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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pipila Pacifier Sanitizer Review  

You guys know I spent the last few weeks nursing Rowan
back to health from her cold. It kills a parent to see their
little ones suffer and I have a Sanitizing spray I use
all over the place but there are still so many places she can
pick up germs. How many times does she drop something
on the ground every day and put it right back in her mouth.
Now I am sure I did it when I was a child but the one that
really makes me cringe is the lick for her, taste for dogie,
then back in her mouth. Ewwe! I try to keep everything clean
but how do you know when something is clean enough and
is hot or boiling water alone enough to sanitize something and
kill the germs? I am scared to death to use bleach on her
bottle nipples and pacifiers so what is a Mom to do?

Well I found a neat little Gadgets that alleviates at least
some of my worries. Pipila helped ease my fears with my
little baby's pacifier. Pacies and Binky's or whatever
cutesy name you call it in your house, are one of the hot
spots for germs since it is always in and out of their mouth
and who knows where else she puts it when I am not looking.
Even worse for Rowan is she is not hooked on it and only
wants them once in a while but when she does, she wants it
NOW. After sitting so long it freaks me out to just give it
to her so I rush around and try to sanitize it and by the time I
am done she is 4 shades of red from screaming and the most
unhappy little girl you have ever seen! With this gadget I just
rinse off her Pacie when she is done with it, dry it for a second
and pop it in there and Presto no more Germo! Better yet
I can leave it in there for it has a lid and the next time Rowan
has a NOW! moment I can grab it and feel secure for I know not
only was it cleaned it was left covered and safe and ready to

The Pipila Pacifier Sanitizer is also a portable one
you can toss in your diaper bag so no matter where ever you
are you will have it. I can't count how many times we were out
somewhere where I had no access to water and she freaked for
it and the only thing I could do was to pop it in my mouth to
make sure there is no dirt on it before I give it to her then I
spend the rest of the time stressing I gave her my germs. With
this I can pop it in my mouth, then pop it in there when there is
no water and at least my germs won't be an issue. Clean water
is always best but you know how creative a Mom can be when
faced with crying baby dilemma! I took a peek at their web site
and from there I learned some of the benefits are:

Eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful germs.

Pacifier nipple shape is not changed by the sterilization process.

Portable, compact type; convenient and easy to use. e.g. shopping, visiting or traveling.
Allows parents to sterilize Pacifiers anywhere, anytime securely.
Safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly.

Accommodates all standard pacifiers.
Sterilization is complete in 6 minutes!

Operates with only 2 x AAA (1.5V) batteries.

and like I told ya a few seconds ago it is just a handy place
to keep your babys pacifier when on the go too! I know I feel
better with it for using a patented UV/O3 (ozone) lamp,
PipilaTM functions to kill up to 99.9% of germs residing
on the pacifier. That is just so important to keep baby safe
with everyhing going around today. Even more so when you
factor in that babies under 6 months can't get the H1N1
vacination and I don't know about you guys but that has
been a huge fear of mine since all this madness started
last year. I have calmed down a little but for a while I
was checking the CDC's web site for outbreak information
every single day. With this I can breath so much better and
not through a mask either. Poor baby was dressed in full
body armor for I couldn't afford the protective bubble to
cart her around in and now I don't need it for with this
Puppy and common sense she is so much safer! Last
of all I was wondering how much juice this thing would
take for its important task and how many batteries I
would be going through just for the convienance of
having a portable model and I was pretty impressed. Over
the last few days I went to town turning that thing on and
must have ran it at least 100 times before I grew board
with my little experiment and it is still going strong, more
then I can say for Rowans little projection light who's
Batteries I have to change so much I went out and bought
recharable batteries for it before I lost my mind and my
bank account balance. My finial word on the Pipila
Pacifier Sanatizer is it is a must have during cold and
flu season and pretty darn important to have the rest of
the year too!

Pipila Pacifier Sanitizer

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