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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bersica Futurewear Review and Giveaway  

Oh how I detest laundry and the many loads I do.
Up and down the stairs, dang I forgot the softener again.
Will this stain ever come out? How many times must I
wash Rowans clothes a day? Um, just what is that stain
on my teenage sons clothes? ( I have given up on his items
and he now washes his own) and how is it that John can
produce as much Laundry as the kids and still look like
he is wearing the same outfit all the time? Rowan is the
worst offender though by far ( If I knew what Andrew washed
he might be, but fear prevents me from looking) and I change
this child at least 5 times a day if not more. Add in the burp
clothes, wash clothes and everything else I use to clean her
up during the day and you will find 2 to 3 loads are hers alone.
How does this darling bundle accumulate this
much laundry every day? Drool is number one, spills are
number two and meal time number three on the list of reasons
to change Miss Messy Butt. For drooling this girl is a faucet. I
keep waiting for some teeth to spring up but after 3 months
of drooling there are still no pearly whites in sight. At least with
some teeth in that always open mouth there might be some sort
of damming going on that slows down the drool for as it stands
it is 4 PM right now and I have changed her outfit 4 times. All
because of drool. Once because of lunch. I know you guys are
saying put a bib on that baby and I do! But a bib can only absorb
so much fluid before it too needs to be rang out and washed.
Yes, she drools that much. If there is a water shortage this
Summer Rowan could water my Garden and yours! Um, plus
the rest of the neighborhoods. She soaks through her bib, her
Outfit and her Onesie over and over again. Bech!
Next is her eating habits, cute at first, now it is a
hazardous waste exhibit. This girl hits her nose, her eyes and
her ears and insists on feeding herself as often as she can.
Her shirt looks like Picasso went to town and the only place
Rowan does not hit with her "Gerber Art" is her mouth! This
leaves all these beautiful clothes I buy her looking like a
Rochat test and ruined. When Bersica Futurewear asked if
I would like to do a review I said sure, then read all about them.
Water rolls off, Sure! Stain Resistant, ah ha, sure it is, maybe
a water stain. Now the no chemicals and environmentally Friendly
I could believe, so is lots of stuff now a days. Protects from
UV rays, now that is pretty cool but I can't shake the crazy claim
of water rolling right off. I am also liking the high quality and
durability for you know me and the Michelle Test, stuff has
got to last or to the Moon Alice! Well I agreed to do the test
but really didn't hold out much hope for the Water rolling off
or even the stain resistant part. Pleazzzzzzzzzz. I have heard
more imagination when my son explains why he didn't clean

up his room.

When I got the review item I opened it up and was
pretty darn happy it was pink and cute. Now it might end
up covered in Rowan drool but at least she will look adorable
doing it. The pants fit really good too. I so hate how baby pants
are either too too big or look like she is ready ahead of time
for the tidal wave of drool that is going to run down her front.
These fit just like pants I would buy would fit me, of coarse her
bootie is cuter! I grabbed a T-shirt and left off the bib for I
wanted to see the drool roll down faster and not fill the
Bib to its absorbent maximum first. With in minutes the shirt
was soaked so I thought here comes the show so I might as
well make it really fun and feed the baby some lunch too!
(ahahahahaha) I will show you some stains that resist! (ah ah
ahahahaha) Rowan had some bright orange Carrots and
her new favorite Blueberry dessert. I was pretty sure those
would show up nicely on the pink pants and was also just as
sure they would stay there for they have on the last three
things she has worn when she ate the Blueberry concoction.
Rowan loved her lunch and was so kind she helped me out
by feeding herself. A little for her, a little for the pooch, a
little for the floor, a little for, JOHN, can you take this bite
for me? Well the end result was a typical Rowan result
and she was a soaking wet, drool covered mess with Blueberry's
and Carrots all over everything and I had to give the heavy sigh
before I lifted her out of the chair for here goes the Super mess
and the tedious task of not only cleaning her but the chair,
the floor, the dog and changing her clothes. I got her out and
just stripped off the shirt for they were so soaked
she looked like she was in a mini me wet t-shirt contest.
I went to grab the pants but they really didn't look as soaked.
I mean they were covered in Blueberry's and Carrots but
the parts I did dare to touch were in no way soaked through
and in fact they just felt damp. I was pretty shocked for it
was easy to see the wetness was on the surface but that was
about it. I took them off anyway to get a better look. Chunks
of food, hum, Baby Wipe, NOW I was impressed. None of
the Baby food soaked into the material and was pretty much
laying on top and allowed me to simply take a baby wipe
and wipe it all gone. A few minutes later even the dampness
from the wipe had worn away and the material felt dry. I
have to say I was dumbfounded and could not believe it.
No way in a million years did I think this could really have
worked. Even more so with Rowan for she could flood the

Bersica Futurewear offers a selection of children's
clothing, all with their high performance material that
combines comfort, functionality, and technology. Everything
they make is geared towards children, their fashion, their
needs and though kids get to wear it the parents get the
perks. Not only will your kids stay clean you save detergent
because of it and since you air dry their items you are saving
energy too! I don't think I could ask for anything more. Their
clothing is also environmentally friendly and the are an
innovator in Nanotechnology. They are also extremely active
in environmental protection and truly are a product of the
future. The fact they can stand up to Rowan says it all!

Bersica Futurewear is going to show one of my readers how
great they are too! One lucky reader is going to win their pick
of either a pair of pants or a shirt for their child in their size
from Bersica Futurewear. To enter just head over to the site and
sign up for the Newsletter then come back here and post that
you have in a comment. The contest will start today and end
at Midnight on March 3rd.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Bersica Futurewear

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Picture I used on cards
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