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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Complaint and Complement of the week  

Complaint of the week-

This weeks honor of ticking me off
goes to Burlington Coat factory. Now up until
a few months ago I had not shopped there
in, well, since forever. But then I received a
coupon in the mail for $10.00 off with no
minimum purchase. In a sense they were
giving me 10 bucks to shop at their store.
When I got there I was very impressed. You
see Rowan is growing like a weed and had
outgrown her PJ's once again so that was why
I decided to use the coupon. Now at every other
place I had went to buy warm winter Jammie's
they were priced anywhere from 10 to 20
dollars. Even K-Mart who's average Baby
Jammie's were $12.99. At Burlington they
started out at $6.99 so I was very pleased
and went a little nuts.

Guess what, once again Rowan
out grew her Jammie's and since I had
such a good experience the first time
I decided to go back to Burlington. Now
before I get to the complaint part I want
to clear up a thing or two. First, I still
loved their clothes and styles and the
prices were still fabulous. Two, the
sales clerk at the check out was an
absolute delight. She provided the best
customer service I have had in years!
I can't rave enough about this girl and
I wish I would have gotten her name and
written it down to post here and call the
store and let them know as well but John
was at Guitar Center and I was worried he
was spending our life savings and had to
rush out as fast as I could. What I can tell
you is she was a very pretty ( like model
pretty) twenty something black girl and she
has a husband who loves Coffee and she
had bought him the same cup I was buying.
She was fantastic and should be told so!

Okay the complaint. What I did not
like about this trip was also two things.
The first being they had so many clothes
crammed into the racks I had to literally
take out about 20 items and set them on
the floor so I could go through the inventory.
You could not have squeezed one more item
on the rack with a pry-bar. It made shopping
very difficult and I wanted to leave and if
it was not for the fact that meant more time
shopping with John if I left. ( and I hate shopping
with John )It was just absurd and if you removed
one item 5 more were pulled out with it. AND
it was clear I was not the only one with the problem
for there were items thrown all over because of it.
The second thing was the lay away procedure.

It is just plain old stupid. Instead of having a layaway
desk people go to the checkout counters. So my time
in line was about 40 minutes due to the fact two people
in front of me were picking up lay-aways. I would have went
to another line ( and with that wait you can see my panic
at John being left to his own devises at Guitar Center)
but the other lines had the same issue. Why didn't they
designate one line to lay-aways? Why have it like that
in the first place? That wait also made me want to
leave and I know most of this is due to the Holidays
but I can promise you if I shop there again it will
never NEVER be during a Holiday. I was that unhappy.
The really need to overhaul that for a lot of other
people were not shopping with John and I am sure
they left. THAT BAD! Boooooooooo!!!!

Complement of the week-

This weeks complement goes to Merry Bright
wrapping paper I picked up at CVS. It is just
normal old wrapping paper but what tickles
my fancy is that on the back it has a grid so
you can cut a straight line. Why has this not
been around forever? This is better then sliced
bread for I stink at cutting a straight line and was
tap dancing when I saw this! I am still tapping
my foot 4 hours later. WOW and way to go.
I have new hero's! Oh, and the paper is BOGO
this week too!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
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