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Friday, December 11, 2009

Lily Me Review and Giveaway!  

    I don't know many of you out there are Moms and Dad's
or how many children you wanted but I wanted two. You see
I am the only child of an only child so not only do I not have any
brothers and sisters I don't have any Aunts or Uncles either. If
I didn't have my children I would be 40 years old right now with
only one other living relative and she has 17 years on me so I don't
think we are going to go out together holding hands and skipping.
The day I had my son was one of the happiest days of my life.
Why I say happiest instead of "The" most happy is because it
was the same time I found out I won't be able to have any more
children. I was overjoyed with the fact I had him but I was worried
that he would some day have no one.
    When he was younger he always asked for a brother or sister and
I would laugh it off and tell him to ask his Dad ( we were already apart)
and off he would go. Deep down I was crushed though. I hated being an
only child and could see he was too. Last fall I wasn't feeling very well and
went to see my doctor. We were joking and I told her I had been feeling
ill for a month now. Then I laughed and told her I am most likely pregnant.
Turns out I was. Rowan is a miracle to me in so many ways. There is no way
to explain her being here for not only was I not supposed to be able to
carry a child to term but John had a vasectomy. What made it even more
special for me is my son is never going to be alone. He has a sister. And
a little doll at that! Now, 16 years later if you ask him if he always wanted
a brother or sister his answer will be, "Ah, depends on what she breaks."
Doesn't matter, I know he loves her and I have never felt so blessed.

      When Lily Me asked if I would like to do a product review for them
I also felt blessed for I know they have some really special items.What
makes them so special is that each one has a different meaning. Let me
be a little more clear. You take the same charm and give it to 50 differant
people. Each person picks how they would like it personalized. Now it means
50 different things. Make sense? Thought so! Here is the dealeo!
    You start with the charm, and they have many to pick from but one
thing remains constant, every charm is high Quality Silver or Gold plated.
Once you find the charm that represents you then you pick a cord or
chain or if you would like it to be a bracelet or necklace. What I liked
about this part is the cords are really affordable and come in 15 different
colors so if you are like me and like to match your whole outfit you can
grab some extra cords and your all covered. There is also a chain option
if you are a classic kind of gal! I really like the cords myself for even though
they are Popular its because I have sensitive skin and this is something I would love
to wear on a daily basis and with any type of chain I would not be able to.
The cord rocks in my book.

      Now for the creme de la creme, the engraving. I pretty much told
her on the charm and cord that I didn't have a clue what would be me.
I am really new to the whole charm world and in fact I recieved my first
charm bracelet a few weeks ago and told you guys about it. I was an 80's
child and wore 72 pairs of earrings and bandanna's and then as an adult
in the field I worked in I could not wear anything for it would get lost
or ruined so this is all new to me. I only had one request, that it had my
children's names on it. I had a feeling they heard my story often and knew
what to do and let me tell you they did fantastic. I was sent a simple heart,
smooth and flawless and with rounded edges. I had seen heart charms before
but they were made by stamping the design out of a sheet of metal. This
was either poured or cut out of a very thick sheet and somebody hand
ground this down and then polished it forever to get it to shine so.
It was gorgeous alone. I was totally impressed. The band was also
simple and black and I really liked that for most of the clothes I wear are
black and this will go with 90% of my wardrobe. Now for the best part,
what they did with the charm. I had seen on the site bracelets with one or
two charms or more and I didn't know if they would have enough room for
both names on the same charm but they did and they did it in the coolest way.
Remember how I told you the charms had rounded like edges not stamped
like the ones you see in local stores. Well that sure came in handy for it gives
the charm depth and they put Andrew on one side and Rowan on the other.
Repeat this and I will deny it but I broke down and cried when I saw it.
My two kids sharing my heart. That is what it meant to me!

    The pictures I took just do not do it justice for it is sooooooooo
beautiful. I can never thank them enough for this was like the candle
on the cake that I had dreamed about for 16 years. Lily Me
is also going to let one of my lucky readers in on one of their
creations. The winner will recieve their choice of charm on a satin
cord. For those who pick a charm that can be engraved you can
choose up to 9 letters on one side of the charm. She does ask
that the winner please post that they have recieved it on the
comment page of their web site. The contest will start today
end you can enter daily until January 9th at Midnight. USA and
18 years and older may enter. As always you can earn extra
entries by entering the contest of the day and other ways to
enter are posted below. Just for my readers Lily Me is
offering a 10% discount at check out with the code
"becauseisaidso" I am so going to do this for I know
John's daughter would go GA GA for this!

1. Become a follwer of my blog. 3 entries, please post 3 times

2. Follow Lily me or me or both on Twitter. 1 entry each.

3. Leave a comment on Lily Me's wall. 1 entry.

4. Become a fan of Lily me or me on Face book. 1 entry each.

5. Sign up for the Lily Me Newsletter. 1 entry

6. Blog about this giveaway somewhere else and post the link here.
5 entries, please post 5 times.

7. Blog about this giveaway somewhere else and leave the link on
Lily Me's website. 5 entries please post 5 times.

Hey ya'll while you are here please stop and enter some of my other contests.
Hugg-a-Planet and Super Anti Spyware!

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Picture I used on cards
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