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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rebinder Review and Giveaway  

I told you guys last week how I write all the time and
I am always going through pens and trying to find one
that does not kill my hand by the end of the day. Well,
not only do I go through pens like crazy I also go through
paper. Mass amounts for like I said before, I write everything
down. I have at least 4 large post it pads on my desk, a couple
of notebooks and some blank sheets too. In my purse I have
a smaller notebook and scattered through out the house
there are several more. I know it is a lot of paper and to
make things worse I forget what notebook I wrote a certain
list in and end up re-writing it and going through even more
paper with my never ending scribbling. I try to be Earth
friendly and toss everything I don't need in the recycling
bin, I am very careful about magazines making it there
for I have such a hard time throwing out notes and feel so
bad about my squandering of paper that I have deceived
myself into thinking if I recycle every single magazine I
can I am making up for all of that. I also grab all of Andy's spiral
notebooks at the end of the school year and use what paper
is left in those for other wise it will just end up ruined in his
room. Most likely with one of my favorite towels shoved in a
small damp gooey space. But my meager efforts do not change
the sheer volume or the amount of Junk Mail I get alone from
doing the blog and speaking to so many companies. This
year I made sure my Christmas items were from green companies
but I still needed something to help with my paper problem.
Somehow I think I will sleep a little better knowing I have not
personally destroyed a forest or two.

I went to the office supply store to purchase even
more paper and made a point to ask if they had any products
that were green or made out of recycled items. I got a sales
pitch for like most large places now they have their own
signature items and that was what I was being referred to.
No where in the guys pre-rehearsed spiel did I hear the
words earth friendly or recycled and I started to zone out
and go over my grocery list in my head while he pretty much
rambled on to himself. What seemed like a lifetime later I
was released with directions to the plastic covered farthest
thing from green section of their own goods. With a heavy
sigh I was about ready to leave when a man tapped me on
the shoulder. I almost did my Renee Russo Lethal Weapon
move on him ( guys, don't tap girls. If we don't know you we
might go Linda Blair on you!) but then realized I was close to
a foot taller them him and smiled instead.
"Psst, don't buy here. They are overpriced and don't
really have what you were asking that young man for!"
" I saw that. Thank you!"
"Go on-line. Site called rebinder. That's the ticket."
He grabbed a card out of his wallet and jotted down the
name. "You will like it."and "Poof", he was gone.
Okay, the guy didn't go "Poof" but I felt like I was just in
an episode of Mission Imposable and couldn't help but to
hold the card to my ear and see if it was ticking and going
to self destruct in 3 seconds. It didn't and I went home and
brought up the site. Now my first look didn't go to well. It
looked kinda boring. Remember me, fashion Diva? I saw
the little recycle symbol in the one corner and then looked
over and saw another box that says Greenhouse Gas Saved,
Pounds saved by our customers. Now that was a big number.
A really big number. I decided to give them a chance and
started scrolling through the pages. Let me tell you the
next two things I noticed right before I book marked the site
for it is a new gem for me now. Well the very first thing
I noticed is they have everything. I mean every thing!
Anything you would need in School or an office. Right
down to CD cases and Envelopes, business cards and labels.
Why they even have pens! I didn't even know you can recycle
a pen. You can, and when you are done with theirs you can
even send them back and they will do it again. How cool is
that? The next thing I noticed was the price. This has got
to be one of the most inexpensive places I have ever seen.
I had just left a huge office store and you think with the bulk
amounts they have to buy items in that it would reflect in the
price. It doesn't and Rebinder's prices put theirs to shame.

Do you know how much money I spend every August on Andrews
school supplies? We are talking close to a hundred bucks
every year and then like clock work he comes home
after the first day and tell me he still needs this and that
and a Gym Lock. ( I swear Gremlins take his old one every
summer) and then I spend 20 bucks more. I did some
figuring here and found out I can get all of Andrews stuff
for $40.00 and that includes extra items to spare.Even
better, instead of picking up this and picking up that
they have ready made kits for School supplies. Talk about
one stop shopping,. I can have one click shopping and never
have to leave the house. Did you know I would also be
Earth friendly? Almost forgot about that for a second the
prices mesmerized me. The only thing that I was concerned
about was the price. I had a theory that all things good for
you or the planet cost more. I mean think about it.
Organic Food, more.
Recycled Stationary, more.
Organic clothing, more.
These guy not only did not cost more a lot of the
items were even less expensive then the bad for the planet
junk. All I kept thinking was what was the catch? I shot them
an email and asked and they offered to send some for review
so I could make up my mind first hand. What they sent me was
the school supply kit and this box was packed with stuff. When
you read the list you do not picture how much it is, the numbers
for quantity mean little to you are looking right at them. I had to
act fast and grab some of the notebooks for I knew as soon as
Andrew walked in the door it was going to disappear and I must
say I was impressed. They paper is thick and not that thin
dollar store stuff I buy for around the house. You guys understand
what I am talking about, the paper that tears the minute you
put a pen to it. No way was this going to tear and I don't know
if it is the way they process it or what but it is soft. I know this
is a silly thing to bring up and not at all relevant but I don't think
it is possible to get a paper cut with this. I doubt even they
thought of this but you know my mind works on a different level
then a normal person and I couldn't stop fixating on how soft it
was. I even made Andy stand still still so I could try and see if
he would get a paper cut. He didn't, stand still I mean, but I
am pretty sure none the less. Okay, now that my Prozac has
kicked in I will tell you more about the paper products
them self. Not only was the Paper soft but everything that was
supposed to be rugged was very much so too! I was very impressed
with the binders for I don't even think beast boy could wreck these
like he does the ones I have bought in the past and I think
these puppies have a chance of making the whole school
year not just September. AND if they didn't they even send
replacement covers. Isn't that a neat idea? Even the pens
write great and that one shocked me too for if you buy them
in bulk like I plan too they break down to only 46 cents a pen.
Before these the pens I had been buying either cost a lot when
you broke it down or I would get the really cheap ones for like
4 bucks for 6 and (39 cents) that last about 2 minutes before
you are telling your children Mommy is sorry she knows she is
not supposed to say bad words! I have been writing with one
of these for three days ( real time for a normal person would
be like 3 months) and it is still working fine. The only other thing
that I thought I might have an issue with it the fact they are
plain brown. I had a sneaking suspicion Andrew might not
like them for there was nothing on the cover but then today
I noticed he had some stickers and drew some stuff on one and
asked him and he pretty much laughed at me and told me
he was over the whole theme stuff about 10 years ago
and if I really thought about it I was the one at the Store
every August going, "Look Andrew, Race cars!" and he would
just shrug and go cool. Who woulda thunk it,. all these years
and I have been buying what I thought was neat and he could
have cared less!

So lets go over this real fast:
1. They have everything
2. Super reasonable
3. Durable
4. Have kits to make your school shopping super fast so
you can go back to looking at shoes.
Now what was it I came here in the first place for? Oh, yeah!
5. They are Green and help save our Planet!
Now that is a great list! Even better Re-binder is going to
give one of these same kits to a reader. To enter just head
over to the site and take a look around them come back here
and tell me what item you would use the most! The contest
will start tonight and run to Midnight on February 27th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.


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Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contest. I entry
per contest, separate post for each entry.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
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4. Blog about this contest somewhere else
and post the link here. 5 Entries Please
post five times.

Hey there, while you are here don't forget to enter
my Daisy Rock and Cir*Kis contests!

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