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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Skoy Cloth Review and Giveaway  

~Skoy Cloth ~Review and Giveaway

I go throw a lot of paper towels around here. I am
pretty sure I use a forest for just my house every year
and not only do I feel bad for the tree's it also costs an
arm and a leg. I even have a large stack of old towels that
I use to help wipe up big messes and still go through a
ton of paper towels. Where ever children are a mess
is sure to follow and sometimes, well at least in my case, the
bigger the child the bigger the mess. Andrew is King Mess maker.
The boy has some sort of defect where he can't go through one
whole day without breaking or spilling something and he has
always been that way. He has done it so much he even has an
automated response built in. When he is sitting in the living
room watching TV and knocks over yet another cup he won't even
look up and just says "Water, don't flip out!" and goes back to
his show. Somehow the boy has got it in his head water never
has to be wiped up and if I am not looking nothing really needs
to be wiped up. Oh, wait, there is also the other classic response
of grabbing some paper towel and just setting it on top of the
spill. When I lose it, and often do when I have to bear witness to
such acts, his explanation is he is letting it soak up. My
explanation is he is lazy!

Besides Andrew I have the normal gauntlet of daily clean-ups.
The leaky Coffee pot, the counters, ( I am the only one who seems
to wipe these down) the table and all the water spots around the
house where Andy has left yet another glass. You guys remember
the movie Signs where the little girl leaves glasses everywhere?
They got that from my son and I have the water marks to prove it.
Then let's not forget the housecleaning. A paper towel for the
mirrors, a bunch for the windows and the list goes on. Don't
forget dusting. The point is the amount is truly staggering when
all is said and done and have you priced paper towels lately?
I want to know what kind of super absorbency paper towel is
worth $3.99 a roll. I swear it wasn't that long ago I could get two
for a buck. Ouch.

When Skoy offered to let me do a review I jumped on it for
I had been paying close attention to some of these Super Towels
you see on TV and was dieing to test one out. Skoy was discovered
by a couple of fed up Mom's like me who were not only tired or
spending an arm and a leg on paper towels they were also trying
to do their part to help keep our landfills less full. One of the
Ladies discovered it in Europe and brought it back here and
thank the stars she did. One Skoy cloth is the same as 15 rolls
of Paper Towel and can be reused over and over. It is 100%
bio-degradable and you can use it in place of a wash cloth,
paper towel or a sponge but works even better then all three.
You can even kill any lingering germs on this puppy by tossing
it in the microwave oven. It dries fast and lasts months. This
is so needed at my house. When it came in the mail I got a
kick out of the little flower on it and LOVED the fact it was not
wrapped in plastic. To keep the pack together they wrap it
with a little bio-degradable tie. I want to say Hemp tie but
it doesn't say for the tie isn't supposed to be an actual selling
point but that's what it has the feel of and I thought it made the
product look super cute and these would make a great item to
toss into a housewarming basket. I know I am supposed to
be testing the product and not how it looks so I got over that and
moved on. Rowan helped me with this review, isn't she a sweet
little helper? She is already doing her part by dumping her sippy
cup all over her highchair tray right as I was opening the package.
That is a job that would normally take a slew of Paper Towels and
even I wouldn't use that many on a clean up and normally would
have grabbed a dish towel for it was just too much. The fun part
about using a dish towel to clean up big spills is you get to two
finger it all the way to the washing machine for it is always soaked
and normally pretty gross to start with in my house for it makes
me nauseousus to think what else Andy has wiped up with them.
Sludge from the bottom of the fridge, Dog messes, who knows
but I toss them in the wash every day for I just don't trust him to
get rid of ones that might have been somewhere they were not
meant to be. I grabbed the towel for the mess but thought I would
give Skoy a shot. I really didn't think it would get it all for the sippy
cup had been full and now the Highchair tray was. This was what?
Two cups of fluid and the Skoy is just a little 7x7 piece of cloth.
I know for a fact I would have most likely needed two dish towels
to clean it, one to soak up the mess the next to dry the tray for
a lot would be left behind. Towel, Skoy, Towel, Skoy, ah, what the
heck I went for it. To my complete surprise the Skoy soaked up
the whole mess so well if it wasn't for the fact it was juice and
would be sticky I would have let it air dry the rest of the way and
it would have dried fast too for it was just a trace or should a say
a damp feel for not even one drop of moisture was left. I got
a little crazy here and went to the sink and rinsed it out with hot
water and squeezed it dry and went back to wipe up the sticky.
Now that I couldn't do with Paper Towels no matter how good
they say they are. To get the same effect with a sponge I would have
had to bring a bucket to the chair maybe four or five times
ringing it out in the bucket to get the whole spill then back to
the sink to rinse and then back to the chair to wipe again, then
once more ring out in the bucket and one more wipe to dry
again. Lots off hassel. Skoy cloth? Soak up, ring out, rinse out,
dry, done! I like this! This is something I can get used to real
fast! I was already adding up all the cash I will save on Paper
Towels when it dawned on me how many Baby Wipes I use to
clean Rowan's face and hands and how easy it would be to
use these instead. Now I am adding up even more cash!
Cash is good!
Skoy is Great!
I have to say if this is the kind of Material that Shamwow guy
was screaming about in the infomercial I now know why he
has crazy eyes, he is super geeked at how well it works!
Skoy is going to let you guys in on the secrete to and give
one of my readers 2 four packs of Skoy Cloths and that
is going to last you a while. Think 30 rolls of paper towels!
To enter just head over to their site and check it out then
come back here and post something you have learned in
a comment. The contest will start tonight and run to Febuary
17th at mightnight.USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Skoy Cloth

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Picture I used on cards
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