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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bebe Soleil Review and Giveaway!  

Rowan has loved the outdoors from day one. Being
born in the Summer she got the added perk of being
able to take long walks in her stroller from the moment
she was home and by the end of the Summer and though
Fall she also rode in her carrier. By the time she was
2-3 months she wore a per-ma grin anytime you took her
out the front door. The stroller is the best for a long walk
for we can stash items she needs in it and the carrier's
bouncing up and down gets to her after a while. Even though
she is too young to stand up and tell us how much she
loved the walks you can still tell she does. The first clue
is the smile but even after that it is obvious, she has a blast
looking around and is more alert in that stroller rolling around
the streets then the whole rest of the day. She is like a
sponge taking in everything and still wants more. One
thing we noticed though is timing is everything. If we go
at the wrong time of the day she can get really fussy and
end up in tears. We thought it was because she was due for
a nap for the longest time but once we took her right after
a nap and she did it then too. For a baby that loves to
travel along to act like that had us really confused and it
was John who figured out why.
The Sun!
It was in her eyes and she couldn't stand it. I am sure because
it blinded her and she could not check out the scenery around
her and I know I hate it when the Sun is in my eyes but
never stopped to think it might bother a baby too. It sure
did and after that I felt like a bad Mom for not noticing it
before. Once we realized the culprit John and I were like
the Weather Channel Reporters when planning walk time.
TV on, Computer fixed to the Weather Bug as we tracked
down Sun Set and Sun Rise times for our area and mapped
out what direction the Sun would be in. I felt like a Pirate
making a treasure map,
"Okay John, walk 32 paces to such and such street then
turn left and go down to blocks to the big tree, hang a right
and a quick left and 42 more paces. That will keep you
ahead of the Sun."
John was cool drawing up a game plan everyday for he is
a guy and a blueprint of any kind is a big deal for them but I
found it a pain in the backside. Soon I was dreading the walks
all together and my last ditch effort got tossed on the curb,
literally, I was about ready to call it quits. Did you know
Sunglasses may look super cute on a little Baby but the
fact of the matter is looks do not provide comfort and
as fast as I put them on her she had them tossed over
the side even faster. I relinquished walk time to John
and just took the dog when I went and it about broke my
heart for a really enjoyed going with her for I love to walk
myself. The problem was with Rowan and the Sun thing
that walk became a chore for every 3 feet I would have
to stop and calm her down and tilt her this way or
that to try and stop the Sun from shinning right in her
eyes and driving her nuts. Our trips ended up being more
trouble then fun.

Last week I got a chance to review a super cool
gadget from Bebe Soleil that promised to put an end to all
that and though it is Winter here and cold for the most
part we have not had much snow ( knock on wood) here
and all I needed was a nice day over 40 to test it out. Well
Yesterday I got my chance and Rowan and I did not consult
the weather channel for the times the Sun sets or rises and
decided to risk it and just go! Wouldn't you know it, Sun
Sun Sun and I was waiting for Rowans tell tale "Ah, Ah,
Uhhhhhhh!" before the tears for I was walking right into the
direction it was shinning. Boy, it was a beautiful day though, I
so love a Winter day when it is not insanely cold and you can
enjoy it and the Sun is bright. Everything is crisp and fresh
and the air is so clean unlike hot muggy summer days. I went
a few blocks before I realized she had not made a peep so I
had to check. Little Baby was grinning ear to ear for not only
did the shade work like a charm it also acted as a wind barrier
and she got to really enjoy her trip without Sun nor Wind ruining
the effect of the day. Little Goof, I had to laugh when I saw her
grin. It has been a couple of months since we have taken a really
good walk and I forgot how much she enjoyed it. I must admit I
was even a little more worried to test the Bebe Soleil out
in the Winter and not because of the temperature but is it
just me or do things seem even brighter in the Winter?
Even without snow on the ground I tend to squint and hide
my eyes from the glare and I don't remember doing that in
the Summer. I was worried the added brightness would make
it even worse on the little Baby Baby and if the shade did not
work she would be stuck in the middle of a long walk and have
to be uncomfortable all the way home. Boy was I worried for
nothing! It even seems silly now for she had the best time

Bebe Soleil is not only a perfect fix to those Sun glare blues
it is also really easy to use. No tools, no take 90% of the
Stroller apart like you do a bike seat, just a couple of magnets
clip it on and you can be up in running in less then a minute.
That really rocked for we have more then one strollar and
like to fold up everything and put it away after and this
puppy in on and off in a snap and can go anywhere. I even
caught John trying to see if it would work in the truck for
the Sun bugs her there as well and since she rides in the
front in his truck she is really exposed to the full winshield.
Yes, his Jerry Rigging was cute but I told him it was also
against the law and he couldn't keep it there and would just
have to take the car. The Bebe Soleil also offers UV protection
and that is a growing concern for I know I was a Sun baby but
with my fair skin I got lucky to not end up with some real
damage and I have avoided the Sun like the plauge ever
since the big hoople about skin ailments and the Sun. Rowan
has my skin tone and I think its better to not spin the
Roulette Wheel on her future, safe is better then sorry. I am
sorry, I just have to tell you guys one more time how easy
this thing was to use. After Christmas and the hours and
hours I spent with tools building one toy after another I don't
think I could have handled one mor second of reading pages
of instructions and pulling my hair out with any type of
installation manual and this was too easy. So easy, in
fact I was waiting for the catch! There was none! Simple,
Easy, Works like a charm and I love it and Baby loves it
too! Nothing could be better!

Well almost nothing, Bebe Soleil is going to give one to
reader of mine too! That is better! To enter just head over to
thier site and take a look around them come back here
and post what you have leaned in a comment. The contest will
start tonight then end on Midnight of March 6th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Bebe Soleil

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post that you are. 3 entries,
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Hey there, while you are here don't forget to enter
my Zehn Naturals or Easy Lunch Bunch Systems Contest!

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Picture I used on cards
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