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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Simple Human Sensor Soap Pump Review and Giveaway  

Sometimes you see a product and just have to
have it. You have no clue who makes it, how much it
costs or where to buy it but its like a song that gets
stuck in your head and you can't shake it till you hear it.
You do what it takes to find out where that item came from
and don't stop until you do! For me this all started by trying
to avoid talking to a creepy guy! I was waiting the eternal
wait in the doctors office and ran out of gossip magazines
and the only thing else they had was a beat up copy of
a magazine. I want to say "Home, something or other
" but in truth is was so beat up I could not even see the
name clearly! All I know is I was randomly flipping through
the pages, bored and slowly slipping into the "Coma" we
all slide into in when you are stuck in a doctors waiting room
for more then an hour. It was one of those visits where I HAD
to have my face stuck in a magazine and look very busy for
the only other person in the room was an archaic old man
with a knee the size of Mount St Helen's who grumbled, and
mumbled and talked to himself before busting into mad laughter
for absolutely no reason what so ever and glancing
my way. I got the feeling that any minute now he was going to
ask me to "pull his finger," There wasn't much of interest
in the Magazine so I was having a hard time looking
absorbed and then on the next page I saw it.
The Door swung open. "Michelle, the Doctor will
see you now!"
I glared at the door, then back at the book. The door, the
book, then the old man. With a heavy sigh I put down the
magazine and went with the nurse.
For the rest of the day it drove me nuts! Now I know you
are wondering what got me so worked up. It must have been
some huge diamond goodies or a new car with all leather
reclining seats and built in massaging heated cushions
or could it have been the new line of Coach Purses? Nope,
it was a garbage can! A really cool garbage can though!
I used to buy everything in black, my whole house was
completely done in it right down to the stove, refrigerator
and shower curtain. That was an easy color to find but
hard to keep clean. When I moved here I decided no more
black and ended up with a Hodge Podge collection of mis-matched
appliances because I had no theme. After a few years and
the demise of a coffee maker I decided I needed something
to tie everything together again. I also decided I would not
buy it all at once and end up getting inexpensive products
that needed to be replaced all the time. Instead I would buy
when I could afford too and only buy quality products. The
other thing I had to take into consideration was Andrew.
He is a Bull in a China shop and breaks just about anything
he touches so I needed everything to be durable. I was also not
willing to give up style. What I ended up choosing was
stainless steel.

I got the idea because around 9 years ago I was
buying a new dining room set and was having a hard time. The sets with glass tops were envouge' right then and when I looked at them, all I could picture was Andy doing a swam dive from the Bakers Rack right onto the table and crashing
to the floor. The rest of that scene made me kind of Queasy and I can't bare to relive the vision again. I looked for tables for weeks. What it came down to was a commercial stainless steel table. Not the ones in Restaurants but close. This one had the top they do in commercial kitchens but the
frame was made of heavy duty Oak and a Natural Finish. This table cost me more then any other piece of furniture I had ever bought before but let me tell you it is still here and still will be when Rowan and Andrew bring their kids over. You can pound on it, jump on it, do a Tango and even
paint, draw, color or glue art projects to it and it just shrugs
it off and keeps standing. Since it is stainless steel if
something does happen to the table top I can sand it down
with a grinder then buff it out and then business as usual.
Let me tell you I have made many bad decisions in my life
but this one was a keeper!

That explained, I now had a theme and I now had a lot
of shopping and replacing to do. Now that should have been
my favorite part but I bit off a little more then I could chew.
Finding appliances was a piece of cake but anything that didn't
have a motor or show up on a utility bill was a little harder to
find. Okay, a lot harder to find. Toss in the fact I had a certain
taste and only wanted quality even if it was more expensive then
I planned and my task got a lot harder. A whole lot harder. Some of
the items I had a really hard time with were storage and soap
containers and bathroom items in general but the one I didn't
expect to give me a problem gave me the biggest one ever!
Garbage cans. I could get them steel but they were the big bulky
ones for your yard. Plastic still seemed to rule the land in
garbage world. When I saw the picture of a stainless steel
Garbage can in the magazine ( a really cool one too) I just
had to have it and became a little obsessed. When I left the
Doctor that day I ran to grab the magazine and both it
and that strange man were gone. Hummmmmm?

