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Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 10th 2009  

Date: 12/10/09
Stress Level: Ouch that hurts!
New Grey Hairs Added: 4

   Gosh, I really hope that the last couple of
days is not the start of a new trend for this
weekend. They have just been rotten! TO
the bone. Rowan has not been the same since
she had her shots and I am wearing thin on that
whole aspect. She normally needs to be with Mommy
most of the time but I do or did have the luxury of
keeping her in her walker by me or her bouncy seat
or the little foam Do Dad that helps her sit up.
The point is on most days if she can see me she
is fine.
     Now since the shots, no way. I better be
sitting on your lap Mommy or I am going to
make you one unhappy stressed out lady! And
she has. Have you ever tried to type with a squirming
baby on your lap? Or cook or clean or even go to
the bathroom for that matter? Now if she was a quiet,
still child that also wouldn't be all that bad, but not Rowan,
she is all wiggles and used to be giggles but now its a
big old pile of fuss! Even her face, all happy and smiley
is now like, "What the ^*%$!"
Don't believe me? Check out my before and after

 And then we have the after shots of little Baby Baby!

See what I mean? Now I have had to live with that
for two days now. I feel so bad for her but she is not
running a fever or anything. Just got sore little legs
where they gave her the shots and is holding a grudge.
She isn't old enough for me to run to Toys R Us and make
it all better so I have her sitting on my lap all day glaring at
me with "That" face!
 I even did the oops look Mommy hurt herself isn't it
funny? Stand by that always works with kids and she
wasn't going for it. Andrew has given me a few moments
to catch my breath in the last couple of days for she just
adores her brother and when he is near her all she can do
is stare, then smile, then stare and then back to a smile. If he
sits at the table while she is in her highchair she will sit with
him quietly for an hour or more. Today he wanted me to
cook him some Tai food and I told him I couldn't with
Rowan acting like she is and he was more then glad
to hang with the sister * for the whole time it took me
to cook his and John's dinner. That was the only time
she was happy all day long!
     John on the other hand is on my last nerve and
I am fixen to file that cell phone of his where the
sun never shines. He is a scatter brain to begin with
and I firmly believe he has the worst case of ADHD
ever for you can tell him a 5 word sentence and you
have lost him by the third word. He is also getting more
and more lazy with every passing day he does not have
a job. Since I am a stay at home person I did not mind
when he was working all the time the fact the only
house work he will help with is Dishes and Garbage,
though it does drive me nuts that he makes a huge deal
out of the fact he did it.
Wanna Cookie? I do it all the time and cook and how do
you think the rest of the house gets clean or food makes it
to the table or your clothes. UHG! Little housework Fairy's
come when you are snoring? But now, he has not worked
in almost a year and the 3 or even four times a week he DID
dished has now dropped to maybe one. The Garbage, about
the same. I also work out of my room on the computer and
bring in a part time income and have asked him repeatedly
if he gives me about 3 hours a day of total piece and quiet I
can get everything done in that time frame. He agrees then
20 minutes later I hear Rowan crying. I don't know about other
Moms but I can't focus or think or live even with a baby crying.
It never seems to bother men and they just let them cry things
out if they are not sure what it wrong, but me, ut ah, I can't listen
to it. He knows this. I have told him. Many times! So I bring
her to him and 10 minutes later she is crying. I wait a beat or two,
still crying, wait a few more, still crying. I sigh, get up and go down
stairs and she is in the swing crying away and he is yapping on that
dang phone. I snatch her, make a mean comment and take her
with me where it takes 20 - 30 minutes to calm her down and 10 more
to make her happy. I bring her back to him and 20 minutes later I repeat
the Cycle. Then he has the nerve to comment I have been on the computer
all day!
     I have told him over and over again. 3 hours is all I need but you
could give me 30 hours and if it is interrupted like it always is I will never
make any headway. I need to get everything how I need it, then focus,
gather my thoughts and begin. Right when I get to that step, WAHHHHHHHH
WAHHHHH Wahhhhhhh!
 His answer? Just ignore her.
I can't I tell him. His answer? I am doing my best.
What is that supposed to mean? As long as I have known
him he has said that but the simple truth is that is his catch all
for if it is something that he does not want to do in the first
place and knows he is going to do a crap job he utters that
phrase that makes my skin crawl so he can use it as his excuse
later. When I tell at him later about the yuck job he right away
repeats, " I can only do my best!" Ugh! Can't you tell I am
pretty mad at him right now?
    The other thing that is driving me nuts is that stupid cell
phone. He already has a hard time focusing and the phone
just magnifies it 100 times. Rowan is not a big roller
but she can when she wants. Just a few weeks ago she
rolled off the couch on him. You would think he would
learn for he was all shaken up about it. Did he? NO!
Yesterday he was on the phone and changing her diaper
and she was too loud for him to hear what the person on
the phone was saying so he walked away. I don't mean few
feet or even out in the hallway. I mean out the door, down
the stairs around the corner and into the kitchen. UM,
hellooooooooooooooo. He was lucky I was walking by
to rush in and watch her. Does he really think that she would
have still been on the changing table 15 minutes later?
Today he did the same thing but her on the bed.
That phone has got to go and it is why I am mad at
him right now. I brought her downstairs and he was
in the Kitchen and I asked him ( while he was on the
phone-go figure!) if I put her in the swing would he
watch her. He said yes and I went upstairs. 10 minutes
later she is screaming her head off. I ran down and he is
sitting at the kitchen table behind her ( like 30 feet) and
she thinks she is all alone and freaking out. I grabbed her
and yelled at him and he was mad at me for interrupting his
phone call.  I  might also add it was his brother on the phone
with whom he talks to 5 times a day so it wasn't like it was an
emergency. Some days I just look at the man and go,
"What was I thinking?"
The Moral Of The Day: Always make sure you have a lot
of life insurance on your husband!

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Picture I used on cards
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