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Monday, January 25, 2010

Teddy's Pride Animal Oral Care Review and Giveaway!  

Boy do we love Boo around here. That little
dog is most spoiled perso.........I mean animal
in the house. She not only has her own bed, blanket,
Cookie Jar and food Cabinet she also has her very
own 3 foot plastic toy box shaped like a bone that
is filled to the brim with Boo Toys. To put some
emphasis on the point she is really spoiled she
also has a large wicker basket on every floor of
the house filled with the over flow that will not fit
in the pricey toy box! For the four years before Rowan
was born Andrew had been flexing his Independence
and was no longer my little shadow. We used to do
everything together but he had to grow up sometime
and since then Boo has been my little Buddy. Everything
I did had to include her, even movies were only seen at
a drive in so she could go and if it were too hot to take
her in the car shopping I just wouldn't go until someone
else was home to spend time with her. On the rare
instances I "had" to go somewhere and could not take
her I made sure to leave the Animal Planet on the TV
for her even after Johns demands that I not do it for
I was just a little off my rocker. I couldn't help it though
I didn't want her to be lonely.
Even after Rowan was born we make a point
to keep special time for Boo. John will take the baby
somewhere so I can cuddle with the Pooch, or he will
take the pooch for a Daddy and Boo walk only so she
knows she is still special. I was worried that she might
be jealous of Rowan but it was groundless and she thinks
of Rowan as her sister. They even curl up for naps together.
Now Boo is no angel and has some flaws we over look. One
is she will eat any undergarments you do not put up high.
She has also torn up the dashboard of my car and has chewed
holes in a few blankets to hide her goodies. John can
get pretty angry then she wags her stumpy and all is
forgiven. I was never mad in the first place only sometimes
frustrated when that blanket is one I really liked. One of
Boos flaws we can't deal with though is her breath. OH-
MY-GAWD can it get nasty. We will give her a ham bone or
a big bone from a roast and she hides the dang thing for
ever so when she finally gets around to it the thing smells
to high heaven and leaves her breath disgusting! We have
tried everything to get it to smell better from buying Greenies
to Expensive Dogie Breath Mints that we have to fight with
her to eat and she spits out 99% of the time to plain
old Tic Tacs and Peppermint Candy and nothing has
worked. YUCK!

When I got a chance to review Teddy's Pride Oral Care I just
about leapt out of my seat and screamed yes at the computer
for there isn't a product out there that has worked thus
far and I am at the end of my rope. Boo also has a habit
of sleeping on my pillow and until you have spent the
night with a 12 pound pooch breathing her hot and rank
dog breath at you while you are trying to sleep you will
never know what gross really is. She makes any grosser
then gross joke look like childs play. This stuff was supposed
to be tasteless and orderless and she was not supposed to
even know it was there. Now I admit, I did think, "Well they
do not know my dog!" for Boo is the most fickle thing in
the world. She will only eat one brand of dry food, one brand
of wet and one dog treat. and wouldn't you know it they are
the expensive ones.
I have tried tricking her by putting another in a bowl.
NO WAY- it has to come in the containor from the
I tried tricking her by putting another kind in that contanor
that was less expensive.
No Way -it just sat there.
She just knows these things and when we tried to hide a
vitamen in her food she just ate around it. The dog isn't
stupid so this was a long shot. I still needed to take the
chance for summer is almost here and another hot
muggy night with her even hotter nasty breath I could
not take.

When it came it was just power and just like they promised.
I was skeptical but thought what they hey, it can't hurt and
gave it a whirl. I pulled up her dry food bowl and grabbed
some wet and thought two birds one stone and if she was
going to turn up her fiesty little nose and walk away I wanted
to get it over with. Now the Pooch watched as I did it for I
tried to have John distract her but the minute she heard me
in her cupboard she was all over me. I thought for sure her
watching me was a deal buster for she is slick like that.
When I set both down she first sniffed the dry then walked
away. I thought Ut, Oh, busted and watched as she went over
to the wet. This is where she is the most fickle. Now I have
tried to trick her many many times with this for she eats
one a day and they cost $1.39 so if you add in her Chicken
Jerky at 10 bucks every other week and a Bag of Dry every
few weeks this can end up costing a lot and if I can get her
to eat the cheaper wet I could save a bunch. All my efforts
awarded me with was tossing out the cheaper stuff then
having to rush up to the store and get her brand for she
will lay by her bowl and whine if I don't. I though she might
have it in her Puppy mind that adding something on top
was just another trick.
Sniff, sniff.
(She looked at me)
Sniff sniff
(Once again I got the look)
Tiny lick
( fast look)
Nibble of one cube. ( Oh, I forgot to tell you, her wet food has to
be cubed in bite size pieces or she will not eat it. At least 16 per
square, any less is a no go)
( she looked at me again)
Once more sniff sniff
( fast glance)
Now to see if it worked! I didn't want to sniff her breath
right away for let's face it the dog food stinks as it is so
I let her finish and take a hour or so to her self then snatched
up the little pooch who right away started to cover me in
kisses. Normally I would be squirming away for Ewe, she
has rotton breath but I didn't this time. Now before I go
off the deep end and tell you she smelled like a dream,
she didn't for she is still a dog and hey, she licks her butt!
I will tell you though,she didn't smell like anything. Nothing
nasty, nothing rank, nothing disgusting. Just normal breath
that is more then palatable. It wasn't peaches and cream but
it did not smell the least bit bad either and I did not for
the first time since she had puppy breath everyone loves
try to get away. Teddy's Pride Oral Care worked perfect!
This is a product that not only does exactually what it says
it is going to do it got past my picky poochs test as well.
If this can make it past Boo's selection process it can
make it past any dogs for she is really that bad. Like I
said there are three things she will eat, Ceaser Brand
Wet Food, Purina One Dry and Chicken Jerky. Nothing
else, nada, zip, ziltch will make it past her nose. I have
tried more and less expensive items and not a chance.
Every mint under the sun, not a chance. Bribes and tricks,
not a chance. Teddy's Pride, YES YES YES, I sat their
stunned at the fact it works and the fact it got past her.
I am going to sprinkle this stuff on every single thing she
eats for the rest of her life. No oder, no smell, no YUCK!
I just can't ask for more and I personaly want to thank
them from saving me another disgusting night where I
have to spray air freshener in my pillow so when her
breath gets so bad I can take a wiff of that so I don't feel

Teddy's Pride is going to give one of their Oral Care
Products to a reader too and trust me whomever wins
will feel just as gratefull for this stuff is the Bomb!
To enter just head over to the site and take a look around
then come back here and post what you have learned in
a comment. The contest starts tonight and will run to midnight
on March 13th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Teddy's Pride Oral Care

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Picture I used on cards
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