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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tee's 2 Match Contest and Review  

     Every Mom dreams of having an adorable little girl
they can shop with and have their nails done. The occasional
Spa day where they relax and talk about boys and the thrill of
locating the perfect pair of shoes on a four Mall Safari. Before
your daughter is even born you have her name picked out, brand
her with a color theme that you use to coordinate every purchase
you make in her behalf. You even have a brief Bio of the Doctor
you plan for her to Marry. I even went so far as to pick out the
names of the two Grandchildren she was going to give me.

   When the day arrives where you get to finally look into her
eyes you know that your dreams have came true! For the first
four to eight weeks of her life you are the one who paces the
floor with her when she has gas, you rub her back and recite
Fairy Tales that include a Princess and a Castle and they always
end with a happy ever after. Around three or four months and
almost as many pairs of shoes from pacing the floor she settles
into a daily routine and is much easier to handle. She has also
started to develope her own personality. She starts to bury
her head in your chest when strangers enter the room and then
peeks at them from the safety of Mommy and Daddy. She lifts
her arms when she wants you to hold her and who can deny
those baby blues?
    Between four and five months she has started to play favorites
and somewhere in this time frame you also get pinched and wake
up from the dream you have been living in. She has already made
some final cuts on the people she has on her who to trust list and
has also learned that crying gets her what she wants. It was like
getting hit in the head when I learned what she wants is Daddy!
What? Huh? Stop the press right now! Who stayed up 42 hours
straight when she had Colic so bad she was bent over racked with
gas pains?

Who bicycles her legs for hours while singing tunes softly and changed
her diaper every hour on the hour when she had an extreme Do Do
Dilemma so she would not suffer even a second of discomfort?

Who rocked her slowly without the aid of a rocking chair until she
drifted off into a fitful sleep that you knew would only last 30 minutes
or so and then she would be back up with tears in her eyes so you
could do the whole thing again?
Was it Daddy?


It was Mommy.

Who Dresses her up and marches around the Malls?

Was it Mommy?

NO, this time it was Daddy. Every Sunday morning him and
Uncle Bob go out to breakfast  and then hit the mall or some
other shopping mecca to search for the best deal and to try
on shoes and look for purses that match. Well, maybe not
the shoe and purses part but at the rate they are going at it
they will soon. The point is that it is my MALL, my SHOES
and my dang dream Daddy is living.

    John is all soft on the inside and she already has Daddy
wrapped around her little finger and for the last couple of
weeks she has preferred to hang out with him. They are now
like two Pea's in a pod. What's next matching shirts?

 Okay now, you guys know I was leading up to something
didn't ya? A lot of you know that John is in a band and
though they play mostly local bars they also do a lot of
private parties around the Holidays and also Summer
parties and Graduation. Most of these parties are
family orientated and our kids can come with us. We
have even been in some Mansions. Rowan should be
able to hit a few parties either during the Holidays or
next spring where they have some annual events they
do. For an outing like that I really didn't have any thing
for her to wear. Her clothes are either way to dressy
or way to, well they are her Jammie's. I realized I
better get a move on and started looking for some
more casual items for her to wear when I stumbled
on the site Tee's 2 Match. I was curious so I opened
the link and the Mother/Daughter Tee's were so cute!
They had a few that were really girly like I would wear
but there was also one that said "Rock Star" on the
Child's and Groupie the Moms.Now that cracked
me up big time!
   I jumped over to the Dad and Daughter page and
sure nuff, they had it there too! Now I was Hysterically
laughing. You see over the last few years I make it a goal
to pick on John and one of the ways I do is to purchase
T-Shirts that have funny sayings on them. Since Rowan
was born I have gotton her in on the act as well. This
Tee really fits into my theme. Now before you guys
go thinking I am mean to the man remember nobody
forces him to wear them. He just does. He thnks it
is funny too and loves the attention. Yesterday Rowan
had her shot and we had to strip her down to her Onsie,
when the Doc walked in she took one look at baby and
started cracking up. I forgot I had put a Onsie on her that
read, "Don't laugh he is my Dad!" on it. The last time we
were there Rowan had a shirt on that said, "Don't laugh
Daddy dressed me." Now the Doc thinks the whole family
is a little off.

   Scrolling through the shirts listed on the site I found more and
more I liked. Today I recieved the Rock Star shirt in the mail for
review. All I can say is too cute!! I also want to point out the
Quality of the shirt is spectacular as well for we bought a shirt
for her while we were on Vacation and you can just tell it
is of such low Quality that it will fall apart after a few washings.
This shirt will last a lifetime and she will outgrow it long before
it shows signs of wear. As you can tell I love the Rock Star but
there are so many more shirts on the site that are just as cool and
some are too funny. Looks for the Celebrity shirt and and you will
know just what I am talking about. My all time favorite shirt is one
that on the Son's shirt says Chip and has a picture of a little Chip,
on the Dad's shirt it says, "Old Block," and has a picture of that!
I spit out my Coffee when I read it. I just adore the whole line and
I can see John and I fighting over who gets to wear the matching
shirt every time we leave the house. The smart move for me would
be for every shirt I buy for her I should get two for us so we can both
match. You can put together any combination a family comes in and
I am so going to get the Celebrity one next. Next time Rowan needs shots
her Doc will be asking where I got her shirt not pointing at John and

    Now you guys get a chance to love them too! Tee's 2 Match is
letting one of my readers win their choice of one of three sets. The
Flower Mommy and Daughter or the Believe or Love Bird. All of
them are great choices so it will be super hard to pick one! To enter
just head over to the site and come back her and tell me what you
favorite collection is. The contest starts today, December 10th
and will run to January 7th at Midnight.  U.S.A and 18 years of
age and older may enter and the winner will be contacted by
email and have 72 hours to send back their mailing information
or I will have to pick a new winner. As always you can earn a
bonus entry by entering and posting that you have entered the
contest of the day. Other ways to enter are posted below.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry is completed.

1. Become a follower of my Blog or state that you already
are. 3 entries post 3 times.

2. Enter any other contest on the site. 1 entry for each contest,
2 for the contest of the day.

3. Grab my button or if you have it state that you do. 5 entries.
Please post 5 times.

4. Blog about this contest somewhere else and post the link
here. 5 entries please post 5 times.

Hey guys, while you are here don't forget to enter the She' Essentials contest or the
Super Anti Spy-ware contest!


What next?

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Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
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