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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Burt's Bee's Review and Giveaway  

I don't think I know a single person who does not
know about Burt's Bee's! These guys came out of no
where and have taken the world by storm and even the
big wigs like Chapstick have had to stand back and go
"Wow!" Now I have seen them everywhere and have a
few friends who swear by them and will drive to five
different places to find just the Burt's product they are
looking for and if I dare suggest trying something else
I get that blank stare and a BLINK BLINK, What?
I have also tried their Lip Products and yes, they are
great but that was the extent of the knowledge I had of
them. Lips and whatever other items they sold that
are now on every checkout lines impulse rack in
America. What I didn't know was how vast their product
line was and to how many different people they catered

This Holiday season I was out looking for items for
Rachel. Teenage girls are so hard to buy for and that 12-15
year old age gap is the worst for they want adult items, you
want them to be 6 again and you have to find a happy
medium. You do not want to give them cosmetics they will
apply so thick they will leave you thinking you just set them up
for a life with a man named Bubba who wears a wife beater
and who's idea of Home Renovation it making a beer can Mobile
for the Pop Up trailer in his parents back yard. I have seen the
Wet and Wild display at the drug store and to be honest the
name alone sends chills down my spine when I think of my
step daughter, or worse yet, Rowan, getting her hands on
something that promises a wet, wild time. But you can't stop
progress or worse yet, maturity and Girls will become Women
if you want them to or not. All you can do is try to point them
in a good direction and pray she does not consider Beer can
Mobil's art! I did Bonnie Bell the last few years and she liked
it but someone told me ( It is so nice to have lots of friends
with Teenage Girls who tell me what is cool or not) that Bonnie
Bell is for Kids and Rachel is now past that. She might say thanks
and act like she loves it but chances are it is going to go in
a drawer and she will save her money for makeup on her own
and at today's cosmetic prices chances are that will be Wet and
Wild. Now I could not bring myself to get her war paint this
year for she just turned 13 and if her Mom wants her to do it,
fine, but I will not be the one who takes a 13 year old and gives
her the means to look 23. I remember what I did when I first
realized if I wore make-up I could look older and I almost
had to go straight to bed with an icepack because of the instant
stress headache I had from the mear thought of her doing the
same. So the cosmetic counter at Macy's was out and Bonnie
Bell was a thing of the past so what should I do? That is when
I remembered Burt's Bee's and I know that its a product for all
ages and I think, or hope, they do not have wet and wild anything.
I decided to find out what all the buzz about them was really about!
I was familiar with their lip products but I did not know
they also carried hair products, Baby products, Body items such
as washes and soaps and add ins for your bath, why they even
now carry Toothpaste. Boy, had I missed the boat on this one!
I decided to send them a letter and find out what else I had
been out of the loop on. The people at Burt's were nice enough
to send me some items for review and I not only got to sample
their Body Wash and Bath Soak they stuck in some items for
Baby too and a great item called Belly Balm. I had previous
experience with their lip products and know most of you have
as well and we all know they are fantastic or this company
would not have grown at the rate it has so I am going to
tell you a little about the body wash first. The Radiance
Exfoliating Body Wash is a blend of all their best, right down
to the Royal Jelly, one of the world's most nutrient-rich substances
that is super fantastic at rejuvenating your skin. I just loved
it and I know a lot about Body wash for I have banned the bar
soap from my tub a long time ago and have used body wash
only for going on 20 years now. You could feel the zing of the
wash and it was like a cup of coffee for my skin and was a great
way to wake up and not only offered me a relaxing shower but
energy too! This stuff has found a new home in my tub and
I know my friend loves everything Burt, so I might have to

chain it to the facet!

The next item I tried was for Rowan and the Buttermilk
Bath Pint. I have had such a hard time with her in the tub
for she loves bubbles but I am scared to death she has skin
as sensitive as mine and will not go out and buy a regular
bath additive and even worse she is bald and still has cradle
cap and I am too afraid to try the products that are supposed
to work for that on her as well. What is going on is, she does
not quiet yet have dry skin but it is not nearly as moist as
it could be and my fears are making her suffer and she could
have that Baby Soft Glow if I would only let go a little and now
anything that drips on her I have to wipe up pronto or it leaves
a rash because of this. For Bubble Bath I have been using her
Baby Shampoo and this dries her skin even more and I so
need some sort of item to add that brings back her natural
moisture. When I saw the Buttermilk Bath Soak I will admit I
was apprehensive but I did need to do something and I remember
my Grandmother talking about Buttermilk soaks being good
for something or other and I respect her opinion and thought
if I am going to take the plunge I might as well start here.
You would think I was sitting on Pins and Needles as I sat
next to the tub and put the right amount in. I actually hovered
that Squirming baby over the water with second thoughts but
I made it and she is fine and for the first time in a long time
Soft! Better yet, since she splashes like a fish the water ends
up all over her head and I swear her cradle cap looked better
with just that small amount of water flowing over it. I do have
to explain her cradle cap a little better for you guys would never
see it or know it is there but you know Moms, total inventory of
their children's parts and though it is just a little patch under a
tuft of hair it broke my heart to know it was there. The next bath
I used more and even used the water as rinse to remove the
shampoo and it really does work on this. I know this is not
a product made just for this purpose but if your bundle has it
like mine, try this soak, it worked wonders and I am now adding
it to every bath she has!

The other product they sent was the Belly Balm and one of
you are going to let me know how this works! I am not worried
for everything I tried ( and yes they sent lip balm!) was fantastic
and worked sooooooooooo good at making my skin and Rowan's
soft and moist and for me and my body wash, rejuvenated and
energized I know this stuff is going to be great but unfortunately
I would not be able to tell on my own belly for the damage is done!
To get your hands on this little gem just head over and visit Burt's
and then come back here and let me know what your favorite item
is. The contest will start today and run to Midnight on March 1st.USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Burt's Bee's

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Picture I used on cards
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