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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bummas Review and Giveaway  

Rowan is not only the worlds messiest baby, she is
also the worlds quirkiest and funniest. She has GERD
so that adds to her mess a little, well a lot, but also
loves to feed herself and THAT really adds and she also
has a thing about her diapers. Every time she does a
number 2 (boy do I feel like a little kid here) she screams
the minute she does until all traces of it are gone. And when
I say all traces I mean all traces! If there is so much as a speck
the screaming continues. Then she has to be dry before you
put another diaper on her or she will work to she gets her daiper
off. I don't know where this behavior came from for Andy
could sit forever and not care a bit and if you didn't check
on a really regular basis or catch the smell you would never
know. I just got into the habit of changing him every hour on
the hour.Rowan let's me know and everyone else within a
five mile radius too! And don't even get me started on her
spit up for I am changing her clothes as often as her diaper.
She will end up being the most expensive baby ever with
her huge appetite, case of diapers every 10 days ( if I am
lucky) and my water bill would be through the roof if I wasn't
in a condo for I do a large load of her clothes and burp cloths
every single day. One of my finishing touches to my Christmas
dinner was to lay clean Diapers for spit up on the arm of every
chair and the couch and many other strategic places throughout
the house and have 2 changes of clothes handy. I didn't baste
a turkey or glaze a ham I prepared for spit up.

When I first brought her home I only had a couple of
clothes diapers for spit up so I knew I would need more and
rushed to the store to buy some. I bought some designer
ones in pastels and paid 12 bucks for 6 disposable diapers.
Talk about crazy! Well those went fast and I didn't plan on
spending a small fortune for the dozens or so I would need
to keep her booty dry and the body spit-up free ( not to mention
our shoulders and clothes) so I gave in and bought plain white
ones since they were only 20 bucks for 2 dozen. Then bought
another 2 dozen the next day. I can't help it she is a messy
Marvin. AND the drool! Oh- MY- GAWD, I do not remember
my son drooling like this little girl. It is supposed to be a sign
of teething but she started at about 5 weeks and she is now
6 months and no teeth yet. She is just a puddle maker. Really,
I wear boots around the house for I know the flood is coming.
I also hate using the same clothe to wipe up the drool from her
cute little face and I hate having to drag the big old white clothe
diapers around everywhere I go. I look like a dork with them sticking
out of my pockets when I do something as mundane as go to
Burger King. My last resort was putting a bib to her with so many
knots she would never get it off but with in one day she had a rash
on her neck from the drool puddling under her chin.
So let's go over my problems here;
1. Rowan is a drool covered mess at all times
2. Rowan hates having a wet or icky bottom
3. Rowan goes to the bathroom a lot and cries to she is dry
4. Rowan drools so much she can get Diaper Rash on her neck if
I don't keep her dry. ( Rowan doesn't sound very good on paper
Does she?)
5. Cloth Diapers are bulky are hard to carry if you do not
use a diaper bag and since I can't walk to the corner without
a Diaper for her drool I have no choice butt to carry them.
6. Regular white diapers are boring and the colored ones
cost way to much!
What I need is something super absorbent, something small
enough I can take everywhere, something I can re-use and
are easy to clean, ( you can never get a stain out of the mighty
whiteys!) and if they looked good I wouldn't mind either! What
I need are Bummas! I am giggling here, nice build up wasn't it?
Hey, I try! The point is Bummas are awesome! I got them a few
days ago and I know they are for drying your little pee pee
machines bottom but I have found myself using them for
everything. I couldn't help myself. I have about 6 to 8 dozen
white clothes diapers now and have maybe 20 out at all times
for this little girl really is that messy. Andrew was like a little
Fireman every time you opened his diapers but he still wasn't even
as close to as messy as Rowan. And the crying thing with her
Diaper, I don't mean a little eH, eH, I mean an all out wail to
I get rid of every tiny bit of goo or dampness. People didn't
believe me to the Holiday dinner now they do! I was a wreck
before I found Bummas and forgot what my furniture looked
like for there are Diapers all over it! Bummas are adorable
and functional all in one tiny, easy to carry, let me repeat that
part, EASY to CARRY, package that works better then they
said it does on the web site! Those humble people. When I
first opened the pack and pulled one out I thought it was too
soft to be effective at absorbing anything. They reminded me
of the "good" wash clothes I keep for guests that look pretty
but that is about as far as it goes. I was wrong. I know I am
a bad Mom but yesterday morning I was changing her as
she was screaming and had my morning coffee with me. I set it
on the corner of the table and went to work half asleep. You
guys know what happened, on the floor it went and other then
diapers I didn't have a thing to soak it up without walking away
from a naked baby so I tossed a Bummas on top hopping to at
least get a little of it before it sunk in and WOW, like Shamoo
Wow, the dang thing got the whole cup.

Now if these can soak up a whole Mom in the Morning sized
cup of coffee you know they can soak up whatever moisture
your little squirt has left after a wipe down. Did I say they were
cute? I found myself taking away my Cloth diapers and replacing
it with Bummas all over the house. Did you know my couches are
brown? I had forgot! Now I told you they were soft, really soft, if
I were still in diapers I would want my Bootie wiped by something
this soft. I am doubly glad about the soft thing for like I said
Rowan is a drool machine and I worry that the cure to the drool
is just as harsh as letting the drool sit for my choice is either
a cloth Diaper or a towel, neither are that soft, or a napkin
or Kleenex that end up falling apart or in her mouth for she has
fast hands for grabbing and shoving. They are also compact so
you can keep a stack of them and still only be taking up a little
space. And the most important part is they work really good!
And they are cute! I just can't get past the cute part!
I now have a couple in all my coat pockets and in my
Purse. I don't know how I did it before them. Also, like I told
you though they are meant for bootee clean-ups but I have found
myself using them all over, and not just on coffee spills. I am
using them in the bathroom on my face and hers, in the kitchen
for when I dry my hands when cooking because I hate using the same
towels I use to do the counters. I swear, even if I change them
three times a day they still feel dirty when I touch them. Now I
have a separate towel all together that takes up next to no
space. There are just so many places these could come in handy
and I love the fact they are CUTE! They come in lots of colors
and you can match them with anything. They have your typical
boy and girl pack and also packs they call the Wild Ones and
Calm Ones. I received the Wild Ones and must say it is a perfect
fit for me and my eclectic tastes but would work in just about
any type of decor.

What else is perfect is Bummas is going to give a
pack to one of my readers in their choice of the four. To enter
just head on over to their site and take a look around then
come back here and post something you saw. The contest will
start tonight, December 30th and run to Midnight on February
3rd. This Giveaway is open to everyone 18 and older no
matter where you live! The winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

After the wipe and before the dipe,
A soft kiss of cloth to dry bums off.
Keep diaper rash at bay, the Bummas way.

Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

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post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contest. I entry
per contest, separate post for each entry.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
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4. Blog about this contest somewhere else
and post the link here. 5 Entries Please
post five times.

Hey there, while you are here don't forget to enter
my Chuck the Yuck and No Throw Giveaways!

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Picture I used on cards
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