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Friday, January 29, 2010

Kilx Review and Giveaway!  

I have done a whole lot of reviews for cosmetics
lately but we have not really talked about the how
they get where they are and what is the best way
to apply them there. For years I used the little
foam dappers doo's that come in a compact of
eye shadow or the puffy thingy ma jigger for the
compact and fingers for Foundation. When I got a little
older I thought I was a little more savvy and bought
the disposable Do Hickeys and the "Had to Have"
sponges that came in a little circle and you broke off
one triangle piece at a time. It wasn't until I was in my
mid-30's that I realized a brush was the way to really go
and whatever fad was out there are the moment was only
a fad and a brush would always be there for me and
was versatile and practical and also did the best job
at applying my make-up with a professional feel.
For the next decade I went on a quest for the perfect
brush and it pretty much took me to the ends of the Earth.
I tried drug stores and cosmetic counters, mail order and
natural hair. Chisel and thin, wide and synthetic. When I
tell you guys I try everything when I am speaking of a product
I mean everything. From cheap "Look what I found at the
Dollar Store" to "Hide the receipt from John, he will drop
dead!" items, I mean everything. I have came across a
brush or two over the years I have been fond of. Most are
in the mid-price range for it has been my experience that
over the years mid price always ends up being the best
value for your money. It doesn't fall apart like cheap items
and you don't feel like you have to handle it with kit gloves
like you would a top of the line ( price wise) item. I also
discovered they are just better products all around. That
aside, I found a few and even really liked a couple but the
same thing happens no matter what item I buy. They get
all miss-shaped and start to shed. Now I know they are not
meant to last forever and it isn't like a blush brush is made
out of titanium and has a lifetime warranty attached and
for health and sanitary reasons you should replace them
every so often but it doesn't change the fact when I have
to say goodbye to one I feel like I am losing a friend. I just
got used to the handle. The grip ( sigh) felt so good in my
hands! The softness of the brush was just what I always
wanted and then it goes "POOF!" and screams it time to
replace me. Every time it breaks my heart. Even worse I
end really liking a brush and have to retire it and rush
back to the store to grab the new recruit and find out he
has been thrown out of the game before he even got
to play. I hate it when a cosmetic company takes a
product you like and retires it or replaces it with the
new and improved that always ends up being the old
broken down one I hate in the back of the drawer.
A few days ago I got the chance to review a new item
in the cosmetics world and one I could really get behind
if it worked well for me. Klix, a professionally designed
makeup brush that lets you click & go. Replace the
recyclable brush head & start clean in an instant with a
new one. No more tossing out the brushes once the heads
have started to clump and bend. No more searching for
a brush that feels comfortable in my hand only to find
one I like and it be off the market the next time I have to
replace it. No more filling up land fills with wasted brushes
that I had to sent to an early grave for the brushes committed
suicide from the fear of spending so much time one on
one with my face. These are made to replace and when
you find a brush who's handle you enjoy there is nothing
better then keeping it for a lifetime! Now you can!
It is about time a product like Klix hit the market
for we are so careful with our skin but have neglected
our brush for years. Bacteria and germs have been
building up and collecting and pretty much rendering all
those costly cleansers useless. If you already suffer a
skin condition using the same brush over and over
again can just make it worse. We have all heard the
warning that if you have an eye infection using the
same eyeliner over again will make it so you just
catch the same infection over and over again. What
makes you think using the same make-up brush
would be any different? Klix comes with white bristles
that allows you to see any dirt build up so when they
become dirty and worn you can just click off the old
one and click on the new one and go! You will always
have fresh sanitary brushes at your disposal whenever
you need and not have to go through the hassle or
expense of buying a buying a whole new setup! The
brushes are of a cruelty free design and fashionable and
stylish and comfortable to grip. I really enjoyed the review
and loved the way they felt. They have several sizes and
each one is equipped with the one touch brush release
so you never have to worry about cleaning out your
brushes again and when time catches up to them or
you have been struggling with a skin condition, CLICK,

I got the set of three and you buy the replacement
heads separate so if you use your large brush more,
then that is the one you will buy replacements for. Super
easy and so durable they are made to last a life time. I
also like to experiment with my make-up and lets face
it with all the cosmetic reviews I do I use a lot of different
shades. I really liked the fact that instead of having to have
a bunch of different brushes I can just have the extra heads
and I have stored the old ones in a little plastic Pill Keeper
so I am keeping each shade separate and do not have to
worry when I use a shade of summer peach it is going to
mingle with my winter rose blush. Even better, with
the Mineral Make-ups I have come to love I can use
the big brush for foundations, click the head into my
storage container then Click on the one I have been using
for my glow. No mingle dingle here. Now the items I am
using is the only item I am using, for face it, no matter
how well we are cleaning our brushes you can never get
every last speck out and when using soap and water you
have to wait for them to dry and if you are a busy camper
like I am you just don't always have the time. Klix takes
care of all that for me. I have had mine for about a week
now and love them. I know I am never going back to
the other brushes and like the swifter mop commercial
you will soon see them on my front porch begging to
get back in. Klix hit the right button with me and you
guys will love them too!

Klix is so sure you are going to love them they
are going to give one of my readers a set right here!
To enter just head over to the site and take a look
around then come back here and post what you liked
best in a comment. The contest will start tonight and run
to midnight on March 18th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.


Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

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my Bebe Soleil and Pepper and Tanky contests!

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Picture I used on cards
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