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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday December 10th  

Date: 12/11/2009
Stress Level: Mild
New Grey hairs added: 1

Today is going to be fast for
everyone is sick around here.When I say
everyone I mean us important ones, Rowan
and myself. Colds, yuck. It is the worst feeling
in the world when your head is so congested
you feel like it is going to explode. All day
miss thing has been miss fussy again.
I also have had a lot of reviews to
tackle and they are fun but it is so hard for
me to focus when I am stuffy. I really loved
the Fiji one for I am such a fan of their
products. I have also been eating everything
that isn't tied down. You know the whole
female munchies craving junk we get once
every four weeks or so.

I do not even care anymore about
watching what I eat. I used to be obsessed.
Right after I had Rowan I was determined
to lose the 90 pounds I gained and did lose 70
in the first month but after that I sorta gave
up. I am still ten pounds shy of my pre-
pregnancy weight but I so just don't care anymore.
If I lose it I lose it. If not, oh well. People
are far to obsessed with weight anyways.

I used to love Drew Barrymore for
she stood strong and defended her body.
She was a real person you could relate to
and I thought she looked good but then she
regained super fame and next thing you know
you see her on makeup commercials all super
thing. Eeek, cross her off my list of people
to look up to.

Another one is Tyra Banks. I so thought she
was cool and managed to keep it real in the
face of so much fame. Last year when they
made fun of her for the beach thing I was so
mad. She weighed 160 pounds and is 5"10".
I am 5'9" and my chart weight is between 118
and 169 so you know hers is like 120 and 175 so
she is at a perfect weight at 160 and she told
everyone so. I was like we finally have a famous
woman telling people like it is and I am so
proud of her. Then the next season she comes
out and is all thin again. PFT


That really upset me. One of my silly dreams
is to win one of those make-over type jobs
they do on shows, you know, "Tyra, help me
Mom. She looks like she walked out of 1980."
and out of all the Talk shows I would think she
would have been the one that would be the
coolest and now POOF there went my respect.
Really, do these Stars really think we have such
a short attention span we can't remember from
one year to the next what they tell us?

Moral of the Day:Thin is not in-Fat is
where its at!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
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