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Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday December 4th  

Date: 12/4/2009
Stress Level: zero but clueless
New Grey hairs added: 1

I had a really quiet day today for
John had a bunch of running around to
do and he and his Uncle Bob took Rowan.
He has been taking Rowan out a lot lately
and it got me thinking why?

Now granted, John is a great Dad and spends
a lot of time with Baby Baby and will spend
hours with her at a time. When Rowan is with\
me she either wants to eat or play, with John
sit will sit there all happy and just hang. But,
the fact is I don't really have to ask him to give
me some free time he just does. He also has
started letting her curl up and fall asleep with
him for when I try to put her down, again, let's
play Mom, or eat or pull my hair or anything she
can grab. It is nice to not have to plead with her,
rock her and tell her so many story's and sing so
many songs she finally drifts off because of
boredom I am sure. I would have to say that
at our house right now John takes care of
Rowan 50% of the time.

The thing is though, my 50% includes
the feeding, poopy diapers, bed time blues
or teething or colic. His gets smiles and giggles.
That brings me back to the question, just why
is he taking her with him everywhere he
goes lately? When he have a baby 5 or 6 hours
straight you can not gaurentee 5 -6 hours of
smiles and giggles so he is taking a chance
here. I wanna know what is in it for him?

Now when you let a womans mind wander
she can come up with all sorts of scenereos.
Let's look at the facts first.

1. He goes with his Uncle Bob, an 80 year old
something man who isn't all that light on his
feet anymore.

2. He acomplishes a lot. He comes home
with items, goes where I ask him to and
covers a lot of ground.

3. He does this about twice a week, once
on Sunday, Uncle Bob and him do their
morning breakfast and then some running
around. Then they go once or twice during
the week and go to lunch while they are out.

4. He calls me all the time with up-dates
I have went over John's endless phone-
calls with you guys before. UHG!

Now there is a simple explanation
but that just isn't any fun. The simple
reason would be Uncle Bob has a lot
to do every week and he is the primary
caregiver of two of his Grandchildren
and does a lot for them and he is also
getting to the point where he should not
be driving and John worrys about him.
Plus Johns a chatty Kathy and likes
company when he does things and I
am more a let's get this over with
in and out type of gal. That would
be the most likely scenero but
again where is the fun in that.
Instead I have deceded on
other options. My First one would
be they are out trolling for chicks
and are using Rowan as the bait.
Now I can run with that idea. The two
of them, a 43 year old and a 83 year
old at the mall with Rowan hooked to
some sort of fishing rod device and
tossing her out into the crowd to reel
her back in. "Let's see what bites?"
Another one would be that they have
a secrete fetish for childrens movies
and can't help sneaking into a good
animated flick and need Rowan as an
excuse. HUMMMMMM............
Or they could have a weakness
for Happy Meals and think if they say
and point to Rowan and exclaim it is
for her nobody will notice they orderd 3
and are secretly munching in the corner.
What if they are taking Ballet lessons or
Cheerleading lessons and let the instructors
know they don't really want to learn but they
are doing it for that there baby to enrich her
life? Or my last one, and this one could
also be true, John needs his ego stroked for
he is harboring ill will towards his grey hair
and expanding waist and wants people
to ohh and ahhh and get all excited that
he is the Father of such a cute young child.
Let's face it, kids keep us young.
He does come home and tell me about
all the little old Grandma's who fawn
all over little Baby. I hope that isn't the
kind of chicks he is trolling for! But, I
should be happy, lots of Dads just are not
into that and would leave Baby at home.
Who am I to complain? But it sure is fun!

Moral of the Day: Men should be lojacked at

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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