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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce Review and Giveaway!  

Yum, FOOD! We just did a review for a George Foreman
360 grill and made some steaks to test it out. I also had
another review to do that was perfect to use during the
same demonstration. Country Bobs all Purpose sauce!
Now I am not a Steak Sauce fan, or fan of any sauce
other then BBQ on ribs, I will be honest with you. I have
also detested Heine's 51, could care less about A1 and
never in my life HAD to have anything other then steak
seasoning on my meat. I was not so sure how this would
turn out for the fact I wasn't a fan of sauce in the first place
weighed heavy on my mind. Even my son, another really
big steak fan was never into sauces even though his
Father was one of those people who if you did not have
A1 in the house would get up and walk away from any
dinner table that did not have it to go with his steak no
matter how good the cut was. Andrew and I would just
shake our heads and go right on eating as fast as we
could so we could flip for who got to eat his Dad's piece.
Sometimes, though don't tell him, we would forget the
sauce on purpose for it was a really good cut of meat!

When the sauce came in the mail I knew the 360
was on the way and didn't want to ruin the surprise
of that for Andrew so I told him I would still have to
grab some steaks to try it with and we would do it
soon. I am so glad Andy has those male genes and
never looked into the freezer to see I already had
a bunch for I had just hit a really good sale. The day
the 360 came we hooked up everything and grabbed
the sauce and were ready to go. In fact if you look at
that review you can see old Country Bob's in one of
the pictures. When our steaks were ready we were
just about drooling and I grabbed the bottle.
"Want to try it first Andrew?"
"Um, no Mom, you can do this review. I will pass and
just eat the steak. Sauces are, um, not so great."
"Now come on there, you made the deal with me, you
would help me with certain reviews if I would let you
keep some of the ones you like."
"I know." Sigh "Do I really have to do this one?"
"It isn't like you are in it alone, I am going to try to!"
"Fine, you go first though!"

With our deal struck I grabbed the bottle. Now I have
seen people who love sauce and they just pour it all over
their steaks but I was afraid I would not like it and it
would ruin this Filet I had and it is some sort of crime
to destroy a FIlet so I grabbed us a couple of little plastic
bowls to put some sauce in so we could dip it. I poured
a little in and cut off a piece of the delicious looking
piece of meat hoping and praying I was not going to regret
Dip dip
Nibble nibble
Chew chew
Swallow swallow
"Is it any good Mom?"
Panic, "Um, not really Andrew, you don't have to do this
one. I don't want to force something you won't like on you."
I said as I grabbed the empty little plastic bowl and the bottle
and tried to leave the dining room.
"That's okay Mom, really a deal is a deal, I want to
try. Hand it here, I am hungry."
More panic, " No, it really is nasty Andrew. I am telling you
that you won't like it. Just eat your steak."
"Why are you taking the bottle into the living room?"
" Uh, on the way to the trash?"
"The trash is back that way?"
"Ah, better put this right in the dumpster." I started to make
a break for it. I knew you are supposed to refrigerate this
after you open it but I thought since it was so cold outside
if I put it by my bedroom window it would be cold enough and
I knew the bottle won't last the winter.
"Mom. You wouldn't be telling me I won't like it to keep
it to yourself would you?"
Dang kid, I never could trick him. I had to share! He poured a
little bit on the edge of his plate and dipped a tiny piece in.
Next thing I know the little brat was dumping half the bottle
over his steak. I quickly took inventory of where I put the
second bottle so I could hide it. I was not too happy with
him using so much for I thought I taught him better then
that. The rules are only take a little to everyone gets some
then if there is some left you can have more. At this rate there
will not be any left for me to have more! He didn't even notice
me glaring at him. He was to busy happily chomping away.
AND eating with his mouth open. GRRRRRRR!

As you can probably gather we loved the sauce. Okay,
maybe make that a double love or a triple love for this
sauce was incredible. We are not sauce people and in
fact when I was speaking to the Meyer Meat people for
that review not that long ago I was talking to him about the
best way to cook a steak and he said Olive Oil and sea-salt
and told me not to try Steak Sauce to I got a chance to taste
it first for his meat didn't really need it, and I laughed at the
time and even told him that was about all I used anyway for
sauces were disgusting. I had not tried this sauce when I made
that bold statement for Country Bob's is FANTASTIC! I have
decided that from this moment on I am a sauce person, well,
only if that sauce it Country Bobs. This is the best thing I have
tasted and I would not even know how to explain it to you for
words alone can not let you understand how great this is.
Tangy, zesty, sweet, sour, a little bit of spice and a whole
lot of flavor make this the sauce dreams are made of. You know
it never even dawned on me that it was gluten free to I read
it when I was writing up the review. I had forgot all about this
for how can something be this good and good for you. Every time
I try something that is supposed to be gluten free I always feel
like it is missing that certain ump, this is fantastic as it!
Country Bob's also make a BBQ sauce and a season
salt and also Country Bob's All Purpose in Spicy and if
these are just a little bit as good as the Original I am going
to rush right out and grab them for this one is truly that good.
In fact, right before I sat down to write this review I was in
the kitchen slicing onions and mushroom to saute. Andrew
walks in and asks whats for dinner and I told him that I was
making burgers with sauteed goodies and he smiles and does
the Yes arm gesture and what comes out of his mouth?
"Yes, Hello Country Bob's! " You just can't get a better
recommendation then that!
Country Bob's is also going to let two of my readers try
their spectacular sauce! To enter just head over to the site
and take a look around then come back here and post what
you have learned in a comment. The contest will start tonight
and run to midnight on March 15th!
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Country Bob's

Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

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per contest, separate post for each entry.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
5 times.

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post five times.

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my Pepper and Tanky and Bebe Soleil Contests!

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