the house when it was on sale
and tried them here and there but I always go back to my Fiji.
I don't know if it makes sense to you guys but Fiji water is
just sweeter to me. A different consistency. It tastes like you
would want water to taste if you had a Genie bottle and could
tell them how it should. I am a Fiji fan to the end and I will sell
my husband to buy it should I have to. So I think I have my
feelings on the taste pretty well covered.

   What I want to tell you is how I feel about the company.
Impressed does not do how I feel justice. I know it doesn't seem
like all that big of a deal but it is. I worked for Corporate America
for 17 years in a related field and let me tell you those buggers are
cheap on the whole. Part of my job was how not to give you free
food even if your dinner was a wreck. Make um pay anyway, is
the saying but in truth when a person pays 20 for just the entree
they would like to enjoy it. These guys are a big company too
but do not have the same philosophy as others.They had no idea
what I was going to say, they do not pay me so they can't control my
mouth. That is why a lot of company's send out a small sample for
reviews. If the review goes bad they are not out much. Also,
this is a lot of money worth of product to take such a risk on. I am
not Eprize and do not have to market this nice for them. I could do
anything to award the prize they offered for they never stipulated.
All they wanted was for me to taste it and tell you how I felt.
Good or bad, they rolled the dice and took a chance and did not
know how I felt until after the details were worked out.To me,
it shows a company that cares and is looking to improve itself
by getting honest feedback and it does not matter how much it
costs them they want the truth so they can provide the best product
possible for you guys. Now that is a company I can stand behind.
The fact that they are green and dedicated to the environment makes
it even better.They are even the first carbon negative company in
the industry. But I regress. I wanted you to know it tastes good!
It does! I personally wanted you to know how impressed I am with them.
I told you!

Now it is your turn. Fiji is giving the same deal to one of you guys.
One of my readers will win a 5 cases of 500 ml bottles. They will
bring it right to your door and I already feel bad for your UPS
driver. To enter I would like you to go to their site and tell me something
you have learned. It doesn't matter if it is about the water or the Company,
just a tidbit of info. The contest will run daily and start today, December
11th and run to January 12th at midnight. The winner will be notified by
email and have 72 hours to contact me. As always you can earn an extra
entry by entering the contest of the day.
Oh, and please don't tell my son and husband they sent five cases. They
think there is only 1! I did share that one though! *

Extra entries can only be completed after the
mandatory entry is done.

1. Follow my Blog. 3 entries, please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contests. 1 entry per contest

3. Follow me on twitter or facebook. 1 entry each

4. Grab my button. 5 entries, please post 5 times.

5. Blog about this giveaway somewhere else. 5 entries,
please post 5 times.

6. send me a 50 bottles of fij.......................oh well I thought I
could slip that in but I am sure there are rules about that
somewhere. NEVER MIND!

Hey guys while you are here don't forget to enter my KORRES
contest or my princereigns contest
*I am only joking you tattle tales!

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Picture I used on cards
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