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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Intelligent First Aid Review and Giveaway!  

Every once in a while I get the chance to review an item
that is a no-brain-er. What I mean by that is you really do not
have to read a review or gather advice and information on a
product to know it is a product every person should have. Some
things are just a fact of life and belong in the homes of
everyone, not just a certain group of people or parents, but
every single person. The item I just reviewed is one of those
items. I would love to joke around with you guys like I normally
do and tell you some funny story, but I really can't. I need you
to know this is something serious and something to pay
close attention to. This desire to impress the importance
of the next review on you comes from not only the fact
that I do reviews all the time, I am a parent or the fact as
a woman in general I like to see everyone taken care of. It
doesn't come from the idea John is a retired Fireman so
he has first hand knowledge of what happens to people who
do not take their home safety into consideration and
it doesn't come from the fact we have both been trained in
CPR and John in many other ways to handle emergency
situations. It comes from the fact that as a human, who has
worked with the public for many years, has children, has
ran a daycare and even had close calls herself, I know that an
Emergency does not announce it self and can happen in the
blink of an eye and if you are not prepared you might have to
be prepared to say goodbye to someone you love.

I have been involved personally in too many close
calls at a restaurant to not understand the importance of
having a medical kit handy. AND, even with a good First
Aid kit there is also the fact a lot of people freak out under
the pressure of watching someone they love hurt and can't
function as fast, or calmly as they would in another situation
so they types of kit we have all become used to essentially
become useless when really needed. Okay, great, I have some
Bandages and a roll of that tape, but that is Uncle Doogie laying
there on the ground in front of me and I just don't know what
I should do with the Bandages and tape. He is in pain, and
I am upset and it is just really hard to focus and remember
what I have learned about lacerations. The Intelligent First
Aid kit handles that for you. This is a MUST HAVE item for
any home and not only do I think so we took it to the firehouse
and showed it around and these guys agree. Not only does
the kit contain everything you could ever need in an Emergency,
the fact it guides you through the process in a calm, organized
way is paramount to the success of using the kit. I know
there are a few of you out there shaking your heads
and saying you have taken the CPR classes and did fine and
feel you are a calm, organized person who would handle
a crisis with a clear head. I feel you and believe me, you,
I thought I was one of those people myself. I was never
one afraid of the site of blood, I had always been calm
when people around me were running around like
Chickens with their heads cut off, and have personally
taken the lead in handling more then one crisis. Take
the time at my work an elderly gentleman tripped and fell
face forward into the pressed concrete floor. The older
you are the more thin your skin becomes and the
frailer your bones are, he hit flat forward, landing on his
face and not only broke his nose but his wrists trying to
break the fall. He was bleeding profusely and was out cold.
The other managers panicked, the staff panicked and
so did the patrons. It was a mess and I was the only
person clam enough to handle the situation and was barking
orders before I even fell to my knees to help the old man.
I did everything by the book and was rewarded with quite
a few pats on the back by the time the Paramedics got
on the scene. I had also lacerated my own arm when
my son was a toddler and lost over 3 liters of blood before
the Paramedics came and I was alone and not only managed
to treat myself calmly but to reassure the 3 other children
who were at my home everything would be fine and calmly
gave the 911 operator all the pertinent information of the
children's parents so they could be picked up. Now after
reading those examples you would think I could handle
just about anything. At least I thought so. When my son
was around 3 he split his lip open to the nose and I lost
my mind. I could not think straight and piled him into
the car and drove around in circles lost and sobbing as he
bleed like a facet all over and I think I was sobbing
even louder then he was. I knew what to do but for the
life of me I could not focus and he has a scar on his lip
to remind me how unprepared I was to this day. I firmly
believe had I had this kit then I would not be looking at
that scar today, or at the least, not a scar as deep and
prominent as the one he wears now. You will find the
Intelligent Medical Kit first and for most on my safety
guide and I will stand behind this choice from now to
the day they cure all illness! I believe every single home
should have one and make that doubly so for the any
home that has a child. In fact, if I had my way when you
bring home Baby from the Hospital one of these kits
should be in your welcome home package along with
Formula Samples, A Diaper bag and one of those Nose
Suction thingies! That is how important I believe the
Intelligent First Aid Kit is!

The Intelligent First Aid kit is super easy to
use and covers any crisis you would ever face in a normal
every day life. Even a child can use this and that isn't a bad
thing. I spent quiet a few years as a single parent and what
would have happened if I was injured then and could not make
it to the phone. This kit has easy to follow instructions all
told to you by a calm voice who frequently reminds you to dial
911 on the phone. It is just the sort of voice we all wish we had
in an emergency. I loved how it was broken into sections
and assembled in simple format that makes it a snap to
find what you are looking for. Burns, Bites, Bleeding or
Breathing and more are placed in packs where everything
you would need is stored inside and just hit the button on
on the card to be walked through the steps. The voice on
the card is the voice of reason in a situation that could
otherwise become quickly out of control. Each pack can
be replaced separately so the kit will last a family forever
and never need to be replaced in it entirety. It also comes
with a shoulder strap and book light so even if you are
in a power outage or any other place where lack of light
could become an issue you are still good to go. The fact
it covers every situation you can think of make it an invaluable
tool and the main reason I think every home should have one.
There is also a guidebook that I recommend you go over when
you bring you pack home and keep in the pack for reference
after. Once you have an Intelligent First Aid kit, go over everything
inside and then find a great home for it in your house and
then let's hope you never need to see it again. Until then
you can sleep better at night knowing you have it and
are prepared for everything.

People prepare for all sorts of situations and it
kills me the one they often neglect is one that could effect
their very lives. H1N1 had the Country in arms last year
and my local drug store even had face masks next to
the cash register and could barely keep them in stock.
Threat of Y2K and a power outage had people buying
Generators and cases upon cases of food and Water and
other supplies but if you asked the same people what was
in their first aid kit they could not answer you. Most people
have a box of band aids somewhere and have already used
all the good ones and have finger tip and super big ones
left. Why people think it is necessary to prepare for an
Emergency that will most likely never happen but neglect
first aid is beyond me. John said that most of the runs
the cities paramedic make are for situations that people
could handle themselves if they just had the right items
at home. Instead of thinking ahead they call 911 and the
guys run out to a house to tape up a sprained ankle while
a man lay unconscious on the other side of town from a
heart attack for there is no one able to field the call. A
simple second of forethought could not only save the lives
of your own loved one it might mean the difference of
life or death to someone else as well. I have no idea how
to better stress the importance of this product to you
then to ask you to take a look at someone you love, now
picture them gone for you didn't know what to do in an
emergency. With the Intelligent First Aid you would never
have to worry about being unprepared again. It really is
that simple.

Intelligent First Aid was kind enough to offer a chance
for one of my readers to win a kit for their own home.
To enter just head over to their web site and take a look
around then come back here and post what you have learned
in a comment. The contest will start tonight and run to
midnight on March 9th
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Intelligent First Aid

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Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contest. I entry
per contest, separate post for each entry.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
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and post the link here. 5 Entries Please
post five times.

Hey there, while you are here don't forget to enter
my Shred Sled Contest and Bebe Soleil contests!

Don't forget to look for the Intelligent First Aid Kit on
the Safety Guide!

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