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Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday December 7th  

Date: 12/07/2009
Stress Level: Just despair!
New Grey hairs added: 1

I walked out the back door today to be reminded
that I need to till and mulch my garden. I wondered
why I should even bother. I did not get to eat one
item from there this summer. Oh, it produced,
it produced a lot. More then I could have eaten. I
would have been able to give bags of fresh picked
Tomato's away. I would have been the Belle of the
neighborhood! Would have, if it were not for the

I know you guys have heard the saying "the early
bird gets the worm." Well they lie! Its the early squirrel
that gets the fresh produce. Every single time I looked
out my back window one of those little buggers was
walking off with one of my garden vegetables. Even
the Zucchini. How they managed to drag those away was
beyond me. But they did. Let me fill you in on another
little secrete, unless you start from seeds you don't
really save money on a garden. If you add in the plants
at 100 bucks, the fertilizer and other items I needed,
the tools and the time it is just as cheap to buy
it at the farmers market. You grow a garden for the
joy of growing it! I find it relaxing and peaceful and
it gives me time to think. Well, it did. To this summer,
now I am so stressed out I could scream.

TO explain, there is not one of the furry little
monsters. There is a metropolis of them. I live 2 doors
down from the squirrel lady. If you live in the Detroit metro
area you know who she is. She makes the news every
few years for her battle for the right to feel the squirrels.
I have even went to court in her defense but since
the last time she won she has gotten out of control and
instead of a few little cute guys running around my
back yard I have the Mongolian Hoard! Mutant Ninja
Squirrels from well, you know.They sit on the porch
and taunt me with a ripe, freshly picked garden
goodness. To compound the matter they not only eat
the ripe ones they take little sample bites out of the
almost ripe ones so I can't even pick them early
and put them in the window. Then they have the
nerve to leave smashed, half eaten, rotting items
all over my porch. my Grandmother would have had
a fit for if you can't eat it don't take it in the first

You would think my dog,  a bred for hunting,
Pure Bred Jack Russel Terrior in her Prime
would help with this problem but no. Boo acts
like a grocery store bagger for these guys and
if I opened the door she would be out there
helping them pick the perfect items.

Tap Tap

"Nope Hank, this one is not ripe

yet, let's move on."

Worse, I think she is an informer and when
I let her out to use the bathroom she tells their
leader what veggies I have my eye on so they can
grab those next! If I had a doghouse she would be
in it! But, you can see my dilemma. Do I plant
next year of just go down to Pete and Joe's and
by them a bushel and be done with it?

What do you guys think?

Moral of the Day: Just because it
does grow on tree's doesn't mean it won't
end up costing you!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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