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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Everyday Mineral Review and Giveaway  

There is so much hype about Mineral Makeup today.
For a novice like me it is enough to make my head spin.
Everyday more and more brands of Mineral Makeup are
popping up all over and I can't shake the feeling that I
keep missing the good ones because I am looking in
one direction when I should be checking out the goods
in another. Well, I got sick and tired of being on the other
side of educated when it came to mineral make-up and
decided it is time to learn the ins and outs so the next
time someone starts raving about how good this brand
is I can laugh and smile and let them know I already knew
that, I found out months ago.

The first thing I did was compile myself a big long
list. Then I started checking out the names on it a little closer
and crossing off the ones I had heard horror tales about,
checking off the ones that made me laugh out loud when I
saw their prices, ( No way am I paying 40 bucks for a blush)
and last of all the ones that had a poorly designed web site
for I feel if they have a poorly developed web site and don't
pay attention to details that make it easier for their consumer
base to navigate, what other areas of their organization are
they neglecting? I also want to be able to contact them if I
need to and not hire a Private Detective to locate their contact
information. Unfortunately there is no way to predict quality unless
you stumble across an independent review, have your own
personal stylist who's job is to be "in the know" when it comes
to all that is good and great in the cosmetics world or have
someone like me. A person who is willing to do whatever it
takes to bring you the true details of a product at least until
I review something for you guys that leaves me looking like
Mimi from Drew Carey and unable to remove. If that happens
I retire guys! When I was done whittling down my list I was
left with less then a dozen places and knew the only way to
get to the heart of the matter from now on was to try them

I brought you guys a few other companies that produce
make-up but they do not focus on Mineral Make-up and I feel
very strong that to be the best at something you need to
devote yourself entirely to it. A company that really stood out for
me was Everyday Minerals. I contacted them to see what I
could find out for you guys and they rang my favorite bell and
had me sold before I even saw a thing. You guys know what bell
I am talking about now, the Great Customer Service one! The
person I was in contact with didn't know me from Adam and
right away made me feel at home. She went out of her way to
explain items to me in detail after I let her know that I was a
novice in Mineral Make-Up and was pretty insecure about make-
up in general. I explained I had only worn two brands for most
of my life and the only thing new and exciting I knew about the
Make-Up world was what they wanted me to know. She was
great about recommendations and put together a kit for me that
was perfect for a person who was starting from scratch and
not so detailed and complected it overwhelmed me. What came
was the perfect starter set pieced together from the
information I gave her about my skin tone and preferences.
It included:
2 shimmer eyes in All Spice and Juniper
Matte eyes in Nutmeg
Pearl eyes in Cardamom
Blush in Wild Vines
Finishing Dust
And a Lip Balm in Rose Cardamom Orange
Also a really great quality brush for Application

I was dieing to try Everyday Minerals so I had to rush right
into the bathroom and apply. I dumped a little bit of the
shadow out on the counter for I needed to get a better look
at this "Mineral Makeup" craze up close. It looked like powder
and I couldn't help but to wonder how this stuff stuck to your
skin. It seems to me it would just sort of fall of for unlike
regular make-up there really isn't some sort of base that
holds it all together and keeps it on your skin. The powder
seemed so rich and vibrant I also could not fathom how it
would maintain that hue on your eyes. To achieve a rich
coloring with regular make-up you have to apply in layers
for only a thin coat stays on each time and the reason your
normal eye shadow looks so intense in the pallet is there is
a lot of it there and nothing in the pallet to see it in contrast
too. This shadow looked vulnerable to me for it would have to
stand alone and I was unsure if even layering it would work
for I thought the powder would be to light with the first
application for subsequent ones to make little if any difference.
I was wrong.

It clung to the brush like a magnet but only the tips. I know all of
my blush brushes I have are bent at an awful angle from the
pressure I use to apply it and for the most part ruined in an
attempt to get compact style blush to be as deep and colorful
on your face as it is in the compact. The Mineral Make-up not
only stuck it was as deep and vibrant on my eyes as it was in
the pallet for I had not taken into consideration the fact that
in the little tub the Mineral Make-up comes in, every single
little speck of it is the color not just a part of the color like
in a pallet. This stuff was totally awesome and that old saying
a little dab will do you hits home every way possible here. It
was rich and Lovely and best of all I didn't even feel like I
had it on. The lightness of it made me feel like I could reach
up and touch my skin and it would feel like skin and not
skin covered in a paste of lacquer. The blush went on with
the same ease and the same results and the finishing dust
did just that, pulled the whole look together and left my skin
tone, even and polished and I still could not feel a thing!
I felt radiant and best of all pretty.

Everyday Minerals has a vast selection with every
shade under the sun in eye colors and a complete line of
make-up so it could very well be a one stop shopping
destination. They offer skin care for your lips and have
one of the best lines of brushes I have ever seen. They
are the definition of Mineral Make-up and award winning,
and they even have a line of Organic Denim carrying cases.
I loved the fact they show their latest products right on the
home page so you have a easy time keeping up to date
on the latest trends in makeup. They also have great
promotions you can choose from so it is almost like tailoring
your sales items to your personal needs! My absolute
favorite part of Everyday Minerals is the fact you can
try something for free. They have little kits with
little containers for only $5.00 dollars each so if you are
not sure what color you would look best in or are even
unsure what your skin tone is, you can pick up a
kit and do some in home sampling. The free part comes
in because with every order you can pick one of those
kits for free. It is a great way to not only build up your
own personal collection it allows you to try items you
would not have bought before to see if they look good
on you without feeling the pinch in your pocket book.
Last of all there is so much good buzz about this
product they have a fan club you can join. After trying
them I can see why and as soon as I finish talking
to you guys I am on my way to sign up!

Did you guys like the kit I received? Are you
also dieing to try Mineral Make-up? Enter to win
everything I received right here! One of my readers
will win the same items I did and I know they will love
them just as much. To enter head over to Everyday
Minerals web site and take a look around them come
back here and post what you learned in a comment.
The contest will start today and run to midnight on
February 28th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Everyday Minerals

Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

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post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

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Hey there, while you are here don't forget to enter
my Zehn Naturals and Damo Momo Contests!

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Picture I used on cards
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