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Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18th  

Date: 12/18/2009
Stress Level: Yikes!
New Grey hairs added: 10
Today was supposed to be a sweet, easy, day! I decided to
take the day of from reviews ( there will be a lot, and I mean
A LOT posted the nest two days) and I was going to get Rowan's
pictures with Santa and drag Andy along. I knew I could bribe a 16
year old without too much of a problem. The thing is I keep forgetting
Andrew is getting is own life now and isn't all that interested in
mine. I didn't have to resort to money to get him to come, all
I did was ask ( well I did say lunch) but try as I might I could
not get him to wear this stupid Santa hat. I know it is stupid,
but Rowan had on this little Elf like jumpsuit and I thought
it would be cute.
He thought it would be stupid.
He is 16 and I should be thankful he went to see Santa.
Oh, well.
After that we went into Spenser Gifts and I saw these Bibs that
had a pink skull on them and fell in love. Well they were 14.00
bucks and one of the things I have always believed in with
having Step Children is when you do something for no
special occasion for one child make sure you do it for
all, so I gave Andy 10 dollars to pick something out. He
Grabbed a Poster to a movie that is pretty old and I told
him about a few years ago. Funny thing on that is after
we watched it about 4 years ago it had some sort of cult
revitalization and you started seeing stuff for it everywhere
and at that one point in my life Andy though he had he
coolest Mom for I told him about something way before
it became Popular in his mind. In real life it way dumb luck.
Anyways, he grabbed a poster for it was right around his 10
dollar limit and as we were walking up to pay they had old
band shirts, bands that I had also got him into. Just when I was
getting ready to walk away the sale girl tells me its buy one get
one half off.
So I bought 2, now , mind you all my shopping is done I just
have to grab some stuff that is in law away Monday and that is
99.9% paid for, and here I am at the mall and just dropped
40 bucks on pictures ( um, will someone please tell me
how Santa pics went from 10 dollars to 40 in 12 years?) and
now at this store I am spending 60 more. UGH!
Lunch at Olgas-$40.00
Family Dollar for picture frames for Santa pics and those dang
impulse buys out the door $50.00
CVS for I now needed more wrapping supplies $60.00, again
with the impulse buys.
So here I am $250.00 later when my goal for the day
was a what I thought was $10.00 Santa picture and maybe
$15.00 for lunch. How in the world did I get $225.00 more
then what I set out for? I really need to sty away from
stores all together for it is really easy to see I have no
self control what so ever!
Now the other thing that drove me over today is Rowan,
she gets all of schedule when you take her out of the house.
She seldom naps but I can at least count on an hour here or
an hour there but when you take her someplace nothing.
So she has been a bear all day long and is still up. When
she is crabby she only wants me and only wants me to
hold her so it has been a very long day.We got back to
the house at two and it is now almost 11 and the only
thing I have done all day besides hold her and walk her
from this room to that room ect ect is this post. I started
at 3 and I have no clue when it will be done.
I also had my first worry about Boo and Rowan today
and Boo didn't do anything but I still got that "Oh, no,"
vibe. I was holding Rowan and her and Rachel share a
room or they do now. Since Andy moved to the Dungeon
and I knew I was going to make that over for Rowan anyway
I thought that it would be nice to do it for Johns daughter
Rachel too & got her a bed and stuff. Before that she would
sleep on the pull out in the living room since we only have
a two bedroom Condo. Anywho, I was sitting on the bed
in there and Boo was laying next to me and I had Rowan
in my lap in a lam attempt to sign to her and make her
stop fussing. When she realized this was not my bed, or
her crib she became more interested in what was around
her and keyed in on the dog. Next thing I knew she had
a handful of Boo's hair. Boo has never been an angry dog
and there have only been one child she did not love
right off the bat and that was because he tortured her but
she has also never had her fur pulled before and I know
this is just the start. Boo just looked at her then scooted
over and Rowan tried to work to get closer. I did the whole
taking her hand and showing her how to pet and say "Nice
Puppy, nice puppy," but she is 6 months and that means a
hill of beans to her.
I just am pre-worrying here for I love that dog
to death but know if she does bite I can't keep her and
I hope my fears are not just making the dog more in tune
with my uneasyness and putting her on edge too. I already
have a lot of guilt I don't spend the time I used to with her
and worry that alone will make her jealous of the baby.
UHG! So as you can see it is one of those days!
Broke, worried and boy did that little girl give
me a headache!
Moral of the Day: Don't leave cookies out for Santa
anymore, leave cash, after what I paid for pictures I
think he will like it better!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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