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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Like Wear Review  

With Rowan on the scene I have spent a lot
of time shopping for clothes. For me, I love
to shop on line and over the years I have developed
my favorite sites. I understand their sizing, return policy
and know first hand what quality of product I am going to get.
With Rowan and the fact I have not been around
Babies in oh what, forever! I have no edge. I have
to go to the retail stores for things have changed so
much since Andy was a child that I wouldn't even
know where to start looking on line. To make it easy to
understand, when Andrew was a baby there was no
such thing as buying on line. The computer had web sites
devoted to information, games and chat rooms. Now
the Internet is part of every day life and I do pretty
well with most things but where do I go for
Kids Clothes?

Unlike her Toys where it doesn't matter
what retail outlet you buy them at they are still
the same toys, clothing is way different. Every place
cuts their clothing different and a size 1 at one place
can be a size 12 somewhere else. Plus it really bothers
me that since kids outgrow clothes so fast I have noticed
that manufacturer's do not use the same quality standards
as they do for adults. What I mean by this is since
the kids will only be wearing it for a few months it
is my opinion a lot of places make their clothes cheap and
I do not know how many pair of PJ's I have went through
where the Zipper broke super fast. Now you guys tell me,
Rowan is going on 6 months and I have lost 4
pair of Jammie's, all different brands, to a zipper that
jams and breaks. Now they can't says its because kids
are hard on their clothes and she fiddles with it because
out of these 6 months 3 she couldn't even find her own
hands much less a zipper. People will also say that it
is because she spends so much time in them they get
worn faster and that isn't true either. She is so messy and
is MZ Spit up so Rowan clothes are changed no less then
4 times a day, so at that rate she is wearing something
maybe 8 hours for a day, maybe once a week. About 6 wears
into it, the zipper goes boom! Now that makes me mad, I pay
$9.99 for a pair of Jammie's I get 48 hours of wear out of.
If that happened to my clothes I would be standing on
Donna Karen's front porch but since its a child we forget

So my dilemma was where can I find reasonably priced,
cute clothes that do not fall apart and be able to trust
the place enough to order on line? The answer is Like Wear!
I found them through word of mouth and decided to check
them out. When I got to the site I was surprised to find out
that if offers sales opportunity's to Moms and other work
from home people. Sorta like Avon but with clothes and they
also carry more then just children's cloths they also carry
accessory's and you can order from the main site or one
of the retailers. I decided to start in the kids section and was
pleased with what I found. All of their items are simple, no
frills in timeless styles that your children can wear every day.
I found no fad styles that your kids will refuse to wear a few
months from now because the "super super chill brothers supreme
dream team from mars is no longer cool", but I did find designs
that would appeal to even the pickiest pallet of the pickiest
child. The clothes they did carry with logos were of things
that are going to be here 6 years from now and not go away
and can be passed down from child to child. Who doesn't love
a Tootsie Pop? Kids when I was little knew them and loved them
and I am sure my Grandchildren will too! Plus they are too cute!

I was sent a Dress for Rowan to review that was very
girly girl and adorable. It was pink and simple and I loved
the fact she could wear this dress to a fancy Do Dah! or to
the play ground and fit in either place. Clothes that are versatile
give me more bang for my buck and Momma loves that!
Even the T-shirts have styles that will never fade and feature
designs such as Peace or Love. Very sweet! I was also
impressed with the Quality. I did the Michelle Test with a
little more gusto then I would with adult items for like I told
you I am a little angry on the quality of children's items I have
been getting and they blew my test away. The dress has been
washed 17 times in the last week and still is the same bright
shade of pink as when I pulled it out of the box. It also
has not frayed and the seems are still tight as, well you know
that frog cliche'.

With the children's line of clothes I am most impressed
with the style and the fact is these are a mix and match item
and everything they make can be used with items already in
your child's wardrobe so there are endless possibilities for
wearing them often yet still looking like you have a different
outfit on each and every time! They also have some of the
cutest onesies and blanket for babies I have ever seen and
the bags are to die for! Final verdict on Like Wear!


Check them out, maybe next time I buy I will be buying
from you!

What next?

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