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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday December 13th  

Date: 12/13/2009
Stress Level: pretty mild to midway!
New Grey hairs added: 1

Today is Sunday and we know what that means?
Michelle gets to sleep in for the boys go trolling for chicks
at the senior home with Baby bait! They call it breakfast but
I know what it really is! I did sleep in though, to NOON!
Can you believe that? Since my son was born 16 years ago
( when i was 5 because I am only 21) I have not had more then
6 hours a sleep in a night. Most nights I get 3-5. Since Rowan, 1-4.
BAD BABY! All that lack of sleep makes Mommy a mean old ( Ahem,
I mean 21 year old ) Gal! When I woke up and saw it was noon I
almost died. Unless I am dead sick I have not seen noon when I
first woke up in forever! WOW, dumb stuck.

I did call my son and make sure his father and him are
still kicking after going over there with a cooler of dry ice.I was
worried. Why is it men never grow up when it comes to something
like that? Ah, heck, I will say it, Why is it that men Never Grow UP?
Sorry guys it just needed to be said.I stayed in my room most
of the day for as much as I love Sunday mornings is how much
I hate Sunday afternoons. At least during football season. John
gets so mad when the Lions lose. Like he expected anything
else! The next time the Lions are going to win a game my
daughter will be starting High School. My son will be walking
his own children to school and Monkeys will fly out my.................
...................You get the picture.

But Detroit does have the Red Wings though! They are
what keeps this town going. What is left of it anyways. At the
rate Detroit is fallen apart and becoming one with the land
again its going to end up a giant field by the next century.
I was talking to a Friend once who had never been to the City.
Had been born in the Suburbs and never went south of 8 miles
in all 43 years of his life. Another friend of ours grew up there
but had not been back in 30 years so those two planned a trip
to Eastern Market together. After they left they promptly
got lost and ended up driving around aimlessly down there.
What surprised them is they were not in a Ghetto but more
like deserted country roads. There were one maybe two houses
per block where they were lost and the grass and bushes and trees
grew wild. Then they saw a flock and a rather large flock of
Pheasants just walking down the road. The were wondering if
Deer were next for they couldn't believe their eyes. You go 5 miles
in any direction and you are back in a densely populated
city but in the heart of it, Nada, nothing. No signs of life
other them animals wandering freely like someone left
the gates to the zoo open.

A lot of today I spent hanging with my little Pheasant.
Rowan grows cuter every second. Her laugh and he joy over
the smallest things makes me glad I am alive. As of late she
has hit the raspberry stage and love to amuse herself with
the noise all day long. She is also really into her wet, sloppy

I kiss her,

She licks my cheek.

I kiss her again.

One more lick.

She ends up happy!

I end up slimy!

Oh well!

Moral of the Day: When people talk about the city
of Detroit and say this place is a Zoo, they are not far off

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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