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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday December 3rd  

Date: 12/03/2009
Stress Level: Not too bad!
New Grey hairs added: 1

Right now I am sitting here feeling bad
for snapping at John. I don't mean to but
sometimes he just doesn't get it. That
man is hooked, I mean he needs In-patient
therapy to get off it, on news programs.
What that means for me is he disappears
in his own world and becomes fixated on
whatever the mouth piece on whatever
channel his is watching at the time is

To compound matters when he goes
on line he spends half of the time looking
up news programs there. Now he has always
been a news guy but when he was working it
was for an hour or so a day then he had a few
on Sunday Mornings he had to catch. But since
he has been laid off it has been getting worse and
worse. Now what happens is he totally ignores
me for hours and hours and flips from
channel A to channel B and them when he
does speak to me it is to tell me the latest
on Tiger Woods or this or that or OH MY

I know more about currant events via John
proxy then most of the free world does at any
given time. Now to the yelling part. With his
obsession, for I can not think of a more proper
name for it, comes hours of quiet while he
studies his programs. With hours of quiet I become
complacent and over relaxed when Rowan is also
aleep. Then he walks into the room and starts to
tell me his briefing and is so quiet coming into the
room I jump out of my skin.

Not once in a while.



Three or more times a night.

So I lost my temper and off he stormed
swearing he would never tell me anything
again witch is a lie for I know tomorrow he

will do it all over again. Was I wrong?

I don't know, all I know is I am Irish and I
feel bad.

Should I?

I don't know!

But, I will tell you if I were to inform
him of what I was doing he would have
snapped a lot sooner. In fact he always
ignores me then when I explain why I am
mad at him he acts clueless.


Can't kill um

Can't bury them in the back yard



Can't Live Without Them!

Moral of the Day: Walk up to your
husband and smack him in the arm. When
he asks "What was that for?" Say "You
know" and walk away. Good entertainment
for you and he just might confess to something
you never knew about!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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