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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vat 19 product review  

Valentine's Day is weeks away and I am going
nuts trying to find the perfect thing for each of my sweet
hearts! I swear it is enough to drive you mad. I just want
to sit down and relax with a nice glass of wine and forget
the whole thing! With that in mind I returned to my search
of gift ideas and how to make the occasion special for
John and I and map out the perfect night. I pretty much
have my list together of gift ideas but I am now looking
for ways to finish the feel of the day. You guys know
what I am talking about, decorations, candles, romantic
music and the perfect table setting. While I was looking
for those special perks I stumbled on Vat 19 and some of
the unique and interesting items they have there. I started
out looking at their candles for they have some really neat
ones and a few that are just plain adorable but ended up
fixating on this wine glass they had! I really really wanted
a chance to relax and have a glass of wine.

During my years on the work force I started out
as a Kitchen Manager due to my skills but years later I
switched to a Beverage Manager. What that is in the
Sit down dining restaurant world is the person who not
only runs the dining room but the bar and who's job it is
to stay current on new liquor's and more importantly wines
since I worked at high end locations. It was my job to know
what wine went with what, keep an eye on new products
and figure out what would be hot or not and order accordingly.
I also had to teach my staff the ins and outs for nobody wants
to pay 60 bucks for a bottle and have a server mess it up or
recommend the wrong thing. It was stressful but I enjoyed it
and with my various dealings with Vineyards I learned a lot
and came to appreciate and love really good wine and have a
large collection. Now John is a beer guy but beer is the least
romantic thing there is and on special events he will have a
bottle of wine with me. Or I will have a bottle and he can watch!
I know it is supposed to be okay to have a glass here and there
when you are pregnant and wine is REALLY good for your
health when drank in moderation but I had enough concerns
with my pregnancy to take a chance and it has been well over
a year since I have enjoyed any kind of beverage that was
not juice, soda or coffee and tea. For Valentines day I plan
of remedying that mis-hap and this is a glass I can get
accustomed to. A typical bottle of wine holds 3 or so glasses
of wine, this glass holds a whole bottle! Now that is a glass of
wine! I could get my favorite red and John could have some
of his starter wine and not worry the effect is being wasted
on him due to the fact he has no taste! Plus it is just so cute!

Now I don't recommend taking this glass to a party
where you might be driving later for I also taught alcohol
awareness classes but if you are tucked in for the night
with your sweetheart or even with some friends in you own
home this is the perfect thing to have. No more getting up
for refills and you can settle in and relax and let the mood
carry you away! You also don't have to have it filled to the
top but hey, if the wine is good! This is such a perfect gift
for any wine lover or even any stressed out parent I can't
begin to tell you how tickled I would be to have it! I plan
on setting this on the table for our romantic dinner at
home and with some candles I found at Vat 19 and some
soft Music, yes we have a song, and good food and start
the night right. I might even bribe my mother with a glass
and a bottle of her own to keep Rowan for the night, ship
Andrew to his dad's and make sure we are not disturbed
for after being pregnant, the baby being little and a year
of no time for ourselves we so deserve this and I know I
am not alone for any parent aches for some time with their

Vat 19 has loads of gift ideas and A big glass is just
the tip of the ice berg. They even have Ambient DVDs for
your TV so you can take your living room and transform it
to a spring picnic or a beach or sit in front of some roaring
flames for your Valentines Day Date even if it is at home.
For those celebrating else where they have some really great
whimsical ideas for gifts on the go. How about a vase outline
to add to your table out at a restaurant for your own personal
touch? They also have great gifts for everyone on your list.
The Name a Star gift box is perfect for a lover or a friend or
even your kids so they can remember the day forever. Have
a book worm on your list? The Custom classics will take

their library and customizes it all their own. They get a
kit to fill out some info on what they want the Key Characters
to be called and it comes back to them all filled in with their
special touches. My son would do Frankenstein with me as
the Bride I am sure! Rowan, poor thing, Egor! One of the
items I like best and plan on grabbing for John is the Lil
Devinchi Art box. I love this to death! It looks like a picture frame
to showcase your little darlings works of arts but it is also for
storage and you can save up to 50 pieces of their art in it
so not only do you highlight their latest work but will have it
forever. I am telling you guys, you need an idea for Mom, this
is it! A great way to save the whole family's masterpieces. I would

love like 10 of them and then I could have them around the
house and never lose something one of my kids makes for me
again. There is something for every taste at Vat 19 and not
only do I plan on using the glass I also picked up the candle
I came for and have a want list a mile long. The only problem
I have with these guys is they always add new items and
my list never gets any shorter! Check them out for some
truly entertaining, charming and precious Valentines ideas!
VAT 19

Check out Vat 19 on my Valentines Day Gift Guide

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Picture I used on cards
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