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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rasco Dog Ready Leash Review and Giveaway  

I always feel so bad for Boo when the mail comes.
Every member of the house gets to participate in product
reviews except for her. It really doesn't matter to the guys
if it is a product they really wanted or not for they are just
enjoying learning about things they never would have asked for
other wise. They often find themselves surprised at how
much they like it. They are always excited when a package comes
and act like two little kids on Christmas morning instead of a 43
year old man and a 16 year old boy. Even Rowan rolls her eyes
when they start jumping around. For a couple of the reviews I
thought my son might Hyper ventilate for the item was something
he was head over heels in love with. Take the Glacier Outdoors
2 in one pack for example. That was right up his alley but he knows
that is also an item that would have to be a major part of a Holiday
gift not something I can grab him at Family Dollar any day of the
week. When that came you could hear his girly screams a block
away. Boo just sat there and watched and I felt bad. I know she is
a dog but to me she is more. She is not only part of the family
she is like a child to me and at times a friend who listens and
comforts me more then any "Person" could do. She never
complains and yes, she has ruined some things ( like my car)
around here but if I added up her total and compared it to
Andrews over the years it would be Mike "Andrew" Tyson
against Pee Wee "Boo" Herman! When ever I leave the house
and go somewhere where I can't take her I make sure I
bring something home just for her. I stock up on small stuffed
animals at Value world ( you can get like 30 for a few bucks) and
keep them in the trunk so if I don't have time to pick up
a treat I can give her one of those. Boo has her own toy box
I bought just for her, its about 3 feet long and shaped like a
Bone with a lid. I can't remember how much I paid for it
but she is worth it. For years she was my shadow and never
left my side then I had Rowan and she sort of got pushed out.
After that I started the Blog and reviews and I know, even
though she can't complain, she feels left out. Boo has
two loves in this world, going bye bye and going for walks and
since we brought the Baby home both of those have been scaled
way back.

A few days ago I got the chance to review Rasco Dogs
Ready Leash and let me tell you I was more excited about
this review then any of the other reviews I have done. This
one Boo would not have to sit and watch Andrew or John
tear through a box or Rowan bang on her chair or pull toys in
and out of her mouth for her review. For this one they would have to
watch her. Better yet, for this one they would have to cater
to her. For this one she is the star!

Let me tell you about Boo and leashes. I have been
through 10 leashes since she was born. That is more then
2 leashes a year. I have spent up to 30 bucks on one and had
her snap it the first time out. Last summer alone I went through
3 but that is our own fault. With the baby we didn't have the time
to walk her like we did ( used to be like 4 times a day) so when
we did open the door for a walk she was so excited she flew
out the door and snapped the leashes. She gets so excited she just
about yanks my arm out of the socket dragging me down the
street. I have always joked I could hop on a wagon and she
pull me all over town and I would never have to drive. How is
that for going green? Now I know you guys are thinking what
kind of dog is this to eat a car, snap leashes like they are made
out of licorice, pull a grown adult down the block, is this a Bull
Mastiff or Great Dane? Rottweiler or other Goliath of a dog?
Well, no, she is a 12 pound Jack Russel Terrier with a heart
of gold and enough kinetic energy to power Rhode Island
for the next Century. And a total Baby!

When the package came it was mixed in with a couple of other
boxes and Andrew brought them to the table where we always
opened them. Boo hopped into her chair at the table ( yes,
she has her own chair at the table) and watched quietly as
she always does. She pretty much knows the routine and doesn't
expect anything for her like she does when I come in
the house with bags from the grocery store. Andy was tossen
things this way and that and even though I knew the leash
was coming I did not expect it to be here so soon. I had
just spoken to them the day before so in no way did I think
they would be here this fast. When Andrew grabbed the last
box and pulled out the package it was sealed in plastic like
most products are but somehow that little dog knew. How I
will never know, it isn't food and doesn't smell edible,
it doesn't squeak like a lot of her toys or do anything that
would mark it as a clear cut dog item, so how did she know?
Does a leash smell a certain way? Who knows, all I can say
is even before he had it all the way out of the box she was on her
feet wagging her little stumpy a mile a minute and taking her
behind with the stumpy. ( Have you ever noticed little dogs can't
just wag a tail, they wag their whole tushie?!) You would think
Andrew was unwrapping a prime cut of Aged Kobe Beef the
way she was acting. Before it was out of the plastic she had
already ran from the table to the door and back to the table
over and over again a few dozen times. When Andrew put his
shoes on she took up her resident spot at the door jumping
up and down like Tigger after one too many pots of coffee
waiting for him to open it. Her whole body was shivering
as Andrew snapped on her harness and she was literally
crying when he hooked up the new leash. Andrew took her
for her first walk with the leash and I took her for the

