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Saturday, December 5, 2009

She' Essential Beauty Review!  

It has been a long time since I have
taken care of myself. Let's see, Rowan is
about 6 months and I found out I was, OK,
let's call it a year. Before I found out about
Rowan I was doing pretty good. After years
of neglecting myself Andy was at last old enough
to do things for himself and I had the time.
I lost some weight, got a new "Doo" and
started going out with friends and dressing
up again then BAM, once again I am with
a young child at home and the only thing
I wear on a regular basis is puree's Squash
or applesauce. My enormous collection
of clothing and shoes and make-up and
hair products sit by them self, alone,


Okay this part I am going to say, you are
going to read then you will all forget I ever
said it. ( Watch the swinging crystal and repeat
after me~I will forget, I will forget!) I also
look like I have been neglecting myself. My
hair, my nails, my skin and my body even.
My poor hair has so many splits it could
give any divorce court a run for its money,


My skin is blotchy and uneven and that was
Johns favorite part of me, the fact I had even
porcelain skin, and my nails......................

1. my finger nails and cuticles look like
they have been through a salad shooter.

2. If you want to know the last color of
polish I wore on my toes just look at the
tips it is still there.

I need help and I need it bad. Before
Rowan I had my eye out for Macy's and
other makeup counter sales and stocked
up whenever they had that deal where you
buy this and get all thissssssssssss free!

I love those sales! I would always buy Concealer
and skin and cuticle cream then get the free
makeup and I do have more Eye shadows then
you can shake a stick at! I can match anything!
But the lotions and creams, well they dry up if
you don't use them and mine are gone.

I look like Heck and I have no product!

Lucky me, She' essential beauty sent
me a few items to review and the first
one was for my nails. YEAH! And the second
was a body scrub! DOUBLE YEAH! There
has never been a woman in the free world
who needed it more! The first item I tackled
was the scrub. Now I don't know how I missed
the section at better stores where body scrubs
are actually scrubs. They are like um, little
pieces of rock candy you rub on your skin.

As a stressed out Mom faced with the possible
presence of Candy it took everything I had not
to eat it. The fact it smelled good made it even
harder. It was fragrant but not too sweet and it
instantly made me relax. I enjoyed the process
of applying and the fact it was a grain made
me slow down and be careful and I needed that
time. I think the application helped me to
relax even more. And the scent, dreamy!

Now the texture didn't bother me, for even in
the cream scrubs I had used they had the
granules feel so I enjoyed the texture and imagined
the little beads removing all the icky parts of my
skin I had grown to despise in the mirror. When I
was done I was pink. Might have rubbed a little
too hard but once that faded I felt and looked fresh.
My skin felt tight and new and I didn't eat any of
the scrub even with the word sugar in the name.

What is more surprising is people noticed
and wondered what I had done to myself. I had
never in my life used a body product that
anyone but me could tell I had used.I enjoyed
the flattery.

All in all my opinion of the Scrub is
very positive. I had never been familiar
with aroma therapy or holistic healing
benefits and really don't understand all
of it but I know how it left me feeling
and I felt fresh and vitalized. At 40
I will take that over old and cagey any
day! This is something I will stick with!

Next up was the cuticle cream. Um,
I am way to embarrassed to even post a
before picture of my cuticles for they are
really that bad. The Cuticle butter
was the product I really really wanted to
try. In truth, I thought for sure mine were
too bad to repair for with Dry Michigan
winters, my own neglect and the damage
I did over thanksgiving with floor to ceiling
deep cleaning with Harsh Chemicals and
my hands in dish-soap for a few days there,
I thought I was toast. The Cuticle Butter
was creamy and smooth and just looked
Hydrating but then again so does regular
butter and that doesn't do anything but
amplify a Sunburn in the summer. I read
these directions very carefully for I wanted
to make darn sure I did this right.

It had a subtle scent of lemon and right
away I could feel the skin soften as I massaged
it in. I swear if I sat still enough and relaxed I
could feel the cracks and chips melt away and
my cuticles no longer felt as if they were going
to pull away from my nails. This was amazing!

I don't know how the Chinese discovered all
the benefits of some of these products and
Herbs but I do know I am going to pay closer
attention to what they are using over there!
All in all She' Essential beauty and their
product line really gave me a needed lift and
left me feeling rejuvenated and fresh. I loved
the smell alone of the products and felt instantly
at ease and calm once I opened them. I plan
on making their line a regular part of my
world and can't wait to work my way through
the whole product line!

2 huge thumbs up ( with silky smooth cuticles)

What next?

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