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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nomad Adventure Journals Review and Contest!  

When I was a girl I wrote about everything. I
had notebooks just about everywhere stashed and
one of the things I coveted most was a dairy. I think
I got it for my birthday or another Holiday back
when i was around 6 or 7. I know it was young
for when I found it years later it was written in
very sloppy, mostly one syllable, misspelled words
and was not very legible. Where I found it was the
funny part.
My Grandmother was a snoop. I crack up
at my son when he yells about privacy for he has
no idea what it was like to grow up with my Grandmother!
She never even thought to knock and she also made it a
regular thing to search my room when I was not home.
She was looking for "Evidence!" that she would keep in her
"Evidence" drawer in her room. Bless her Irish heart.
She had one on my Mother and I and would stick items
in it that would ensue guilt in us another day. For example
if she wanted us to get a haircut for a family gathering
we would say no, in turn she would go grab this box
of items from her drawer and dump it out in front of
"Remember this? That was the day you broke my
favorite tea cup from Ireland. I loved that, it was one
of a kind. I didn't yell though. No, others would have
but all I remember from that day is being so happy,"
She would stop and fiddle with a piece of the broken
cup, "and proud of how nice and short and well kept
your hair was that I completely forgot about that cup."
"Too bad on days like these I am reminded. It is
only because I am unhappy and think of all the times
in my life I was happy and," SIGH "now you go and
make me remember the bad times by being all sloppy
and not having a smart haircut."
Next thing you know you are climbing in the Sedan
and going off the the salon where you get the worst
Dorthy Hamel cut since the last time you were there.
After she passed away my Mother and I were sorting
her drawers and low and behold we came across the
"Evidence!" Everything she had collected on us over
the last 30 something years was now in our hands and
that is when I found my first dairy. I thought I had left
it out in the yard or maybe the woods up north or
anywhere but in her drawer. It seemed when I was 6
or so I was mad at her over something and wrote that
I hated her and wanted to run away. I was surprised I
never knew she had that for I shudder at the thought
of the things she could have shamed me into with that
little book.
She also had my Teenage Journals for I always
wanted to be a writer and during my teen years I had
your normal teen angst type of poems and stories and
she read them one day and almost had heart failure and
told me in no uncertain terms that this was not acceptable
for it was not right to have such dark thoughts much less
put them on paper and in the drawer they went. The point
is as long as I can remember I have always kept track of
things I did. I still do to this day. Via the blog. Not only do
I write about everything I also plan. I write out everything
I am going to do in detail from a trip to the store to a vacation
that I will schedule down to the minute. I take notes on things
I see around me and I am the person you see walking into
walls because she is reading or writing on a pad of paper
as she tries to navigate through a store. I know I am not
alone out there for one, I have bumped into people when
we both were not paying attention and two I found this web
store that has something to make my jotting a little more
handy and even more detailed and simple to review.

It is called Nomad Adventure Journals. Now they may not
be my blank notebooks I carry every where with me but
trust me, I will live. These are so much better.
They start out in a zip pouch like your child's Mead
binders for school. These are not nearly as large so not
only can you stick them in your purse your Husband or
son will have no problem carrying them around. The thing
I like best about the cover is it zips closed so if you are a
klutz who follows Murphy's Law like I do you will no longer
ruin everything you jotted down with one misplaced cup
of coffee. I also like the fact that when you open the
Journal it has a heavy piece of cardboard and I mean heavy,
almost like wood, so when you write have control over
your pen or pencil. It has this on the inside cover and
the back so no matter how rushed you are or little space
you have you are always writing on a flat surface.
Nomad Journals are made for Adventurers and come
pre-formatted for many different type of activities so you can
spend less time jotting and writing and more time doing.
The one they sent me for the prize is the travel journal. Like
all of the Journals the first page has a place for you to
put your personal information in case you leave it or
lose it. ( I am hoping none of you have my Grandmother!)
The other Journals available are the;
Bird Watching
Wine Tours/Festivals
Climbing Edition
Live Music/Festival Edition
Blank Writing Journal
Each of these is specially formatted with pre-filled items
to fill out that you might have forgotten during the excitement
if you just had a notebook. For example the travel Journal
not only would be great for your own personal reference and
thoughts it would also rock for planning family trips in the
future since you Jot down information like your location but it
also has a check list for distance, sights, food and where you
stay, what you liked best and what the locals are like. There
is also a line for you to take note of any tour guides you may
have liked, the average weather conditions and a mini address
book if you met any new friends along the way. The other really
cool feature and something I never would have thought of on my
own is a spot for a recommended guidebook, maps and the
currency type and exchange rate. I don't think there is one
thing they could have left out. And of coarse there is plenty of
space for your own thoughts, story's, ideas and feelings.

I can see any hunter or fisherman or hunter
getting a ton of use out of this and they will be able to
keep track of their favorite spots and know exactly where
the fish are biting or the best deer paths. I, myself, am in love
with the blank Journal for it fits my needs to a "T". Plenty of
blank pages to keep track of my thoughts, make my lists,
jot down products as I see them so I can rush home and send off
a letter and try to get a review sample for you guys. You have no
idea how many times I have written stuff down I want to share
with you and put it carefully in my purse only to have Rowans
bottle explode all over it, or I leave the purse un-zipped and it
gets knocked over. This is Durable and there is no way even
I can ruin what I write inside. If you are more accident prone
then me or plan on taking this on boat trips or Fly fishing or
think there might be rain they also have a waterproof version.
What else is perfect is there are going to let one of you have
a Nomad Journal as well. I already have it in my hot little hands!
To enter just go to their site and take a look at some of
the sample pages. Come back here and let me know what
feature you find the most appealing? The contest will start
today, December 20th and run to January 26th at midnight.
Canada and USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Nomad Adventure Journals

Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contest. I entry
per contest, separate post for each entry.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
5 times.

4. Blog about this contest somewhere else
and post the link here. 5 Entries Please
post five times.

Hey there, while you are here don't forget to enter
my Nourish and Curious Chef Contests!

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Picture I used on cards
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