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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday December 8th  

Date: 12/08/09
Stress Level: To the Moon Alice, to the Moon!
New Grey hairs added: 5,234,675, 244

Today was one of the worst days ever! I
almost broke down and cried. It ended up
better with some good news in the look what
is new section but it started out dreary and
I wanted to either crawl under a rock, throw
one at John's head or listen to some Hard
Rock while drinking Rolling Rock until I got
Rocked out of my mind! Why was today so

Today Rowan had her second series
of Baby Shots!

I hate Needles myself. In fact other
then Giving Birth I have avoided them
like crazy. The last time I had a shot-
shot I was 19 and my Mother and a
Nurse had to chase me around the Park-
ing lot of Oakland County Health Department
begging me to come back in and act like
a good girl. How dare they talk down to
me, I was no Baby!

With my son I tried to be strong but I
would end up crying as soon as I saw
the needle and in turn so would he. By
the time he was 3 he was as afraid as I
was and it took until he was 14 for him
to be able to handle one. Now, ya know,
big boys don't cry but then again big
boys no longer need shots and I will
not have to find out if they can shed a tear
or two. With Rowan I made John come.
Last set of shots I made him come to
but I could not stand it after the first poke
and rushed to comfort here. This time
I did a time out in the corner and faced
the wall. I almost died at the sound of
her first wail! Poor little thing, and she
needed 3 pokes. AND she needs them
again in 6 weeks since she is behind
due to her stay in NICU. Poor thing.
She was all smiles and the Doctor
was fawning all over her talking about
what a happy baby, I have never seen
such a happy baby. I just can't get over
how happy she is. Then that OTHER lady
walked in the room and WHAM! No longer
happy. Worst of all I know she blamed
John and I! If she were older I would have
bought her a puppy I felt so bad. In fact
I am scared to death that by the time she
is 5 we will end up living on a farm I can't
stand this shot business so much.

To me, the worst thing in the world
is seeing a little baby or toddler with
puffy red eyes and a running nose from
hysterical crying. I feel like such a bad
Mom. And she could care less what a
Puppy is, though Boo our Jack sure would!
Andy ended up with a Bike collection for
his shots but Andy was a boy and supposed
to be a little tougher. She is a girl and my little
baby girl at that!


I am still upset. And to make matters worse
she got all fussy around 7 PM and you knew
the OPEN WOUNDS were bothering her
and she is in pain. How dare that woman
poke that little angel. Next time I am going
to bring a box of rocks to throw at her when
she is done! The Sadistic Bully!

The rest of the day was much better
though. I did my review for Waterpik,
LOVED IT! and Lot's of other products
too. Make sure you enter all the reviews
that have a contest! I also got a lot of mail
for other items coming up. Check the Look
What is New Link for you will be amazed.
I am going to be a busy little B the rest of
this month. I also posted a picture of
John and I in the Princereigns Review and
almost choked. It was 3 weeks after I had
Rowan and with her I gained 90 dang pounds
and the picture looks like it. I am down to
10 pounds left to go but that was 50 pounds
ago and YUCK. I hate pictures of myself to
start with but pictures where you know
Goodyear is written on my tushie are even
worse. I swear that being pregnant has the
perk of eating whatever you want but
you sure regret it later! Okay,
I think I am going to go poke John in
the butt with a Shish Ka Bob skewer
just because! Next time Rowan gets
her pokes he will show much more
empathy if I do!

Moral of the Day: They lie when they
say it only hurts for a minute. It hurts
Mom and Dad all day long!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
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