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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Piggy Paints Review  

I have waited for 20 years to
have a little girl to dress all sweet and
frilly. My son is great, love him to death
but when he was little he just wouldn't
hold still long enough for me to get the
dress over his head. Letting me do his
hair and applying nail polish?

Forget about it! *

So I polished alone, did my own
hair and ( sniff sniff) played dress
up all by myself! The closest I got
to a girly girly bond with my son
was the Christmas he wanted an
Easy Bake oven. I did handsprings
all the way over to Toys R Us
singing the "Happy Happy Joy
Joy" song. Christmas morning
I waited with baited breath for him
to open it. We rushed to the kitchen
and set it up and made the ever so cute
M & M cakes that were included.

We ate them.

He asked for more.

I told him that was all there were.

He packed it back in the box and
tossed it in his closet never to look
at it again.

I did not get as excited when he asked
for a Slushee maker. In fact I never got
a girly girl vibe from him again. When I
found out I was pregnant last year and I
was going to have a girl I bought every
single Pink item I could find. Rowan has
6 Christmas Dresses for this year. 6! I feel
like Vanna Whites Mom and I am going to have
to change her every two hours to get them
all in! At least once a week I can be found
aimlessly wandering the children's
Clothes department. You see I know what
just about every store has in stock and
what day of the week the new inventory
comes in. You have to keep up on these
things ya know!

When I got the chance to
review for Piggy Paints I almost
fainted. What could be more girly
then Mom and Daughter, side by
side painting their nails. Soft music
in the background, candles flickering
with boxes of new Clothes from our
mega shopping trip lined up on the
floor by are feet that have to all
separated by those little toe divider
thingie ma bobs. ( someone pinch
me I have drifted off into my fantasy
land again!) Well, Rowan is still a baby but
I can do my nails and ( Ahem) her toes!
Even I am not delusional enough to paint
little finger nails that end up in her
mouth every 2 seconds. Today I got
my package and broke into it. How cute.
It came with a bottle of nail polish and
some remover. I know by the time Rowan
is sitting next to me on the couch I will have
a collection of colors from these guys to
make my fantasy complete. Oh, and do one
of you guys know where I can get one of
those little hand dryers?

The Polish was the cutest shade
of, what what, you think you know!
Your right, PINK! So I was already in
love with it. I even took my time
applying it. Normally nails are one
of the few things I have done at a saloon
for I am just too impatient to do them
myself but I wanted this to be perfect
for I had been dreaming of this for a
long time. The polish went on smooth
and I was a little impressed here. I know
this is supposed to be for Children so
I had it in my head it would not go on as
smooth and creamy as an adult polish.
I was wrong. It dried fast and there were
no harsh smells like the other polishes
I have on my shelf. It also didn't loose its
shine. Now I was very impressed. I can't for
the life of me remember the brand I tried but
a few years ago on Halloween I needed a certain
shade of polish and they only made it in a
children's line and when it dried I was very
unhappy with the color. This polish
left me smiling!

I was a little bummed that I had
to now use the remover but seeing as I had
no polish on my nails before the review I had
to see if it worked as well. Here I have to
stop and let you know I was also surprised
for when I opened the bottle I did not get
the harsh whiff of chemicals I get with
the remover I have. Normally when I am done
removing polish and repainting my nails
I am so overwhelmed with chemicals that
I always feel like I just left Woodstock!
This didn't leave me feeling that way
at all. in fact I was so clear headed I decided
to re-apply the polish for the remover worked
very well and undid all my hard work and
left not one trace and I already missed
the pretty shade of pink! So let's recap

Pretty colors ( pink is best)
Easy to apply
No smell
No toxins. I could even put it on
Rowan now for there is nothing
in this paint that would hurt her
but I can't help but to still worry
for she doesn't place things in
her mouth her and there she
lives with her little fingers in her
mouth and no matter how safe a
product is I am still not ready to see
multi- colored Boom Boom's in her
diapers.Made with natural ingredients

looks great!

I love it!

I did a little research on their site and also
learned that Piggy Paint was developed by
a Mom like me. One who worries and
did not like the products that were out there
already. She has 14 shades available as of
now and removed as well as gift packs and
other goodies you can get on her site. Her
products can also be found at numerous
retail locations. Makes a great stocking
Stuffer Mom's!

My Final decision on this product is
"This little Piggy went to the Market, this
little Piggy went to Piggy Paints and
loved it!"
Piggy paint is also offering a discount to
my readers when they order.
Just enter the Code ICICLE15L
at checkout for a 15% discount.
 expiration January 31, 2010

* before I get letters let me assure
you I did not try to dress my son up
I was just being cute. I learned long
ago to clarify such comments for
one time at work one of the regular
dinner guests came in and asked how
my son was doing and I laughed and
said he is out in the trunk of the car
right now if you would like to ask him.
and walked away laughing. Next thing
I knew the Police were dragging me
out to my car to open the trunk and
my staff never let me live it down.

Now, I clarify!

Hey ya'll don't forget to enter the contest of the day!

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