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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Amon Maternity Review and Giveaway  

I know I have told you guys over and over again
I have been on a diet all my life. Well, at least since
I was 12. I have done every fad diet there is, worked out
to the point of exhaustion and ended up with Mono, starved
my self, took nutrition classes and even enlisted the aid of
my doctor more then once. It never fails. Every single time I get
right where I want to be something happens and my body
yells reset and I gain it all back. The Birth of my son, when
I quit smoking, when I hurt my back and one really nasty bout
of depression in my early 30's. Summer before last I made it
to a size 4 and my body screamed reset one more time.
This time was a total shocker though, I was pregnant with my
daughter. I was delighted with her impending arrival but
more then a little miffed that even under the best circumstances
most of what I had accomplished was bound to bite the dust.
With my son I gained 110 pounds and it took me over
10 years to take all that weight off. I was determined not
to travel that road again. John however hated me at a size 4
for he said at 5 foot 9 inches I was too thin and too bony. Once
he knew I was pregnant he put his plan in motion. I would tell
him I was craving a canoli and he would come home with a
dozen. I said Peanut M&M's sounded good and a dump truck
would be backing up to my front porch and drop its load.

I held out the first few months, heck I made it well into
the second trimester with less then a 15 pound weight gain
when I went Ker Plunk! 90 pounds later Rowan was born. There
is one thing men will never understand about being pregnant,
as happy as we are is almost as close to how uncomfortable
we are. There is no way for them to understand. I know a few think
they do as they loving stroke their beer belly's thinking lack of sit ups and
one too many beers at half time garner them the right to
sympathize but all that measures up to is alcohol induced
delusions of grandeur and not enough sit ups. The closest I can
come to even explaining it is to compare your third trimester and
sometimes even part of your second to taking a basketball, filling
it with liquid metal and attaching it to your stomach with a 2 inch
chain. Its big ,its heavy, its unstable and moves and can
sometimes drop a bit and take you off your balance. Women don't
walk around with their hand on their stomachs because they
are loving stroking the soon to be baby, we do that at home in
the privacy of our own beds so men in white coats don't chase
us through the mall. Women hold their stomachs for fear it
is going to fall off and bounce off their knees like Pele does
a soccer ball. A baby offers a lot of things and even being
pregnant has its perks such as prenatal vitamins and
shiny hair but balance and comfort are not one of them.
I heard of Amon when I was pregnant but at the very end.
Some poor woman felt bad for me as I wattled through
Kroger's and did one of the Psst, come here things and
let me in on the secrete. I planned on going home after my
doctors appointment and looking them up but I ended up
with a ticket to the hospital to have Rowan induced.

I would have dropped it all together since Rowan
was already a surprise and at my age I do not plan on having
anymore children but here I am 6 months later still grabbing
MT Jiggles whenever I walk through the house. I still wobble like
a weeble whenever I don't place my feet perfectly on the floor.
In short as long as I have any of this belly left my center of balance
is somewhere over the rainbow. I tried Spanx but those are made
for people who wear the same size clothing all over, not those
of us who still have pre-pregnancy legs, arms and even Bootie and
a bowl of Jello around their waist. I tried a Girdle, but oh, my,
GAWDDDDDDDD what sick individual came up with those?
Those dang things are so tight it doesn't matter where your
problem is it is going to smoosh it away. The problem is if you
"problem" is bigger then the Girdle your "problem" ends
up squeezing out one of the openings and it looks like your

belly is trying to make an escape to the south. After wasting
money on stupid parlor tricks I remembered the lady at Kroger's.
I went home and looked up Amon.

