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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Easy Lunch Box Systems Review and Giveaway  

I hate to pack lunches. Andrew is now in High School
and Heaven forbid you send a High School student to
school with a home made lunch for they are going to
end up eating in a corner by themselves facing the wall.
Or so I have been told. We have come a long way in
lunch prices though since the 80's where I bought
lunch for 80 cents and Andrews costs him $2.50 minimum
and that is if he eats the daily special. The Burger, Taco,
and Pizza stands in his cafeteria cost as much as you
would spend at a regular fast food restaurant. John has
no choice but to brown bag it to work for lunch for we
are already spending 12.50 a week on Andrew and that
is without drinks. We plan on 20 bucks a week for him
total and he can budget it himself. If John were to grab
lunch every day you could add on another 25 bucks and
when you get close to $50.00 a week for lunches you
are crossing into the financial danger zone. As much as
he hates bringing lunch from home he knows financially
we have no choice.

He doesn't hate bringing his own lunch because
the food is bad in the lunches I pack for him, it is more
and embarrassment issue. The reason why he hates it
is that it doesn't matter how nice the plastic ware is
you place in his lunch bag it is the fact that none
of them were made for that specific reason in mind
and even if you only pack three things you have filled
the box to the brim and if you add a drink and a fresh
piece of fruit you can not even close the zipper
and everything is all hanging out. That is where he gets
embarrassed for he feels silly walking into work with a
lunch box and plastic containers hanging out the side
or worse yet walking by the guys to his locker and
something just flat out exceeds the stress limit on his lunch
container and falls to the floor right in front of them.
To make life more easy and less embarrassing I
needed to find a better solution.That was an imposable
task. Everywhere I looked I could not find the size I
needed. I mean don't get me wrong, a lot of places out
there make some fantastic plastic containers but as
fantastic as they are they just don't fill my lunch time

The other dilemma I faced was storage.
When you go out and purchase various sizes to hold
everything you need for a balanced lunch ( or for those
of us in the real world, just lots of junk) you end
up with 50 different sizes and 50 different lids. A week
later you have 50 different sizes and 42 different lids.
I know for a fact the Cupboard Gremlins are in Cahoots
with the Laundry ones and have hatched an Evil plan to
make me nuts. Any way, now you have all these different
sizes and no way to neatly store them. I even went out and
bought this organizer thing that came with plastic storage
containers. It looked really neat and sounded good in theory
and even spun to make it super simple to pick the size you
wanted but it was one of those things that was much
better in the box. When I pulled it out I had the joy of
finding out that in order for this to fit in you cabinet it
could only be so tall and wide and when you are faced with
that size limit the containers come in sizes that are not
only impractical they are plain old ridiculous. A great example
would be that one of these is so small the only thing it would
be good for is holding salad dressing. The other is tall and
narrow and would be great for carrot sticks so if you plan
on eating carrot sticks and dip for lunch every day you
are all set, if you want a sandwich think again. That hit
the trash and I was back to piecing items together and
ended up with a huge mess in my cupboard. Lids everywhere
for each size needed a certain lid and the same with each
brand so instead of having a few lids out you needed them
all. It was such a mess I would have to open my
cupboard then jump out of the way in case I was confronted
with an Avalanche of plastic ware. It is enough to make
a grown woman cry and I didn't know what to do.

Then I came across Easy Lunch Box Systems.
The containers they have at Easy Lunch Box systems
are meant to hold a whole lunch not just one part of it. You
can put everything you need in one handy dandy container that
is just the right size and fits neatly in your lunch box with
plenty of room left over for a drink and a piece of fresh fruit
I am determined to keep tossing in Johns lunch hoping he
will some day eat it. The Easy Lunch Containers are
compartmentalized and divided so you can even toss some
left over casserole in one compartment and some potato's in
the next. In fact it is divided into 3 ways so I can even
put in a dessert if I wasn't so mad over the fact he never
eats the fruit. I no longer have to worry about cramming
everything in one big container and it all mushing together
and I no longer have to put lots of different size containers
into a bag that they never fit in and even John gets the perk of
not having to suffer the embarrassment of such a disaster.
These containers fit neatly into the bottom of a lunch
box or bag or even better they have a bag the perfect size
for these right on the site at an incredible price. The last
cooler bag I bought for the house cost $19.95 and it did
not have any bells of whistles on it and the bags they
have on Easy Lunch Box Systems cost only $7.95 and
come in 5 different colors. Did I mention they also are
the perfect size for the containers? Even if you have a
hearty eater like my son you are good to go for two
fit in the box just as well and still leave room for a drink
and you can still CLOSE the bag up unlike the bags I
have now with a Hodge podge of different sized containers.

Now I am really happy they look so nice and fit
so well and will spare John some ribbing at work. Those
facts are great, I admit it, but what is even better is the
fact they fit into my cupboard perfectly too! I love the
fact from now on I only need one container for all my
lunching needs and the shelf that used to look like a
Tornado went through it now looks all neat and organized.
The first thing I did was to grab a box and sweep that
cupboard clean! Every odd shaped doo-hickey went right
into the box. The few lids I have left, went right into the
box! All of it, in the box and the box was on the way to
the trash but you know me and the fact I can't throw anything
away, so it went into the basement to sit for 32 years or
we move. Normally John would have been throwing a fit about
that but he was so delighted at the new look of the cupboard
( he has been hit with a tidal wave of plastic ware more then
once) that he didn't even notice I took the box to the basement
and not the curb. Even I have to admit it looks awesome
and do I miss all the other ones? Not one bit! Why would
I? These containers have everything I need all in one
package and if I loose one of these lids, and I know I will,
any of the other ones will work just as well. They stack neat,
look great and are super durable, even if you use them
every single day! Better yet, when they are dirty you can
just toss them in the dishwasher for they are dishwasher
safe and won't get all bent out of shape like some of the
other ones I have bought. In fact if you are really handy
you can prepare meals and as your putting things away
you can fill your boxes up right then and store them in
the freezer. When you need them grab then and toss them
in the bag and when its lunch time you can just put them
in the Microwave for an easy warm up then take them home
and straight into the dish washer. How easy is that? I am
thrilled with the amount of time I can save this way for I always
cook extra for freezing and now I can just make lunches up
like my own personal TV dinner for hassle free mornings!
They come in stacks of four and I love them so much I measured
my cupboard and can fit 20 neatly! I would say I will save
the box of old ones for a garage sale but if they see
my organized cupboard first no way would anyone buy them.
They would be a fool not to go straight for Easy Lunch Box
Systems instead. This is one of those great ideas I don't know
how I got buy before I found them. Easy Lunch Box Systems
just made my life a little more easy!

You life can be a little more easy too for they are going
to give one of my readers a set of four and a lunch bag to
boot! To enter just go to their site and take a look around
and then come back here and post what you learned in a
comment. The contest will start today and run to Midnight
on February 26th.

USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Easy Lunch box Systems.

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is completed.

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post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

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