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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Batter Blaster Review and Giveaway!  

Perfect Mom's make Pancakes everyday for
breakfast with smiley faces made with Bacon mouths
and Strawberry eyes. Real Mom's make Pancakes once
in a blue moon and they end up looking like a glob of
something or other and instead of one of those neat
little stacks you see on a IHOP commercial you get a
leaning tower of something! I have never had uniformed
pancakes pretty up my plate and to be brutally honest with
you most of mine end up burned for I am in such a rush I
always crank up the heat thinking faster is better. Ask
Andrew who turns his nose up and walks away just about
every single time. Even more humiliating for a Mom is we
got a Griddle for Christmas from my Mother and my son will
not let me touch it because of my Pancake history. Now I
will admit his taste better and are not burned but they
are still 4,682 different sizes and he is far from perfect
stack quality. It is just to hard to measure the right amount
of batter and even if you use a cup some gets stuck and
all of it never hits the griddle. Most ends up on the inside of
the cup or spoon and that last pancake ends up looking like,
well, I am polite and will not say! Even though the griddle
cooks them all evenly it can't perform the magic of making
them all look the same size. Last time I made pancakes for
Andrew I went to the store and bought those ones in the
box you microwave and are all ready made and planned to
pass them off as mine. Andrew walked in, took a look.
"Nice try Mom, McDonald's?" and walked out.
So I checked out Batter Blaster. I just heard about these
guys and was really eager to try. What they are is pancakes
in a can like Cheese Wiz. Now I have tried the ready made
pancake mix in the plastic thing you just shake and pour,
in fact I think that is what they are called, but the problem
there is just like me making the mix myself, every time you
put it in the pan or grill it is a different amount for you still
have to measure what you pour. With Batter Blaster it was
a snap for I just counted the seconds I used the mix the first
time and recounted every time. With the can it came out the
same every single time and nothing was left stuck to the spoon

or measuring cup so each and every time you used the same
amount. What does that mean?
Each and every time you have the same size, and shape
pancakes, that what it means.
You can make a perfect stack, that's what it means!
My pancakes can now look better then the ones my
16 year old son look like, that's what it means!
I am a PANCAKE Goddess! That is what is means!
Okay, my reasons are petty and trite and not the real
reasons why Pancake Blaster came up with this spectacular
product to begin with but I can't help it. I went to Culinary
School, I ran Kitchens and Dining rooms of some very nice
restaurants for many years and here I was being Punked on
Pancakes by my son!
It is a nasty thing!
Batter Blaster really came about because they know in
today's crazy old faster then fast world many people do not

take the time to make or eat breakfast. We all know it is the
most important meal of the day but somehow it is easy to
rationalize that a Pop Tart or Donut on the way out the
door is enough to keep our kids to lunch and for ourselves
we settle for even worse, a cup of coffee. No wonder why
everyone walks around tired all the time. Batter Blaster
decided to make a hassle free, so simple you look stupid
if you don't do it, method for giving you and your children
a hot delicious breakfast faster then you can shake a tail
feather with little clean up and a perfect pancake. How
can you beat that? Why would you settle for 3 hour in the
hot box Micky D's when you can have hot and fresh home
made pancakes in minutes in your own home? Did I mention
they look great and your children will no longer be giggling at
you behind your back or making those stupid Frisbee jokes!
Not funny Andrew!
Batter Blaster is not only a snap to use, no mess, no worry, it
is also Organic and darn good for you. At 80 Calories a serving
even I will sit down and have a serving. ( Ahem, or two) On their
website they also have tons if recipe ideas and even if you
are not interested in anything other then straight up Flap
Jacks do me a favor and check out the site. The Jingle had
me in tears! I was reminded of going to the drive in when I
was a child and the little dancing Pop corn box and 1950.
I thought Richie Cunningham was going to jump out and tell
me about the product and it was such a cute, novel Jingle
had I heard it before I knew about the product I would have
wanted it just for that. I too have dreams of being Donna Reed!

Better shoes of coarse!
Now fast forward to breakfast this morning. I got up, fed
the Baby and spun her high chair around so we could cook some
breakfast. I tossed some sausage in the pan for I thought it
would be nice for once have some hot sausage and Pancakes
at the same time. With the new griddle I get to do all that, YEAH.
I grabbed the can of Batter Blaster I had hidden so the boys
would not see it and Rowan and I went to town. I say Rowan for
it is no joke, if it were not for the fact we are using a hot griddle
Rowan very well could help for it is that easy. What I came out with
was a super stack of PERFECTLY shaped pancakes and
they were in a stack that did not sag, did not lean, and looked
like IHOP. I ate mine all up and when the next batch were about
done called for the boys who came trudging into the room.
Andrew blinked and looked at the plate I had set out for him.
"Mickey D's Mom?"
"Nope, nope and nope!"
He flipped one over. "Where did you hide the box for the
Aunt Jemima?"
"No Box!"
"No, way. You lie!"
"Yes, my child. Your Mother made pancakes and did them
all by herself on the griddle."
"Where are all the ones that look like feet and the burned ones?
You didn't ruin the griddle did you?"
"No Andrew, they all turned out like this!"
John knew better then to speak and just dug in. Andrew
sat stunned.When John finished he cleaned his plate and
started to walk away.
"John, did they taste...........................Normal?"
"I think they were very good Andy, almost like your Mom,"
John looked at me then looked down fast, "They were very
good!" He muttered on his hasty retreat.
Andrew got the nerve to try them and I let him eat the whole
PERFECT stack before I told him of Batter Blaster. He
spent the next hour letting me know he knew I had to have had
some sort of help but that little tid bit of info did not change the
fact he claimed the can and had Pancakes for Lunch and Dinner
too .Not only did he have a blast making them they really are that
good! Batter Blaster has found a home here and you guys
will love it too!
Want to try it? The good folks over at Batter Blaster
want you too try it as well. They are giving one of my readers
a chance to win 3 VIP product coupons and a Batter Blaster
T-shirt to let everyone know you make some Perfect Pancakes!
To enter just check out the site, and laugh at the jingle then
come back here and post what you have learned in a comment.
The contest will start today and run to Midnight on March 2nd!
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Batter Blaster

Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contest. I entry
per contest, separate post for each entry.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
5 times.

4. Blog about this contest somewhere else
and post the link here. 5 Entries Please
post five times.

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my Alli's Originals and Zehn Naturals contests!

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Picture I used on cards
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