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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Belle Dangles Review and Giveaway  

You guys know I am lazy! Not on the big stuff but the little
things. Instead of primping and fawning all over myself in the
mirror before going out I just apply the minimal amount of
products I need or toss my hair up in a bun. Instead of Dressing
to the nines and matching purses and Jewelry and maybe even
a scarf I just toss on whatever and I am out the door. It is not
that I don't like looking good. I do clean up well. Its not that I don't
enjoying the feeling of a smart looking outfit that screams fashion
and makes the Diva in me shine. It isn't the fact I don't like to
emphasize my asset's with some well placed gems and baubles
and a trendy bag. ( or scarf, I always wanted to be a scarf person)
It's because I am lazy. I never have the time to keep track or organize
the items I do have so it is hard to justify adding more items to
my collection to John. I came home with the same pair of shoes
I had bought the previous season ( half off the second time, can't
pass up a bargain) just because my closet is such a mess, I didn't
realize I already owned them. When you shop as much
as I do sometimes items just become a blur but John sure
remembered. Isn't it funny how men can't remember your
Anniversary but anything you bring home that has a price tag stays
etched in their memory's forever?
I even have a lot of nice Jewelry but open my box
and what you will see is drawers of tangled chains and forgotten
necklaces that would be a more daunting task to straighten then
the Christmas lights I seem to have to replace each year.I even bought
a box with lots of drawers to keep items separate and special
hooks that rotate my necklaces. The little spinners always get
stuck and they never leave enough space for anything but
choker's. Such a hassle! Don't even bother to get me started on
my purses for even with 3 closets and all the racks in the basement
I claimed as my own storage space there is never enough room. I
have laundry basket after laundry basket of clean clothes I have yet to
hang for I just don't want to deal with having to locate empty spots
in the closet. I have to get a pry bar to squeeze open a space to
shove them in and work quick before the whole thing fills
in on me! Even my hair clips and scrunchies and headbands are
a mess. I thought if I bought all these little baskets and kept
ties in one, clips in another, headbands etc etc, that I would
be able to keep them sorted. What happen is I get tired of rooting
around in the baskets and dump it out then John comes
in later and tosses the pile into another basket. All that idea got
me was an even bigger mess to sort through.
Poor John has one drawer in one dresser and some
pull out storage under the guest bed. I thought I was being
generous! I would love for a organizational expert to come
in and straighten up my life but the truth is I would have to
have them come back every few months for the only thing
that ever stays neat is the over the door hooks on my bedroom
door. That is where I keep my favorite jackets and sweaters
and even my most comfortable Jammie's and some flannel
pants and a T-shirt. I always keep that neat and it too me forever
to realize that I do because it is simple. Anything less then five
minutes I can handle. Over that and I am afraid I have to pass.
I just hang and go. I don't even have to drag out a hanger
and place it on a rod. Just reach, hook and walk away. Now that
is a theory I can live with. Anything that takes 30 seconds or
less and keeps my stuff neat is the organizational dream for
While surfing one day I came across a product called Belle
Dangles. WOAH, stop the press! Isn't this my dream right here
on a web site. I could hang my Jewelry, purses and even some
of those scarfs I have always wanted right there on the
wall, 2 feet from my door hooks! I almost fainted! This rack
is sooooooooooooo neat! It's is one of those where you thump

yourself on the head and go, "Why didn't I think of that?" type
deals. I mean I already had the inspiration on my door. Even
though it was only some metal hooks it was still the most
used item in my entire house. More then even the microwave.
Now this was even pretty and certainly not just some metal hooks!
I don't even have to hide it behind a door in my room. I can
display this in public view and be proud I am lazy and
unorganized, for lazy unorganized people score cool items
like this.Okay, I am a genius! I could put this right next to a mirror
so I could see what pieces of Jewelry or scarf or a Hair Clip
looked good on me while I am getting ready. No more rummaging
through little drawers, digging through spinning hooks and tangled
chains. This will keep them sorted and perfect right in front of my face
with the least possible effort on my part. I LOVE IT!


   I found out the Belle Dangles Classic model holds
20 Necklaces, 20 Bracelets, 20 rings, 30 Earrings or any
combination of the above. You could also put Hair Bands,
Scarves, Hats, Purses, Belts and Ties. Woah, mind storm
again. I could get one for John too and allow him a couple
of hooks on his. I mean at least 2. He would no longer have to
dig for a tie or belt in that plastic storage box I let him
have on a shelf in the basement. Perfect! The Classic also
includes a Shelf on top were I can store little Nick
knack jars or a my hair tie basket. Anything I want really!
It is made of Wrought Iron so I can hang my purses on
it without worrying about bending the hooks. Yes Men,
a Ladies purse is that heavy. We carry the weight of the
world! The heavy duty screws and anchors will remove any
lingering doubt. At almost 2 feet long it can hold just about
whatever you throw at it. I have needed this forever!
I was also pleased to know they have other products on
the way and people like me, yes lazy people like them!
Let's face it though, you don't have to be lazy to enjoy this,
it is truly made for everyone. Its stylish and so very useful
and can be used for way more then just Jewelry. I thought
it would be perfect by the back door to keep track of keys
and a home for winter gloves and hats. I love the idea
of one in the bathroom to hang guest towels and store
soaps and lotions. I really can't think of a room where I
wouldn't have a million uses for this! Belle Dangles took
a thought we all had, "Wouldn't it be great to have a shelf
for..............," and brought it to life with flair! I have a feeling
that I am going to end up being Belle Dangles best customer!
You can have a chance to enjoy one too for Belle Dangles
is going to award one to a reader of mine! You don't even have
to be a disorganized lazy bum like me. Really this is fantastic for
anyone and I am surprised we haven't seen it in HGT V's Dream
House yet! To enter just go to their web site and come back
here and post something you have learned. The contest starts
today, December 15th and will run to Midnight on January 22nd.
That will give you just enough time to untangle those Necklaces!
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Belle Dangles

Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

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post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

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per contest, separate post for each entry.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
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Picture I used on cards
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