She is his dog and he wanted the honors. We also
received the Long extra leash and had that one hooked
for Boo as you might have guessed is a little over active and
a longer leash spares your legs from her whipping back and
forth with the thorough inspection she gives each side
of the side walk. He said the walk went fine and he felt
more comfortable with this leash then the one we had for
it just "felt" stronger and he didn't feel the need to keep
switching hands back and forth as she pulled from one side
to the other. Normally we have to change hands as fast
as she changes sides for if we don't the constant yanking
weakens the leash and it ends up snapping. A few were so
flimsy that they snapped right out of the box. With this leash
is was plain to see it was thicker and easy to tell it was stronger
then other leashes we had bought and he felt comfortable
enough not to worry about it. He didn't get a chance to use the
baggies that are built right in the handle but I took
care of that the next walk. I think she was so excited the
first walk she couldn't think straight and was too wound up
to do "her Business."

When I took her for a walk I was very pleased with how comfortable
the handle was. We has long ago given up on any leash with a handle
since Boo whipped around so much it would end up hurting your hand
and it was just as bad with ones without a handle but at least they
were more flexible. This was wide enough where you have wrist
control and it didn't wreck your hand from the pressure she
can provide by acting all nuts. The next thing I noticed is I found
myself agreeing with Andrew that it just felt more sturdy and
I also was not worried about her snapping it. We had gotton so
used to the feeling of a leash about to snap that can pretty much
tell if it will make it or not and this is a keeper. I doubt she
will ever be able to snap it though she has gotton mad at a few
harnesses she could not break and chewed those instead. That was
when she was a puppy though and now she understands leash and
harness mean walk. With me I got lucky ( Sigh) and she did
her duty so I got to test the bags. They were the perfect size for
Boo so I could use the edge to scoop and then it fell right in.
With a larger dog the bag will be big enough but you might want
to use a glove or another bag to get it in there. I am one of the
EWWE gross girls who can't get close to "it!"
I really like how handy it was to have the bag right on the handle
for I hated having to dig in my pocket for a bag and in the summer
I would grow tired of carrying them then toss them in the stroller and
she would then have to go as soon as I put it away like I was
ringing the dinner bell and then I would have to search for it. I also
have neighbors around here who are on the crazy side and
will pretty much run out their door to make sure you are
picking it up and when you have to dig they go into a rant
explaining how they are sure you had no plans to pick it
up until they came out and start blaming you for every dog that
has ever sniffed a blade of grass on their lawn. This way
I can just pull it out and wave to them with bag in hand and
get out of Dodge before the "well your the only one" lecture
starts. Some of these people are scary crazy.
I really loved the Rasco Ready leash and the only thing
I could think of that I would change is to get a pink one!
Boo is a girly girl! Other then that I think it is the best leash
we have ever had. I can't rave enough about the bag dispenser
on the handle for we had something sort of like it before. It was
a cute little dispenser shaped like a fire hydrant meant to
snap on to the leash but it kept sliding down the leash
all the time and ended up getting lost. This one isn't going
anywhere! It was nice having them when it was hooked
but losing them ends up making you mad you wasted the
money in the first place. Now I can find the bags in the same
spot all the time! The only thing missing is the little guy that
is supposed to follow me around and pick up the
"Business" for me! Rasco Dog's Ready Leash is the cats meow in
a dog body!
Even better the good folks over at Rasco Dog are giving
four of their ready leashes to my readers. That's right folks,
four prizes! To enter just go over to Rasco Dog and take a look
around. Then come back here and tell me something you have
learned.The contest will start today, December 17th and run to
Midnight on January 25th.

USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Rasco Dog

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1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

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