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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bibs for Dummies Review and Giveaway!  

Rowan has a tooth! Yes, she sprung her first one
about 10 days ago and is already pushing up the next
Daisy. I have been waiting for what seems like forever
to see these pearly whites! ( Oh, gosh, I said the
P word again and I am trying to kick the pearl obsession!)
Any who, it isn't that I am thrilled to see the teeth, this
isn't my first time at the Rodeo and I have seen baby
teeth before. Her first tooth is a big moment and I
am excited but what gets my panties in an even bigger
bunch is the fact this signifies the end of her drooling
like a spigot! I have grown weary of changing little
Babies clothes time after time again through the
coarse of the whole day. Even her Bibs, over and over
again for she soaks through items like they are made
out of tissue. That little 18 pound girl produces more
fluid a day then 10 grown men take and and put out
combined. I have no clue where it all comes from!
Finding Bibs that I like have become a hunt all on
their own.

The other issue I have is now that she has those
little teethys in the front she is all over food! That little
girl has her Daddy's personality to a T and is the most
stubborn thing in the word and insists on feeding herself.
She makes a mess larger then the guys who played
the Mud Football game every summer at our cottage.
If it wasn't for the fact most of what she eats is brightly
colored I may never see the fact she files some away
for later in odd spots like her ear or her nose. Her clothes?
Forget about it, these are stained beyond help! I always
see cute little baby outfits at Garage sales and used to buy them
like a mad woman. In fact I have bought clothes period
for Rowan like a mad woman and now it just about
brings me to tears when I realize I will never be able
to offer her own clothes up at a garage sale for one
time on her and they are toast! Or Apple sauce, or
Peaches, or Blueberry something or other or whatever
else she ate that day! Gone and ruined, that is her Motto!
The last issue I have had in the few weeks before this
post is with teething comes teething toys and rings
and she has them everywhere. I swear I bought like
20 of those when she first whimpered at her sore little
gums and now when she is in an all and all out scream
fest for those little teeth are hurting her I can never find
one. She flings those things like an Olympian Disc
thrower and they are all over the house. If I could just
glue her little fingers to one and have it stay there to
she is a year and a half or so things might not be so
crazy here. Every time I vacuum and move something,
wow, look 14 teething rings!
So the problems I have are her drooling like a spigot,
keeping her clothes clean with a bib that doesn't fall off
or soak through in 10 seconds and keeping her from
loosing everything! They all seem like little things but
when you add them all together it is enough to drive you

As I was flipping through my favorite Etsy sites
and category's I came across a new place that caught
my eye. Bibs for Dummies! No it is not a book that details
the step by step process on how to tie a bib on baby but
rather the other obvious choice. They sell bibs and really,
you don't have to be a dummies to get a lot of use out of
them either. Her bibs are pretty much everything I have
been missing in a bib and could never find all in one place
before. I could find bibs that were pull over and Rowan
couldn't get them off but those were always real thin or
really cheaply made and after a couple of uses, BAM, they
would fall apart. I have found Bibs that were thick and
absorbent before but that also meant they were heavy and
sometimes even came untied or unvelcro'd before Rowan
even yanked on them due to the weight. Now I have to
admit I have never found a bib with the strap for teething
rings on it before and I can't believe someone never made
one of those for what a No-Brainer when it comes to

Bib for Dummies takes a product we all need and
turns it into a stylish, super functional and perfect for
those busy Mom's who don't have the time to not only
change Baby every ten minutes but look for lost teething
rings, toys and pacifiers. They also are a pull over Bib that
makes it imposable for most babies to get off. I have
to say most, for there is always one in every bunch that can
defy all odds. They come in a bunch of different styles so
not matter what your personal one is they have something
you will love. I picked a Beetles theme for review and I just
loved this Bib. I have one or two other pull over bibs and
I just love them! I hate the Velcro bibs and for with my hair,
the dogs hair and everything else that gets stuck in the Velcro
they never work for very long. The ties are too hard to get
a knot that Rowan can't undo or I CAN undo when she is
done and snaps are about the only one I can live with.
Whenever I see a pull over I grab it for they really are the
Bomb but nobody makes them anymore. I had plans on going
through my old towels this week to find ones I can handle
kissing goodbye and just attempting to make my own so I
am super excited I found Bibs for Dummies because now
I don't have too! For a Pull Over all you do it slip it over babies
head and it will stay there to you slip it off! Her Bibs are also
super thick and absorbent so baby stays dry. They are double
layered so even Rowan and her drool factory is no match
and I love the fact that she stays dry for the entire time I
have the bib on her. Around the house I have just been
leaving it on for it makes life so much more easy. Now
the part I liked the best was the ribbon that is sewn right
onto the bib for attaching a toy, teething ring or pacifier
so baby can not play a game of dropsy or practice her
long throw skills. Her Teething rings are going to stay
right on the Bib that is going to stay right where I put
it. Now if I could get baby to stay right where I put her!
Bibs for Dummies has several designs for little
girls and little boys and ones that can go either way. I
love the hip, chic fashions and when I put them through
the Michelle Test for Quality ( I should trademark that!)
they passed with flying colors for they held up like a
champ. The flew through repeated washing and best
of all Rowan who is the ultimate tester for any product,
in fact she is so hard on items I feel like I should send
her off to a clothing company to be inspector 1.7 months
for they need her to check their goods out before they
even leave the factory! Bibs for Dummies stood up to
little miss thing and came back for more. I have to say
I think I have stumbled across the perfect bib and it
just doesn't get much better then this. Perfect Style,
Perfect Quality, Perfect bonus in the attached Toy or
Teething ring holder. Just perfect! Two thumbs up for
Bibs for Dummies!

I have an extra one here for one of you guys too! It
is the Dick and Jane Rectangles and to win it just head
over to the web site and take a look around then come
back here and post your favorite Bib or what you liked
best in a comment. The contest will start tonight and
run to midnight o March 20th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Bibs for Dummies

Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contest. I entry
per contest, separate post for each entry.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
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4. Blog about this contest somewhere else
and post the link here. 5 Entries Please
post five times.

Hey there, while you are here don't forget to enter
my Snow Stoppers and Lyons Creation Contests!

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Picture I used on cards
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