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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5th 2010  

Date: 01/05/2010
Stress Level: Blech!
New Grey hairs added: 4

Now I thought I was caught up guys but while I was catching
up I got a whole other stack of reviews to do, wow. And wait to
you see the Look what is new section with what is on the way,
you have got to see this!
The good news is John will be back in a few days so
I can update some other sections then and post time long
overdue book and movie reviews. We are having fun with the
reviews though for how can you not have a blast with new items?
I will post at least one tomorrow and then will be on the Wednesday
and Saturday schedule for good on reviews and contests and use
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want to win!
My life is still hectic but Rowan is feeling better. I had her
out running around with me today and she gets so much
attention it is crazy. The last stop on my list today was CVS and
I thought she was going to slap an little old lady in the face for
she was just plum worn out being fawned over. We were waiting
in an endless line and this lady who must have been about
80 was in her face going on and on and when I do that to her
and she is cranky I get the smack to the nose when she is
frustrated. She isn't trying to hit me just get me away but
it ends up being a hit. You can tell it is coming for her arms
start to flail and she was doing that in the store with the
lady and I kept pulling her back and she kept moving back
into Rowans face and I was at a loss there.
What do you do in that situation?
"Excuse me, my sweet little 6 month old baby is going to
dot your eye for you are getting on her nerves?"
Rightttttttttttttttttt! That would go over well!

Once we got home she took her 20 minute nap though
and was all better. Thank goodness I am the only one who
gets a bip! I will say the little girl is starting to scare me with
her smarts though for she is really really smart and very very
busy and I am not sure if it is a good thing. She just found her
hands a few weeks ago for Christ sakes and now she has figured
out that her little projection light does not only have to project
on the ceiling. She knocked it over by mistake ( it is a travel one
and sits by her on the bed when I try to get her to settle in) and
saw the light go from the ceiling to the wall. A few minutes
later she moved it to another wall. Okay, I would say she is
getting lucky but now she will sit up with it, look around,
pick a wall and then aim it to the wall she is looking at. She
will go through all four walls then hit a pillow or something
just to see if it looks different before she gets bored. She
has also realized if she grabs the outside edge of her
High Chair or Walker she can get just enough leverage to
pull herself up and is almost making it over. Now I don't know
where she thinks she will go for she can't walk but she is dead
set on getting out! Yikes, can I baby proof my life?

Moral of the Day: Babies with a will greater then
the amount of energy you have are asking to be covered
in band aids!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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