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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Holster Up Review and Giveaway!  

I am so excited that Spring is around the corner and
right behind that Summer. Out of the four though Spring
and Fall are my all time favorite seasons for a couple of
reasons. First off is the weather. You guys live all over
the world but I live in Michigan and we have four complete
seasons. I like to joke and say we only have two and if you
lived here you would get the joke when I say the two, Winter
and Road Work, for it really does seem like all we experience
are snow and construction and both stink when you have
to get in the car and go somewhere. But, the truth of the
matter is we have all four and Michigan is not a state of
mild anything, if you need more proof just look at our
unemployment rate that the news says has really improved
at a whopping 14.9 percent right now. Like I told you,
when Michigan does something it does it big even if
it is a recession. Seasons are done big too and Winter
and Summer seem to be the biggest where the temperature can
soar up and down the thermostat a hundred degree's either
way. That is why I am so into Fall and Spring, it is the only
time of year you can truly enjoy the outdoors with out
melting in the heat or popping off frost bitten toes. I am
also not the only one for the first day the temperature hits
over 50 in the Spring people are running around in shorts
doing a happy dance and dragging out their grills through banks
of un-melted snow. Spring is the start of BBQ season and outdoor
parties here and everyone and their uncle joins in. You could
go mad just walking the dog around the block when the aroma
of BBQ'd something or other fills the air and laughter is heard
up and down the block from a neighborhood soiree'. I don't
know a single person who does not own a Grill or take
advantage of the warmer temperatures and even some die
hards you find out in a Ski Parka and 3 feet of snow just to
grill a steak. I may not be brave enough to stand in a
snow bank to grill a Shish Kabob but once the snow melts
look out baby, cooking and backyard parties are the
name of the game.

More then half of all the graduation parties
are held outdoors and from May to October it seems like
it is one event after another. During the weekends of
the Dream Cruise and the Gratiot Cruise you can just
wander down your street with a drink or a beer and
invite yourself over whenever you smell something great
cooking and people are always so happy just to be out
of the house they are glad to have you. There is a festival
for everything and nobody wants to be in the house. It
is also a time of minimalism and not only are there less
clothes but people want to carry less items and it makes
it a pain to drag along water bottles and Beer and Pop
cans during all those street festivals. People capitalize
on that fact and set up booths to sell you a 5 dollar bottled
water or any other drink they can hawk and you are too
thirsty to argue price. Go to any Warm Weather event and
unless you plan on lugging around a cooler of your own
refreshments expect to drop a weeks pay on vendor
items. I am always looking for easy ways to lug a drink
around or something to hold it in for I would much rather
spend that 5 bucks on a couple of Elephant ears for
the kids instead of a Diet Coke for me or a Beer for John.
When I got a chance to review the next item I got a little
warm and fuzzy all over for though it was designed for
one purpose I thought of a million more I could use it
for right off the bat!

Holster Up is a unique and clever way
to cart your drink along with you and still gives you free
hands to snap some great pictures of the kids on that
pony ride or climbing into a moonwalk. Made with parties,
Festivals and Outdoor Fun in mind, Holster Up adds
a Cute spin on an ingenious and useful idea that allows
you to snap your drink right onto your belt or pants
and take it with you where ever you go. Put um up"
Partner! You can "Draw" your beverage with ease
and not have to worry about where you left it, setting it
down to be able to grab something else or not having
enough hands to hold up Jr to see the parade and carry
his Slushee too! I found all sorts of ideas for this little
sweetheart of an idea and just yesterday I used it while
at the mall with Rowan doing a little bit of shopping. I hate
having to drag her diaper bag along when running into a store
but you know Baby's and if you are going to be anywhere
for more then five minutes you need supplies for the
minute you think you can get by without them that is when
you need them most! The problem is I already have a purse
the size of Montana and don't forget John and I can not
be apart for more then 30 seconds before he is on the
phone wondering this or that and then unless I am outside
with lots of scenery Rowan likes to be in on the action
so I end up wearing her and I just do not have enough
hands to carry all of that AND keep a bottle on the ready
for her. With Holster up I just tossed a diaper and some
wipes into my purse and then clipped on the Holster
and stuck her bottle in there and off we went. When ever
she fussed for the bottle I had it right there and BAM,
no more fuss. I also used it for my own Coffee a few
mornings ago for though we have a yard there is no
fence and Boo hates the lead to use the potty and
insists we are out there with her or she won't go. It is
too boring to just stand there so I make use of the
time and grab some needed exercise and take her
for a walk. Later in the day I don't mind it but that
early Morning walk is not so fun. I am tired and crabby
and hate being more then a few feet from my cup of
Coffee. The problem is I can never bring a cup of
Coffee with me for I need my hands just to keep her
under control for she is the farthest thing from being
"trained" and tangles herself up every two seconds. Now
I just toss my Coffee Cup in the Holster and bye bye crabby
morning walks. Big perk too for on cold mornings it
is way cool to have something warm to drink with you!

John is also making plans for Holster Up for
when his band plays they have no choice but to set
their drinks on the stage and he wants one for all the guys
because with these they can have their drinks on their
hips and don't have to worry about kicking it over
by accident and chance ruining the Amps that cost an
arm and a leg or those Stupid Effects pedals he insists
on buying. I pretty much had to drag the box away from
him and hide it or off he would have went. Their web site
has some awesome ideas too like using it for Fishing or
Hunting or a day at the beach. Next time you are at the
fair snap one on and you can buy those refillable
cups they sell and get the refills for you won't have to
worry about setting it down and loosing it ever again. It
is right on your hip! If it is a water bottle, baby bottle, pop
or a beer, Holster Up will keep your drink safe and near!
( Bad poet I know!) Tacky poetry or not, the Holster is
a super idea for having a hands free beverage handy and
looks cute to boot! I used to own these plastic bottle clips
that you put on your belt for 20 ounce pops and water
bottles. We loved them but they were so small I lost them
almost as much as I misplaced a drink without one and
just grew tired of replacing them. Holster Up is not only
the perfect size to hold a variety of items I can also just
clip it on the side of my gear bag when not using and it
is large enough so it won't get lost in my Junk drawer
either. The Holsters come in tons of different styles
and in Nylon or even Leather and are durable as well
as functional and are a must have for any type of
event where you don't want to set down your drink. This
Summer have some Fun in the Sun and take your drink
with you!
Holster Up was kind enough to share their Holsters
with my readers and sent a couple of extra for a giveaway.
I have a camouflaged one for Dad and a Pink one for
Mom! To enter just head over to the site and take a look
around then come back here and post something you
have learned in a comment. The contest will start today and
Run to Midnight on March 7th. Just in time for Spring Break.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Holster Up

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Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

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post five times.

Hey there, while you are here don't forget to enter
my Shred Sled and Bebe Soleil Contests!

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Picture I used on cards
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