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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday December 17th  

Date: 12/17/2009
Stress Level: not too bad!
New Grey hairs added: 2
Okay, I am starting to get worked up for Christmas.
I just can't help myself. It is Rowans first and you guys
should feel bad for her right now. Not because she
isn't getting anything or its all clothes or anything like
that. It is because if I have not matured since Andy was
Santa age I am going to drive her nuts.
Our family does the big Christmas meal on Christmas
Eve and then trades Family gifts. This is what gets me
rolling. I rush through dinner ( a dinner that takes me
3 days to make) and make everyone eat fast and hurry
up then pretty much fling the desserts at them to
keep up the clip. After dinner there is no time to
relax for I drag them by the tree where I place myself
front and center to pass out gifts. I will physically move
any child that thinks they are taking my "Job" out of
the way. Andrew doesn't even try anymore!
Now the fun begins. I pass out the gifts, one to
everyone. Trust me, I count as I buy to make sure its fair.
If I have a guest coming like I do this year they still get the
same amount of gifts as everyone else except for the kids.
They don't count in "My" count for I always go nuts for them.
Everyone opens them at the same time to keep things going for
I only want this part over with. I can't stand anything more then
someone who yacks with their present on their lap while
I wait to pass out the next round. I don't care if they are a guest,
I have not done it yet but one of these days I can see me walking
over and opening for them and going, "Look, you
got some nice gloves, now let open another!"
I can't help it, I am bossy and have a system. The sad part
is the only reason everyone is there is for the kids. I
could care less for they take too long and this is not
the part I like or wait for. I love to make the dinner but if
I had my way I would make everyone a meals on wheels
type deal and roll by their house while they wait on
the curve and have them toss the kids gifts while I toss
out their dinner and presents. Then rush home and
put the kids to bed, even if its only 4 PM.
Once the presents are over they always want to
talk while I try not to be rude as I glare at the clock.
By 8 I am making loud suggestions to the kids, even
Andrew and Rachel got it too. Its getting late, let's get
our Jammie's on! Most 16 and 12 year olds would roll
their eyes but Andrew, bless his heart knows what it
means to me and gets them on!
Once I convince the guests that 9 really is super late
for me and everyone needs their rest for I only am thinking
about their health I usher them to the door. Then comes
the Hammer! I drive those kids nuts trying to get them
to sleep! Every 30 seconds, lights out guys, Santa has
sensitive eyes. Lets go, lights out.
Kids waiting on Santa just can't turn off like that either
and the longer it takes the more frustrated I get and the more
the kids fight it. If I left them to normal times they
would most likely be asleep long before the time
the end up going to bed on Christmas Eve. I have never
had the whole house down before 1 am. But once I do I
really start stressing. I have to sit for at least an hour in
the quiet dark and make sure they are all sleeping.
When I know they are I hop outta bed and drag all
Santa's goodies to the tree as fast as I can. Now I am nothing
but smiles and John is half past crabby and always wants to
know why we just can't get up early. I just sing my jingles and
set up gifts. Between 2 and 3 I am done and asking questions
out loud as John and I sit on the couch.
"I wonder if it is too early to get the kids up?"
John glares at me and sighs
" I mean they have to be excited."
"No, Michelle!"
"I remember when I was little."
"I know, wait, I just wish ya know."
About 10 minutes later I make a big deal out of the
fact I have to go to the bathroom. John sighs again and
says he might as well make the coffee. I bump into everything
I can bump into and make as much noise as I can on my way to
the bathroom, John knows it is useless to say anything.

Now at this point if I have not already woken the
children up I announce as loud as I can I am
just going to go and check on them. A few minutes
later I am dragging half asleep children back through
the house to the living room telling them how I can't believe
Santa woke us up! It is 3:30 in the morning and this
is the part I live for. If we could have dinner then I wouldn't
rush everyone for this is all I want out of Christmas.
I only want to see their face when they first walk out.
After that I am done, relaxed and happy. I am sure somewhere
in the back of my mind I am already thinking about the next
year but I just sit there and smile. By 5 am everyone is
sleeping somewhere on the floor in the living room
dead tired from exhaustion.
every year I say this is the year we will have a normal
Christmas and Mom would go all crazy, every year I do the
same thing. It was a relief when the kids outgrew Santa
for everyone got a chance to enjoy the Holiday but now
poor Rowan. All I can say is she better start getting some
extra sleep now!
Moral of the Day: Parents can be worse then kids
when it comes to Holidays!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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