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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Jan 24th!  

Date: 01/24/2010
Stress Level: mild
New Grey hairs added: 4
Ah such a Crazy weekend. On one hand things have
been fun with Rowan for she is really starting to come
alive now with her personality. Let me tell you she is
a goof! One of the happiest little babies out there
but also a huge drama queen when she is not getting
her way. I love watching little kids learn new tricks
and she is learning them like mad. Her thing right
now is shaking her head back and forth like a mad
woman. She is also pretty fond of smacking her lips
and just loves to give kisses. I feel like a Ghost
Busters employee after who was just slimed. She
also is getting a tad bit clingy and developing a little
separation anxiety. Not too bad but we need to get
her around more people. She spends so much time
with John and I for me always and home and him
being laid off she gets 24-7 attention and know
how to work it..
We have two remotes to the TV in the living room
and I came down stairs yesterday and there is Rowan
with both controls blindly flipping through channels and
John with none. I am not sure where the second one
came from but it has come in handy lately since Rowan
is at the age where she wants whatever we have so what
we have been doing is when she wants the remote, we give
her one and still have control over the TV with the other.
Well, at least that is what I was doing, John on the other
hand can't say no to her so when he uses the other
and she sees it there that one goes too. So I walk down
the stairs and see she has both, there is John just sitting
there. She not only had the controls, she had his cross
word puzzle and anything else he picked up she ended
up with so he just gave up and sat there, silent, letting
her win. See what I mean? I may not like to hear her
cry but I am not that big of a pushover. He is going to
have some problems later let me tell you!
The other crazy thing we have going on right now
is Boo is in heat, or pre-heat or whatever you call it.
We were going to breed her once so she could have
a friend before Rowan came. Boo loves people but hates
other animals and we thought if it were her puppy she
might get along with it. Well there are not really any
breeders close that have a wired haired Jack Russel
so we kept putting it off and now it seems she is all
buddy buddy with Rowan and the point is kind of mute
but we have not had her fixed yet. So we get to suffer
through her going through heat. She is crazy! She claims
everything that strikes her Fancy and makes it her baby
for about 2 weeks before she goes into heat every time.
This is the first time since Rowan is here and she has claimed
all Rowans Toys. Not too bad for Rowan has a lot and
doesn't mind but the toys she has claimed are not
easy ones for her. She picked a V-Tech Book that must
weight 3 pounds and Boo weighs 12 so it is a miracle
she can pick this thing up, not alone the fact she drags
it up and down the stairs. She has also claimed Rowan's
night lite and that is not only as heavy as the book it is
even more awkward and bigger and the same thing. She
was snuggling up to Rowan the first day and I had to
make it pretty clear Rowan had a Mommy and she
should stick to plastic for I do not want to see her try
to bury Rowan under a pillow and sit on her to keep her
She is also quirky during this time too and sits
there and growls all day. She would never hurt anyone
and it really isn't at us she just growls. I don't know,
at a shadow, the wind, sounds on the TV, who knows
but the really funny part there is she doesn't growl
at Rowan even if Rowan takes one of her Babies back
to play with. If I pick one up she is jumping like
a nut trying to get it but Rowan can do whatever she
wants and Boo is okay with it. Crazy dog.
The last thing going on is Reviews reviews reviews.
I am still behind by at least 30 but catching up fast now.
I was 60 behind at the max but have been making up
for lost time. What happened was a lot of people I had
spoken with before the Holidays said they wanted a
Review but I never heard from them and didn't want to
be a pest. Then Bam, it was like they all remembered at
the same time and one day 25 review items showed up
all at once. I had about a dozen boxes via mail and the
rest UPS and FedEx. Once Michelle is all caught
up she will be taking a break!
Well Guys I am off to get some sleep!

Moral of the Day: Even plastic Baby's need
Love according to Boo!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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