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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29th 2009  

Date: 12/29/2009
Stress Level: Rowan is still sick what
do you think?
New Grey hairs added: 13
That poor little baby, I would almost feel bad for her if
it wasn't for the fact she is driving me up the wall. She is
so crabby and also so stubborn and independent she doesn't
know if she is coming or going. All I know is my sanity is
going out the window and I hope she feels better soon.
I still have her glued to me like super glue and can't set
her down for a second. I have to call Andy to take a shower
or do some laundry for if you leave her alone for a second
she is on the phone calling 911 reporting that she was
abandoned. Okay, maybe not that but if she could walk
over, speak and dial the phone she would.
Since we are spending so much " quality time"
together right now I have had a few highlights in the last
few days. One of them is she is already hitting the "it
is mine" stage. What I mean by that is everything you
touch she needs and will work her tiny hiney off to get
it away from you. I have a couple of spots around the
house set up where I can sit her to play and not worry
if she tips over for I have strategically placed pillows
and blankets. There is also a bevy of toys at each location
for like I told you guys before she has the attention span of
a gnat and needs lots of things to keep her busy. Well
since she is sick she makes sure I just don't set her there
and walk away I have to sit with her. Well I am a sucker for
kids toys and can't help myself and end up playing with her
toys. Here is where the "Its Mine" comes in. No matter what
I pick up she has to drop what she is doing and grab what I
have. In turn I will pick up the next item and she drops the
one she just took from me and grabs that. We go on like
that for hours. I also was trying to play with her wooden
blocks and every time I stacked them she would knock
them down for the heck of it. She would not let me get more
then 3 high before BAM over they went. I even asked her
nicely and nope, no dice. I am not allowed to touch this
little 6 month old babies toys. Or else! I can see in a few
more months that same little angel tapping her foot and
clearing her throat saying Ahem, that is mine. What a

The worst part about the "Mine" game is
somehow my belongings become hers as well and I didn't
even see that coming. I pick up a pen, she needs it, I pick
up some paper, she needs it, I grab the remote, well, you
get the picture. My gosh does she fuss and squirm to
get it. For someone who can't even walk she sure is good
at grabbing something out of your hands even when you are
across the room from her. The other thing that is new is
she has got to be in a sitting position or you get to hear
the screams. She sits very well for herself but can't quiet
get from a laying to sitting position on her own. So this means
when ever she flops over I need to be right there to right her
or it is all out war. I pretty much know her first words will
be MINE MINE MINE! I can't wait for the day John pulls out
his multi thousand dollar Bass and that becomes hers!

The other thing that stood out today was it was the first
time I saw her afraid of something. I won a Zambi Fur real
pet and what it basically is would be a stuffed Elephant
that is robotic and when you touch its trunk or any other
key spot he moves and makes noises. I took it out of the
box and set it in front of her on her high chair. First she
smiled, then she looked a little shocked then Zambi blew
her a kiss and her bottom lip stuck out and trembled and
tears filled her eyes and the water works started. I thought
maybe it was because she wasn't feeling well so I calmed
her down and sat down with her and pet the elephant and
told her how nice it was then places it closer and touched
it to activated it again. Not even 3 seconds later, lip out,
tears in the eyes and a look of horror on her face. I was
dumbfounded for I never saw her afraid. That little guy went
in the box to she is older. It is so funny, a dollar store
doll that scares me for I am reminded of Chucky from
Child's Play is her best Buddie. A super cute baby elephant
gives her the same reaction I have when John gets to the
credit card bill before I do and notices my last shopping trip.
I felt so bad for her but then later I felt even worse for when
Andy found out he tormented her. Mean big brother!

The rest of my day was spent catering to mean mine
baby who hates Elephants and has become one of those
Monkeys that cling to their Mommy's as they swing through
the forest. If I set her down I am afraid she will feel even
sicker or worse yet her Brother the Jungle Cat will
scare my little Monkey to tears with his Ally the

And how was yourrrrrrrrrrrrrrr day?

Moral of the Day: Brothers pick on their sisters
no matter how little or cute they are!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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