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Friday, December 11, 2009

Kidorables Review and Contest  

         I am a puddle jumper!
I admit it, no problem, stand tall and admit my flaws. I am not
talking about 30-(Wow it kills me to type this number) 40 years
ago either. I am talking about the last time it rained! YUP! Every time
I am outside after a nice summer shower something comes over me
when I see a puddle. I can't help but to run up and slam my foot
right in the middle so the water goes everywhere.
   Call it a compulsion.
John has learned to walk on the other side of the parking lot when
it has just rained. He is tired a little water marks all over him for the
next hour or so after I hit a good one. It takes everything I have to
not do it when I am out with people I barely know but my friends
are well aware of my "Habit" and also keep their distance. Now
my son, all I can say is it must be hereditry for he does it too.
When he and I are walking the dog together after a shower it is
a rush to see who gets to the puddle first. I have worked hard on
my acting skills for that is the only chance I have to one up him
anymore. I walk out the door and do my best to appear pre-
occupied and not interested in no stinken puddle. When I get
close enough,
The little bugger got me again! Now the issue I am having is
Rowan. If I can't beat a 16 year old who doesn't even have
enough energy to take out the garbage to a puddle how am
I supposed to be a little girl with endless energy? Truth is I
don't know what I am going to do when the Curse of the
Puddles" gets a hold of her. You know it is gonna for its
a family condition. Genetics, what can I say? I am not
getting any younger here so I need an edge. After all
with my luck it is going to be 2 against 1 here.
Should I trip her and make a break for it?
Is that too mean?
Chances are I can make it look like an accident, she
is pretty new with those legs ya know!
I could dive head first in like a baseball player but
that risks injury to myself and I am not as young as
I used to be. ( Don't laugh now, neither are you!)
Maybe I could bribe the boy to work for me?
Get the Dog in on it?
Oh well, I have a few months to think up a game
plan but before I can put the plan in action I
have to buy some protective gear. Not for
the boy, he is too cool at 16 to wear the slicker,
and not for me, I already have one. The Baby,
she is going to need a full suit for I plan on getting
her good. I thought I should make up a list and
start getting everything ready for Spring will
be here before I know it and that is puddle
My list should include:
A raincoat
An umbrella
Rain boots
Knee pads-in case I go with the trip her option.
Oh, and I would also like all these items to be cute
for I may be willing to sacrifice her knee's for a victory
but there is no way I am going to sacrifice her style!
You would think it would be easy to find my list
for most kids clothes are cute as a button to start
with but I had a lot of trouble. Look I said cute, not
Big Bird yellow that is so bright it blinds me.
( blinding the opponent should be against the rules
in Puddle Jumping anyways!) I must have checked
out 20 different stores and had no luck what so ever.
Then I started on line and this was where I struck

    Eureka, I found it! Kidorables! A one stop
Puddle Jumping haven! They have everything you
need there ( except the knee pads but she can borrow
my sons!) Kidorable is like outerwear heaven! and so
cute too. Think of it like I do.
All Seasons
All Smiles!
Everything comes in themed sets that you can mix and
match if you want for they are sold Ala Cart. I have
a few that I find to cute for words and know that after
I get the knee pads I am going to have to go back and
get some more. I was sent the Lucky Cat for review but
I am telling you right now I will be back real soon for the
Ladybug. I will say I don't think its fair that Rowan will be
wearing a Lady bug or any other type of out door critter
when we play Puddle Jump for isn't dressing up as
something else some sort of camouflage?
The Cheater!
Kidadorable has winter items to for when I peg those,
I mean toss a snowball gently at those little darlings of
mine. Hats, scarfs and gloves will keep them warm
during all sorts of Snow day fun! There are other
goodies to go with the their theme you picked out
likes Towels and shirts but I gotta say the raincoat
I got was so awesome I don't think anything else
could top it. It came in a little plastic travel bag that
I am sure they didn't think of is perfect for the beach
too for I hate tossing wet suits in the car and even more
then that I hate tossing them in grocery bags or any
bag you can't see through for I don't know about you
but I forget it is there until I smell that tell tale wet
dog smell of wet clothes left to dry in a bad place.
Anyway, I ramble. The Raincoat also came with
its own hanger and I think I loved the hanger as much
as the coat. It was painted to match the outfit and wooden
and to die for! I thought everything on the site was too.
 What her items made me think of is some expansive little
shooo shooo boutique that you can only afford to look in the
window and wish that some day you could buy your
child a pair of socks from there. The funny part is that
on this site you can afford everything and only look like
you went to the shooo shooo shop. If I were you when
people run up to gush about your little ones outfit and break
down and ask where you got it I would simply smile at them
and say, "You know!"

      Even better Kidorables is going to give one of you guys
an Umbrella to start your own collection. Just go to their site
and come back here and let me know what item you like
best!You can enter the contest daily and it will start Today
December 11th and run to January 8th at Midnight. USA
and 18 years and older to enter please. As always you can
earn an extra entry by entering the contest of the day and
other ways to enter are posted below.

Extra entries can only be completed after the mandatory
entry has been done

1. Follow my Blog. 3 entries, please post 3 times.

2. Sign up for Kidorables newsletter 3 entries, please post
3 times.

3. Enter any of my other contests. 1 extra entry for each contest
2 for the contest of the day.

4. Follow me on Face Book or Twitter. 2 entries per site,
please post 2 times for each.

5. Grab my button. 5 entries, please post 5 times.

6. Blog about this giveaway somewhere else and post
the link here. 5 entries, please post 5 times.

While you are here don't forget to enter the Hugg-a-Planet or Wat-ahh contests!

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Picture I used on cards
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