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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Belvedere Designs Review and Contest!  

A few months before Rowan was born Andrew
packed up his belongings and moved into the basement. Not
Because he was being a stand up guy and giving up his room
for his little Sister but rather Summer was coming and his
room was always the hottest in the house. After 6 years of
him begging me day and night to move down to the basement
where it is a comfortable 70 degrees all year round, I finally
gave in and let him do it. We used to use the room as a family
room so it has a cable and Internet hook-up and even a phone
jack so he is happy as all get out down there. I some times get
a little upset about having to dig a tunnel to the laundry room
but that is another story.

I however, was left with a room upstairs that has housed a
boy for almost 10 years and boys are kind of disgusting to
start with and Andrew is just a little bit more disgusting then
the average boy. I was looking at an empty room that
needed more then a little help. Like part the Red Sea Miracle
kind of help! Many coats of paint later and lots of elbow
grease since the Magic Eraser took a look and went on an
extended vacation, the room started to look better. After
a few dozen uses of the steam carpet cleaner and a tanker
truck of Febreeze I ended up with a clean slate and freshly
painted white walls.

Now what?

I went to the store for ideas and found something called
Wall Decals Or Stickers. They came in a big sheet of like 24
and each sheet had a theme. Also they were cheap and cheap
was the name of the game since John and I's youngest child is
now 12 and we long ago disposed of any baby items we might
have had and were starting fresh with Rowan. The kit I picked
had Butterfly's and Mod Circles as the accent decor. I spent
the better part of a day just thinking of where I should place them
and drove everybody in the house nuts with my constant calling'
"come look at them here," over and over again. When I finally had
my game plan all mapped out I grew more then a little worried when
the first one I peeled off just ripped as I was taking it off the sheet.
I realized that all these pieces were just cheap paper with a little
gloss coating and some sticky on the back. Um, Okay.
to self, they were cheap, they were cheap, you did not invest a lot>
I do have to admit that once the ones I didn't not destroy during
application were up I thought they looked nice. When I was pregnant
with Andy all they had was paint, wall paper and borders and those
borders were the biggest paint in the Tushie to get up for you could
never get them straight. With these puppies it didn't matter if they
were or not for if they ended up all out of kilter you were not sloppy
you were simply avant garde. Plus it added a certain something to the
 room. I don't know what really, just that it gave it character and made it
hers. I thought I was pleased with the results.

Then a week later they fell off.

Not all of them, just an edge here and there or a whole one in
the corner of the room where I couldn't reach well enough to apply
mega force when I was applying them. It proved the age old saying
that you get what you pay for. I decided I loved the concept, the idea
and even the color and design of the ones I had but what I didn't like
was the Quality. They just didn't stay up long enough for me to enjoy
them. Even though I had only paid like 10 bucks for 50 of them
the fact that they were already falling off made me feel like I had
paid too high of a price. Then I got busy, had a baby, went on
Vacation, you know the normal day to day things and forgot to
look for more.

A few weeks ago I decided to give it another shot but I would
look for a different brand. I went to a million different home stores but
all had packs like the ones I have already bought. I hit the net and
started typing in random words like wall + sticker or wall + decal
and came up with a whole bunch of places that sold something
similar but better products. For one, none of those sites offered
50 stickers for 10 bucks for most of them only offered superior quality.
I liked a few of the places better then others but stopped cold at
Belvedere Designs! Now they didn't have a flashy neon sign on the
landing page that caught my attention and no where did I see the
words "Michelle, everything here is free for you!" There were
also no trumpets playing or Rose Petals floating from the screen.
So what drew me in then?

Simple, $5.00 flat rate for shipping!

Right in the corner of the home page I saw that posted and had
to stop and check out the rest of the site. Before I tell you what I
found let me explain why shipping made me stop. I don't know
about the rest of you but I do a lot of shopping on line. I EBay,
Amazon and have not bought a book off a shelf in years and this
year as I was Christmas shopping I was floored at the cost of shipping.
I just paid $15.00 dollars for 3 T-shirts and these guys are willing
to ship whatever I order for free? Excuse me fellows, please
don't step on my tongue! I was shocked. What if I called and said
I will have one of everything. 5 bucks, YUP! Sucked me right in.
What kept me however, was the content in the store.

They had everything the other stores had plus more! I have
a thing going with these Wall Quotes and I just love them, Belvedere
has a huge selection. I went to the pre-designed
section and there were 21 sub category's there alone. I was
going to count them all for you and have an exact figure but
between 2 and 3 hundred I had to stop for Rowan was hungry
and I just didn't have all day. Yes, there were that many.
Anything you can think of these guys have beaten you too it!
AND, if by some chance they do not have what you want
they also have Custom Designs where you can make your

I spoke with them and they sent me a piece to review.
I received an item from the Quotes sections that said
Our Family in big letters with "is a circle of Strength and
Love" under it.The words all ran through a large circle
that added that finishing touch! It was simple, clean
and very stylish. I love it to death. In fact when it came to the
house and I opened it I was so excited on how it appeared
I didn't hang it and sent John to the store to buy some
more paint. No way was I going to let him hang that
on our dingy walls. No way. What I also realized is
as thin and cheap as the kit I had bought at the home
center was this was 100% the other direction. I could
feel the Quality and can just tell there is no way this
will fall off in a week. The only thing I am worried about
is John not hanging it the way I want it and him "doing
something" to it since he is not the most graceful. All in
all I am really surprised at how much I love this thing!
I went back to the site to see what else they have
and spent a litle time there. I was impressed with the
Photogallery and the fact they had a tutorial on how
to apply the wall Quoats for I need visual. I might not
let John put them on at all, I am thinking that after
I watched that visual I might be able to do the job myself.
Hey, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.
What I also though was way cool was the section for New Ideas.
What a neat thing to offer. I know there are a million Craft
people out there and this part of the site that links to even
more ideas on their blog is just for them. I never would have
thought of some of the applications they covered and loved it!
My son loved the Greek Lettering for you see the Chinese
lettering all over the place but we have never seen Greek.
He and I are huge Mythology buffs and he wants to get
letters to spell his name and I think he is more then a
little hooked for he sat at the computer with a note pad
jotting items down. I am not sure what that all is going
to cost me but I know to ship it will be $5.00 Bucks!
I realize that wall art has been around a while and
I am the last person to board this train but after finding
Belvedere Designs I am confedant I found the final


     Even better they would like to share
Their wonderful items with you. Belvedere Designs is going to
give one of my readers a $35.00 Gift Certificate to their store.
The contest will start today December 13th and run to midnight on
January 15th. USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

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is completed.

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post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

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my Holgate Toys and Lily Me Contests!

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Picture I used on cards
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