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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Corner Stork Baby Gifts Review and Giveaway  

It's funny, about this time last year I found out I was
pregnant. After the shock wore off, Ahem, I mean dulled
for I am still a little shocked a year later even as I bounce
a healthy 6 month old on my knee, I was confronted with
the fact I needed to prepare for her arrival. There is so much
to do when planning for a baby and I am not talking about just
a name. It has been 16 years since the last time I had to
think about anything to do with children and almost as long
since I even had to buy a gift for a friend who was expecting.
I had no idea what to expect, no idea what to ask for on a
registry for a baby shower and no clue what was on the market
for children today. If you took every single thing that was
available when my son was a baby and piled it next to what is
available now you would be looking at a Mountain and a molehill.
To make it even harder the first words out of all my friends mouths
after "Their Shock" wore off it what can I get you, what do you

"What do I need?"

Wow, now that is a question. I need everything for anything
to do with a baby I gave away over a decade ago but I really
can't ask my friends for a crib, changing table, the energy of
a 30 year old, dressers and all the other high ticket items that
you have to remortgage your house for when you have a child.
I also don't want to make the mistakes I made with my son and
buy cheaply made trendy items that barely make it long enough
for your child to get out of diapers. I want to do this child right,
I want style, class, quality and items that match the sweet,
tender purity a baby represents. I want to fill my baby's life
with things that are as perfect as she is and not some fly
by night fad that I will not remember 20 years from now.
I want something that when I find it in a box I can place
it with a specific memory of my child. Something along
the lines as when I last wrapped my baby in this blanket
she was 1 year and a half and it was the first time she
could sing her lullaby with me instead of me singing it
to her. Something I could hold onto forever.

I know it is a tall order. and I know I am asking a lot.
But to be fair I am not asking my friends to get expensive
items and I surely don't have the money to spend on
10 zillion count Egyptian thread Linen. What I want
is unique, quality, memorable items that show my
child is treasured, loved and cherished. This turned
out to be a daunting task and I fell pretty short for even
though the amount of products for baby have grown
tremendously all you are getting is the same product
with a different bow and ribbon. The only thing I found
that hit the mark for me is a Frog Rattle that is soft
and sweet and a Music Box. My Friends threw in the
towel way before I did and played it safe by getting her
clothes for you can't go wrong dressing a baby girl there
are just way to many things out there that are adorable
for baby to wear. Even in the months after she was born
and those leading up to Christmas I searched for that
one item that I could pack away with my memories of
her as a baby. No luck. I did find plenty of toys she loves
and more then a closet full of clothes but I never found that
special something with Umph!

A little over a week ago Corner Stork Gifts contacted
me and asked if I would do a review for them. I love doing
toy reviews and I love anything baby so I agreed in a split
second. When the package came from them on Christmas
Eve I didn't open it at first for I was so busy I just didn't have
time. A couple hours before my guests arrived I found some
time and sat down with Rowan and opened the package.
I sat stunned. This was what I had been looking for. I could
not believe my eyes. It was only a stuffed animal and a
matching blanket but it was so soft, so sweet with those
added extra touches that make it special. I immediately fell in
love with it. The Stuffed animal is a Pig and the cutest thing
ever. It has details that make it to die for such as a tail that curls
and a belly button you can stick your finger in and it is about
the softest thing I have ever felt. I feel very secure letting Rowan
snuggle with this and I am having a hard time not snuggling up
to it myself. The blanket is even sweeter! It is Minky soft on
one side and Cottony soft on the other with the silky trim. It is
also double ply and warm warm warm, so warm I know this would
be okay for her at night even in Michigan's chilly winters. You
wouldn't think a blanket has detail but this one does for all
around the edge of it is the little piggy story embroidered on,
complete with pictures. The whole gift set has the charm and
keepsake feeling I so very much wanted but is still practical
for everyday use. In fact try keeping this away from them, I know
you will have a fight. When I first saw and felt it I kept thinking
Rowan was going to end up like Linus on Charlie Brown and
drag this with her everywhere to it was so old it fell apart and
then kept a snippet under her pillow. I might have to order
another one just so I have something to save. I am sitting here
with it on my lap right now for when I write my reviews I like
to have the item in front of me so I don't forget to include
something that I loved or disliked about a product and I can't
stop petting it for it is just so soft. Now I know the stuff they
had when I was a kid wasn't made of steel wool but this
just feels luxurious! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Now guys, that
was a triple LOVE there, haven't seen that before!
I went over their web store with a fine tooth comb
for I was really excited over the item they sent for review and
wanted to see if this was just the best they had and saved it
for me ( see my ego grow!) or they have more of these treasures
and I was just delighted with what I saw! I have a wish list a mile
long. I don't even know where to start! Other then keepsakes
they have must have items for my baby or at least in my mind
they are must have and I have to have them now.The Mink
Couture Coat made me squeal like a little girl! Matching booties!


The Toad stool had me cracking up and the Irish Angel held
a special spot for me for Rowan is a dream my Grandmother
would have loved and her name is Irish and is for luck. I have to
have the Irish body suit! I could go on forever and tell you what
I like but I would still be typing this time next year. The point is
they have everything from personalized, to vintage, to things
for Mom and Brother or Sister. Memories books and they even
cover twins, the real question is what don't they have? Every
single item they have it different from the same Ole same Ole I have
seen every where else. I wish they would send me one of everything
and I will spend the rest of my life reviewing their items. You
have got to see for yourself! The only thing I didn't find is
insane prices! I can afford this place and that is saying
a lot with John on unemployment right now. The have
really reasonable prices but with exceptional quality. Can
you tell I am impressed here?

Even more impressive is they are going to give one of
these Blanket sets to a reader too! It is so wonderful you
will adore it like I do! To enter go on over to their site and
look around then come back here and post something you
saw and liked! The Contest will start today, December 30th
and run to February 9th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Corner Stork Baby Gifts

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Picture I used on cards
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