Amon makes their clothes for pregnant bodies. Plain
and simple. There is no other way to explain it. The support is
where you need it for when you are carrying your child they help
make it like you are taking that run away bowling ball and placing
it in a satin lined bag. I didn't get a chance to wear their pregnancy
line but if it is half as good as this little puppy for your post
pregnancy body I am almost tempted to give Rowan a little
brother or sister. It works that well! The Body shaper has a wide
band of support for your belly and then is tailored to fit
a normal Booty. You feel safe and secure and best of all not
like you are ready to topple over. It offers just the right amount
of stretch without being so elastic you fear Mt. Jiggle might
make a run for it. Not only are they secure and snug they
look pretty darn good too. I choose a black one for as you
guys know most of my clothes are going to go well with
it but it also comes in Nude and White. When I wore mine
for the first time I got a little giddy. I am a clothes hound
and I have talked about my wardrobe before but since I had
Rowan that is all I have done is talk. Everything I own has
sat gathering dust and the closest I have came to them is
laying tears on their alter for I knew with this baby belly there
is no way I would ever wear them. Now that I have the body shaper
I am ready to dance again! I grabbed one of my black dresses
and though I am not back to a size 4 I am down to an 8, a
6 on a good day and this dress is a little on the Va va voom
side of naughty. Perfect! Mt. Jiggles has left the building
with Elvis! I am going to order a few more and toss out
the sweats I have been living in!

Amon Maternity has a great selection and covers
every part of a woman's pregnancy. Unlike maternity
clothes that only stretch to accommodate your growing
bundle Amon supports you and takes the worry away
when you feel less then graceful as all of us do. They have
the band that you can wear with your own clothes and
offers fantastic support for your belly and lower back.
If a band is not enough you can go with the Brief. These
are like your own comfy undies you wear when you are not
trying to impress someone. Built for comfort and still
adding that extra perk of support you will never even realize
your bump is there. Still need more? I feel ya, for when I was
pregnant my center of gravity went from my tummy to
my thighs and I never knew what one was going to be
the epicenter on any given day. Sometimes the belly
wanted to shift, the next day my thighs were made of
lead and ready to slide down my legs. Even my Booty
was feeling the pull of gravity. Well Amon Maternity
thought of you too and offer a pantie called the Skivvies
and those are DA Bomb! Skivvies are for people like me
who all through my pregnancy walked my dog, ran around
town and even swam and exercised and loved it until the
third trimester when I was so big I could not even balance
my bike and as far as I walked the dog was waddling to
the end of the parking lot. If I had one of these that offers
full support from your tummy through your thighs those
75 extra pounds may not have found their way into
my pants in the last few months. I could have stayed
active instead of tossing in the towel the second I teetered
as I got off the couch. You see women with one hand holding
their belly's, well mine got so bad I had to use two hands and
a foot. With some Skivvies I could have been clapping at
a baseball game as I dig a jig! Why didn't I run into that
lady at Kroger's sooner?

I also gave the Body Shaper Michelle Durability
and Quality test you all know and even went so far as to
hold onto the waist band and put my feet in a leg hole and
pull as far as I could to make sure they would not lose their
elasticity. ZING! Right back into shape, even after 12 washes!
Amon maternity's items are 90 percent Nylon and
10 percent spandex and a breathable fabric and unlike Spanx
and a Girdle you don't sweat like a, well, just yuck, sweat like
a yucky person. I read all their info and did my own research
and one of the best things I like about them that I didn't see
mentioned everywhere was there are no tags. There is nothing
worse then being as big as a house and having a tag bugging
you in a spot you can't reach. Bravo for saving us that little
nuisance! Even if I don't have anymore children, and as temping
as it is knowing these are here for my if I decided to, I will
always keep these in mind for anyone I know who is pregnant.
They would make a great Congratulations gift or shower gift
and I swear you could use the body Shaper for support
even if you didn't have a baby. I know I don't plan on putting
mine in a drawer if I ever lose Mt Jiggles or lose the last 20
pounds. If I has these when John's cousin proclaimed "Dang, you
are getting big!" I might have just grinned at him instead of
smacking him! I love them!

You know what else I love? Giveaways and I know you
guys love them to by the emails I get! Amon Maternity
is happy to help and is offering one of my readers a $50.00
Gift certificate to their store. To enter just go to the web site
and look around then come back here and post something
you have learned. The contest will start today, December 55
and run to Midnight on February 2nd.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Amon Maternity

Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contest. I entry
per contest, separate post for each entry.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
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and post the link here. 5 Entries Please
post five times.

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my No Throw and Snooze City contests!

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