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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Smelly Towel Review and Giveaway  

How old are your kids? I only ask for I remember
when Andrew was young and always making a huge mess
and how it was mandatory that you clean it up immediately for
they almost always involved food. If you left it to sit it would
end up leaving a stain, being super sticky and stinking so
bad you think something crawled under your table and died.
That was gross. Even more so with some of the combinations
of foods they eat. I like the smell of pickles and I like the
smell of Oranges but those two items mushed into a sock
then left to rot, not so much. Don't discover the sock to
the smell leads you to it and you will actually consider burning
your house down as an acceptable way to get rid of the smell.

Rowan promises to be just as bad but at present I am
only dealing with spoiled milk and diaper smells wafting out
from her room. I am thankful for that for I much prefer her
room, even with a full pail and sour milk to another room in
the house. I would rather sleep on the spot behind the couch
where Boo had the most accidents while being trained on a
hot muggy day to another room in the house. I would sit dead
center in the kitchen when John cooks one of his science projects
and breath deep for hours if you would spare me from entering
another room. For no matter how bad pets smells can be, how
yucky a pail of old diapers might reek or how disgusting the
aroma of a man who can't cook and pretends he can get they
are nothing in comparison to those smells leaking out from
under the door to my sons room. I wouldn't even mind it as
much if it were just food he had left to rot in his room for that
I can throw away, hose down the area then spray some Febreze
and be done with it but that isn't the source. It is his Laundry.
All of it. Sweaty Gym socks he wore 3 days in a row, or jeans
that have been wedged between his bed and wall and then had
soda and whatever else he drank spilled on them so they were
now glued to the mattress and wall. Towels he crammed under his
bed while wet and left through puberty. I will not even discuss
underwear.Worst nightmare come to life is all you need to know!

The worst part is he has to wash these things sometime
and where is he going to wash them? My Washer and Dryer.
Do you know what that does to my Washer and Dryer? You
got it, my Washer and Dryer ends up smelling like his science
experiments. Then when you go to wash your clothes they
pick up the scent and soon the whole house smells like it.
Disgusting is being polite when you describe it. I have ran the
washer empty over and over and over again and that smell is
still there. I have tried strong detergents, fabric softeners,
bleach and any other soap I can get my hands on. I even
went so far as to scrub out the whole barrel on the dryer and
washer and still that smell is there. The clothes stink for it
but the towels and blankets get it the worst for they are thicker
and the dampness left to soak in and fester seems to permeate
the very fabric of the towels. I have two very special towels I
paid 50 bucks each for that are huge, soft and luxurious, or
at least they were. I threatened the boy under penalty of death
to not touch those towel's. I told him point blank if I found them
in his room he could kiss any part of him he thought he might
need goodbye for I was breaken bones and kicken butt and going
to put in my angry eyes! They are missing, I know they are
down there and I am paralyzed with fear at what has become
of them.

Thank the heavens I got to review Smelly Washer and
Smelly Towel cleaner! This stuff is awesome and my son owes
them his life. I know the inventor of this product never dreamed
they would be facing a Washer quiet like mine. Really, I swear,
I kiss my front door everyday I wake up and realize nobody snuck
over in the middle of the night all dressed in Biohazzard suits
and slipped a bubble over my house to contain the Oder's drifting
up from the basement. I am thrilled to death the Police have
never came demanding to search the house because of
reports of a suspicious Oder. I knew those humiliations were
coming if I couldn't find a way to fix what my son has done
to my Washer. I had no hope for my special towels! When the
bottles came to the house I sat down and read the labels.

The Smelly Washer Cleaner reads:
Removes Washer Oder
Removes Towel Mildew
Up to 24 treatments
Easy to Use
All Natural

The Smelly Towel Cleaner reads:
Removes Towel Oder
Up to 24 Treatments
Easy to Use
All Natural
No where on either bottle did it say anything about BioHazzardous
Wastes products and then Male teenagers who create it. I pretty
much thought I was sunk but what the hey, it isn't like these can
do any more damage or make it smell any worse so lets give it
a shot. First I decided to try the Washer Cleaner for I thought
it would be redundant to do towels if the washer still stunk!
I followed the directions and let it sit over night. The next morning
I finished the empty wash and let it sit for a while to make sure
all the water that was in there had dried up and went away.
Can you believe it? The smell was gone! Now ain't that a hoot?
But, will it remove the Oder already in my clothes from already
washing them in a smelly washer. It did! I felt like it was magic and
somebody came and cut the crime scene tape away from
my laundry area. For the life of me I couldn't not figure out how
though for I truly had tried everything and pretty much thought
a new washer was the only way to fix it at this point. I spent
that first day pretty much washing everything in the house
to remove the teenage boy smell and was super thrilled with
the fact the blankets lost the odor for there is nothing worse
then having to sleep in stinky blankets. Men in general ( sorry
guys my opinion) make it necessary to wash blankets more often
but add the normal smell in with a stinky washer from a nasty
teenage boy and YUCK, I am glad I only have a twin guest bed and
most people pass. All that was left were the towels.
First I had to find where the boy hid them. You see teenage boys
are still like small children in the sense that they think if you
no longer see a problem it means it no longer exists. Andrew
thinks if he hides towels or dishes or whatever item he is not
supposed to have in his room under his bed or a chair I will not
believe him capable of ignoring my order to not have it there
in the first place. I found the towels wedged under his computer
desk so crammed in there I had to wiggle them out. Now imagine
that smell. Stinky, mildewy, dirty towels that had been crammed
into a small dark space on a basement floor for lord knows how
long. I thought I would be running for a bucket long before I got
to the washing machine but I made it. AND THEY MADE IT!
No drastic measures to save their lives either, just the Smelly
Towel Cleaner and only one treatment. Not even any soaking.
These bottles says for extreme cases you may need to soak
and the other one says you may need to repeat and I didn't;t have
to. I thought mine were as bad as it could get I shudder to think
of a towel or washer worse them mine and how it got that way!
Somewhere out there must be a teenager waiting to usurp
Andrew from the Throne. I have to say I am totally impressed
and floored with the results and this is now a staple in my
house and should be in any house where a stinky 16 year
old boy lives!

If you have a stinky boy you have got to listen to this, or
just a stinky girl or hubby even. OKAY men, wife too, but
the point is Smelly Washer is going to give one of my readers
a Bottle of Smelly Towels to watch the smell disappear from
their laundry too! To enter just go to their site and take a look
around the come back here and post what you learned. The
contest starts today and will run to midnight on February 16th.

USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Smelly Washer

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Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

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post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

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Picture I used on cards
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