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Friday, January 29, 2010

Safety Tat Review and Giveaway!  

I know you guys have been checking out the new
safety link on the site? It is the best thing I feel I have
done with the blog. Yes the reviews save a lot of time
and hassle so you don't have to weed through the junk
to get to the good stuff and cuts your shopping time down
to an in and out trip or better yet all on-line. Yes, the give
aways are always a blast and I know a lot of you have
won some pretty cool things.I also know every once
in a while I find some pretty darn good deals and freebies
for you guys and any time you can save some cash is a
win, win in my book! All that stuff is wonderful and I enjoy
bringing it to you but the safety guide is what I am most
proud of. I have found some really great products I
am glad I have found for I really wish I had some of these
items when Andrew was little. Andrew was a little terror
and aside from that he was always getting into some
thing or another and did so many things to embarrass me
my cheeks are still red. One of the worst moments of
my life was when I lost him, TWICE! I will tell you one now
for this next review might have came in handy this time.
When Andrew was like 5 we were at a local mall and this
mall had a game room type place. Kind of like Jeepers or
Chuck E Cheese. A place where you could win tickets for
playing the games. We were killing time waiting for a movie
to start and Andrew had his heart set on one of the prizes
and we were still like 50 tickets short and he was running
out of tokens. The game he was playing was harder then
he thought it would be and half way through he asked me
to take over for the games had stopped being fun when
he realized he might not get enough tickets. He thought
since I was "Mommy" I could fair better. And I did. He was
standing next to me and I really started racking them up.
I had a knack for this game and took him from a low score
to a top score in minutes and was still cranking. Tickets
were pouring out. When I finished I ripped off the long row
of tickets and turned to tell him he not only had the prize
he wanted but most likely something else pretty good too
for I won a ton.


I started calling like a woman possessed, I was loud and
screaming his name and getting no answer. Blindly stumbling
for there is no other way to describe such panic and even
worse for this was the second time in Andrews life I had
lost him, I started running through the place, knocking into
people and screaming his name. I crawled through tunnels
and went everywhere, in the bath room, boys and girls and
ran screaming into the mall. All this yelling an nobody even
asked if I was okay. Now I am in tears for I lucked out the
first time I lost him and thought for sure fate was getting
even for me not learning a better lesson and ran back
into the game room and right past the game we were
playing. Then I backed up. On the back of the game there
was a bench and he was sitting there calmly waiting for
me. I scooped him up crying and demanding to know why
he didn't answer me and I was such a wreck in seconds
I had him in tears too. The place was so loud with bells
and whistles he didn't hear me and never even knew
I had been looking. Once again I skirted tragedy but
after that I read him the list of rules every time we went
anywhere and ended up with a child too terrified to leave my
side to he was 12 years old.

If I had Safety Tat then I might not have panicked so. I
might not have shaved at least 4 years off of my life and
I might not have put Andrew through the next 6 years of
being my shadow for his Mom was out of her mind with
the chance she might lose him again. Safety Tats is an
awesome little gadget that affords you peace of mind. All you
do is apply the little Tat to your lovey and BAM they have
your cell number on them, or Addy or any other info you
think would be appropriate if they should ever, heaven
forbid, get lost, even for a moment like I went through.
If you teach you child to go to an authority figure if they
ever can't find Mommy or Daddy they will be able to
find your information and call to let you know your child
is okay. I received for review the Quick Stick Safety Tats
that allow you to write right on the Tat so if you are out
at a theme park or any other social event you can jot down
the numbers of yourself and whomever is with you so
if Jr. gets lost they can call any of you for a safe, fast
return. The Quick stick are unique for they allow you to
use a marker that is specially made for the purpose and
you can write on the Tats that go right on your child. These
little guys are not going to go anywhere and you can rest
easy that you mini Me has all the needed information
to make sure you are together no matter what. Now this
would have changed my whole out look that day and there
is no way I can go back and time and give you a before and
after for that but if you guys want I am more then willing to
pack up my 16 year old and drive him to the middle of no-where
and drop him off and see if these help him find his way home?
Of coarse I am feeling a tad dyslexic right now since he has
not cleaned his room in weeks and I can't guarantee the
numbers will turn out right! All joking aside it truly is
better to be safe then sorry and though we all prey to never
have the need for such a product the truth is if you do have
the need and don't have the product you will never be able
to get back that time you are separated and I would give
anything to not have had experienced what I did with my
son ( whom I am now willing to lose!) all those years ago.

With Rowan I plan on taking every measure at my disposal
to make sure something like that is never repeated for
I really can't describe the fear I felt for you in a way you
can understand. I know there are those of you who think
you are too vigilante for this too ever happen and I feel
you, really I do, for I felt the same way. Andrew has ADHD
and was a very busy boy and I made the choice not to
medicate him and made the choice to spend a lot of
time with him and thought I had my eye on him at all times
and twice, in the blink of an eye, he was gone.Both times
I was fortunate to find him right away but if something had
happened or he wandered too far and I could not locate
him the heart break would have been life shattering. If only
to help you sleep a little more easy at night, Safety Tats
are a great item to have.

The come in all sorts of styles and all sorts of designs.
You can order them pre-printed so your number is already
on them and how hard is it to just toss a couple in you
purse so the next time you stop at a park and there is a
crowd you can pop one on? Field trips are confusing
and these are perfect there too, if only to help the parents
in charge keep track of your child and make sure they
have the right one. Let's face it, those "Hi, my name is"
stickers only last so long on a little child. They also have
Allergy Tats so if your child is not with you at a meal
the hosts can be alerted to what they can not eat. I know
I have told John 7 million times not to feed this to
Andrew or that to Rowan and he says he knows but the
minute I leave he is giving it to them anyways. I might
even put a permanent one on my kids just to remind him
for he is just not all there when it comes to common
sense and remembering what I tell him. Safety Tats will
make it though water, and make it through rain, make it
through spilled sodas and Cotton candy and drips
of ice cream. They are there to stay. The original last
1-5 days and the Quick stick will last up to two weeks.
That is two weeks and a piece of mind! A simple solution
to a parents greatest fear! I strongly urge you to grab some
for anytime you are going to be in a crowd. From a Mom
who has been there telling Mom's I want to see never know!
Safety Tat is going to award two of my readers of sample
pack of the Quick Stick Tats. These are the best ones
on the market and such a wonderful product. To enter just
head over to their site and take a look around them come
back here and post what you liked in a comment. The contest
will start tonight and run to Midnight on March 17th!
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Safety Tat

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post that you are. 3 entries,
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my Bebe Soleil and Pepper and Tanky contests!

Check out Safety Tat's in the Safety Guide!

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Picture I used on cards
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