It didn't matter I was determined and find the
Garbage can ( no laughing here please!) of my dreams.
I went a surfing and must have hit a zillion web sites. I hit
all the usual suspects first and then all the home stores
and after a very tedious search I sat up straight. I had found
a site that has some metal trimmed items on the home page
and looked promising. I dug a little deeper and would
you believe they had a garbage can page. A STAINLESS
STEEL Garbage can page! They had cans for every room of
the house but the hits kept rolling for they had
a bathroom page, a kitchen page, recycling, laundry and
even a steel colored oven mitt.


I sent them a letter and they sent me a soap dispenser to review
and I have been having stainless steel dreams every since
I first spoke to them. Every item I could not find they
have. Every item they have is sleek, modern and
unlike my estimates, affordable. For what I had budgeted
for the Kitchen Trash Can I could get one for the bathroom
too. I also did not forget that these little ditties will last
forever as my table has proved.The soap dispenser fits in
perfect with my theme and is black with steel trim. That
also was a perk in my book for a lot of things left in my
house still were black and since I really doubt I will find a
place that sells Stainless Steel TVs I will always have some
black accents in the house and the soap dispenser color
combo helped blend them together. I was also giddy over
the design. It was simple and smooth and nothing for the
kids to grab and latch onto, no levers for them to yank on
and break, in fact there isn't even a button. You know kids,
have button will jam. What made this super cool is
I felt like I was walking into the restroom of some fancy
restaurant or club for all you do is wave your hand under
the dispenser and "Presto!" there is soap. You do not
touch a thing! How cool is that?

Okay, I know I sound pretty superficial here all
caught up in appearance and design. There are other
reasons the no touch feature makes it good but can't
I enjoy the fact my search for perfection has came to
an end? I just have to tell someone who understands
how hard it is to find the perfect item and men
don't understand that we search and search and search
for things to make a room or anything really "just so!"
I tried to get John to share my excitement and he just
shrugged and said, "Cool, Soap!" and walked away.
He doesn't have a clue that finding this soap dispenser and
the company that sells it and my garbage can is like The Quest
for the Holy Grail to me! Simple Human, the fine company
that aided me on my quest is like Indiana Jones!

Now the other reason this dispenser rocks is
with no little fingers touching it, or neighbor's fingers
or so and so that just stopped by putting their fingers
on an item I put mine on a regular basis means none of
their germs will be mingling with mine. No mingling germs
means less illness and less illness means the kids
go to school every day and the kids going to school
everyday means I have more time to shop. Um, I um,
it means the kids are more healthy and don't have to suffer
from colds or the flu as much. It is all about the kids!
Poor little Darlings! It kills me when they are suffering
and sick and driving me, er , um, I mean it drives me
crazy knowing they don't feel well. But it does help stop
the spread of germs and that is a good thing. It also
is a useful gadget if you have a backyard mechanic
living at your house. There is nothing I hate more
then when John comes in the house with Grimy fingers
and goes into the bathroom, or worse yet the kitchen
and gets his prints all over everything in his attempt to
clean up. He may walk away with clean hands but
everything he touched on the way is disgusting! With
the Sensor Soap Pump I no longer have that problem.
In fact I may never have to look at another grimy
bar of soap again!

If you are starting out looking for Garbage cans
like I was, or you need a whole home makeover like I
want, big or small, Simple Human has you covered. Every
product they have is designed for the busy family and made
to last. Simple Human has even given you a 2 year warranty
on the Sensor Soap Dispenser. Woah, what happened to
90 days! That is the kind of warranty that anyone can
appreciate in today's dog eat dog world. To me Simple Human
offers the Human touch, I can't wait to my garbage can
gets here!

Simple Human also sent me an extra Sensor
Soap Dispenser for one of you guys! This is a contest you
don't want to miss, trust me it is a cool gadget for your home
if it is in the bathroom or kitchen. To enter just head on over
to their site and take a look around. Find an item you like and
come back here and leave it in a comment. The contest will start
today, December 17th and run to January 24th at Midnight.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.


Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contest. I entry
per contest, separate post for each entry.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
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4. Blog about this contest somewhere else
and post the link here. 5 Entries Please
post five times.

Hey there, while you are here don't forget to enter
my Belle Dangles or The Adult Toy Shoppe Contests!

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Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
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