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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Earth Mama Angel Baby Review and Giveaway  

I know a lot of people love being pregnant. Not only do
they enjoy the attention they enjoy the changes in their body,
the fact they are bringing new life into this world this is also
the time they feel the closest to their child. These women
celebrate their pregnancy's and take pride in their bodies and
what they put in it and happily shop for Maternity wear for
getting to flaunt that baby bump is just another measure of
happiness for them. At night you find them happily snuggling
in bed all curled up with a cute little nightie either reading
bedtime stories to the unborn child or softly singing, a silly
grin on their faces. I was not one of these women. I spent
my time hugging the toilet or in route to for I had a bladder
the size of a pea. It also really didn't matter what I put into
my body for it was coming right back out one way or
another anyway. I didn't do much singing but I did do a little
talking in my later months. The conversations went a little
like this.
"Baby, please stop kicking Mommy in the ribs. I am begging
you here. Ouch, Baby, now that was my spleen, not nice. Baby
you are too little for Soccer stop acting like you are already

By the time Rowan was born she was already grounded for
the next 10 years for not listening to her Mommy. I guess what
I am trying to say is I was not one of those women who enjoyed
their pregnancy at all. All I felt was tense and uncomfortable
and oh, so very nauseous all the time. Earth Mama Angel Baby
understands all that, the good, the bad, the ugly and even me.
I asked and they sent me some great items for review I really
wish I had known about this time last year. The have
more fabulous natural products then you can shake a stick at
but let's focus on me for a second here. ( I always wanted it
to be all about me) I was sick pretty much through my whole
pregnancy and it didn't take much to have me running to
the restroom. Earth Mamma Angel Baby has a great line to
handle that specific need and I was sent a couple to check out.
The first item they sent was Tea. Next time you are having a
bad day and can't get so much as a piece of dry toast down
you should try anyone of these teas. They have Heartburn,
Morning wellness, ( I got) Peaceful Mama and third trimester
Teas and the one I had was so gentle and soothing and gave
me that good tea warm all over feeling and since I have been
fighting this cold flu thing for a few weeks now I know for a fact
it also works wonders on calming your stomach. You can have
a cup or two of this for breakfast and by lunch you will be
back to eating pickles and ice cream. Of coarse with that combo
you will be back on the tea by dinner. You do not even have
to be pregnant to enjoy it, tea is great all the time but like I
told you I had a sad tummy and this had me eating solid foods
a few hours later for the first time in days. The third Trimester
tea is even packed with minerals and other nutrients your
body is being zapped of to keep you dancing right up to the end.
If that doesn't work for you try the Happy Mama Spray.
Made for Mom's with Tummy issues or are just a little blue the
aroma of the spray is like a miracle worker. Andrew has always
had the worst time with smells and I guess you would call it
a nervous stomach and I let him try this and he fell in love with
it. It doesn't take much to turn his stomach and he even got out
of training his dog for it was a little more easy for me to just
clean up the dogs mess then both of theirs and I know the smell
of Rowans Diapers has been wearing thin on him. When I showed
him how to use the spray ( a little on your wrist and inhale) he
went nuts for it and ran off with the bottle. I wish I had something
hooked to my central air to pump this stuff through the house
for as it stands now I have to chase the boy down to see if I
can borrow MY spray. It is easy to see that this product works
well not only in pregnant women but in full grown Teenage boys
who literally can't stomach a lot of smells.

The other thing about being pregnant is you are not
pregnant forever and soon you will have a darling little bundle
in your arms and a whole new set of problems to go along with
it. When you are a young girl and day dream about what your
adult life will be like with your Husband or Wife and eventual
family of your own you never remember to daydream up the
answers to a lot of questions you will have when that day
arrives. You know the often unglamorous details like:

What kind of shampoo is best for my baby and are there really
no more tears?
Do I need to apply lotion and if so what kind should I use?
How do I treat Diaper Rash, a huge concern for all parents
for a rash left untreated can quickly become out of control.

With a Myriad of products on the market this already
confusing task of picking what is best for your baby can
turn into a horror show with fears of making the wrong
choice. The even scarier part is a lot of it boils down to personal
choice and trial and error with baby as the test subject. This
task can truly be paralyzing. Even I can't tell you what you need
for this is the one obstacle you have to hurdle yourself for
every child is different and unique. I can only offer tips
in this department but Earth Mama Angel Baby can help
a whole lot more for for their whole line is natural and
organic and all around good. They also have some of the
gentlest products you will ever find. Baby's have been around
forever and so have Natural remedy's so how can you go wrong
when you combine the two!

For review Earth Mama Angel Baby sent me a travel
kit for baby that helps me make sure she is covered no matter
where we go. It comes with a lotion, a wash and a bottom
balm ( he he, I love that name) and all three are made with
pure, wholesome, natural ingredients. What could be better?
The lotion and wash are fantastic and everything you could want
but I am going to focus on the Bottom Balm and not just
because I like the name. I am a fanatic when it comes to
Diaper Rash for when Andrew was a baby I ran a daycare so
I could be with him his first couple of years. During that time
I saw some of the most awful rashes on these poor baby's and
it took everything I had not to break down in tears. The pain and
discomfort these poor little babies must have felt is heart
wrenching and I have made it a personal mission to not let that
happen to my kids. At the first sign of Pink I am all over it!
You guys know Rowan and I have been fighting a cold and kids
tend to get more rashes when they are not feeling well and
sure en ugh a few mornings ago she had some pink bumps and
looked a little splotchy and the start of a nasty rash. I grabbed
the balm and went to work.
"Balm please, Nurse, lets skip the forceps!"
By dinner time it was if I had dreamed the whole thing
for I could hardly tell it was there. The Balm also felt super
creamy and smooth and something you would want to put
on your babies skin not at all like some of the other Diaper
Creams that are lumpy and you pretty much have to smooth
the lumps out onto your baby's skin and don't get me started on
how tacky and sticky they feel. The point is this balm worked
and worked well, the only other diaper cream I have found
that works this well is the medicated one they had on Rowan
when she was in NICU that first week but like the other store
bought brands I told you about it was also very thick and sticky.
This one, not even close. Rowans bottom never looked so good!
If you are pregnant or Baby is already here Earth Mama
Angel Baby has what it takes to make your experience all the
more enjoyable. I just loved it and you will too. Earth Mama
Angel Baby is also going to give one of my readers the same
awesome kit they gave me. To enter just head over to their
site and take a look around them come back here and post
what product you think you would like best in a comment.
The contest will start today and run to Midnight on February 25th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Earth Mama Angel Baby

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Picture I used on cards
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