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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Costumes for Less Review and Giveaway!  

What little girl does not like to be a Princess? I
mean Daddy always treat their little girls like one
but sometimes they need just a little more. Little
boys like to play in the yard and get all down and dirty
and little girls like to play pretend and wear Mommy's
shoes and dress like a star. In fact dress up was
one of my favorite things to do. I still remember to
this day a pair or red, white and blue patten leather
boots my mother had that went up to her knees and
my thighs or higher. The were so 60 with thick soles
and she had a jacket to match or at least pretty close
and I loved to dress in it. Now my mother was not
a dress person but she had the hippy styles down
pat and some pretty neat goodies there to get into.
My Grandmother was Mrs Dress but even then I knew
her taste and mine we not the same. Nothing she had
resembled a Princess or Movie Star in anyway so I
never had the hankering to wear her dresses but I hit
up her Jewelry Drawer as often as I could and she had
no problem passing on old beaded Necklaces to me
to wear. Now these were the good old seventy's so when
we played dress up we made do with hand me downs and
our Moms closet but now a days things have really changed.
Costumes are so affordable and you can get Crowns and
Tiera's at the dollar store and even some little plastic
high heels. Dressing up and Playing pretend has gone
to a whole other level and the Kitchen sets look better
then my real one and you can buy ready made boxes
of outfits and accessory's fit for well, a Queen! Even
Birthday party themes have got into the act. For Andrews
first and Second Birthday I hired a clown and then a
magician and the kids had a blast that way but for
Rowan I can have a Birthday party in a box where all
the little girls dress up as Princesses or Fairy's or
even just pile on the glam. It all comes right to you door
and you just let the people know how many guests will
be there. Too bad I do not know many little girls ( maybe
1!) and I am going to have a hard time convincing Rowans
cousins to dress up as a princesses when they are all
One of my things I insist on doing for Rowan and I
am sure it every little girls dream is to buy a Vanity for her
room and a Wardrobe and fill it with Dresses and outfits
for her to wear and play in. When we move it will be the
first thing I work on and I have already started collecting
outfits now. I would also love an old steamer trunk to
put her little dress up shoes in and some old fashioned
hat boxes and can't wait to the summer so I can hit some
garage sales to look for those items and handfuls of costume
Jewelry. If the house we buy has a large enough basement I
am going to add building a stage to John's Honey Do list
and I am going to borrow some of the concert lighting for
the show! Now I know I am going over board with the
basement but you got to remember a couple of things,
yes, she will be spoiled. I have waiting a lifetime for a little
girl and I was a tomboy myself then later in life wished I
did some more girly stuff so this is my chance to fix
that with her. The other is the Stage would get more then
just Rowan for a user for John's band Practices all the time
and they do it at his brothers now but it is an hour drive
so if he had the basement all set up they could do it here
instead. Right now we live in a Condo so the basement is
not very large and Andrew's room takes up most of it. The
new house will have him back in a Bedroom for he will
only be there a year or so before he is off to school and
a dorm so he will no longer crave 700 square feet of roaming
room to call his own. This means I can have the basement
back we used to use as a rec room and I plan on claiming
a little part of it for Rowan and I!

My hunt for dress up clothes has been long but
unlike other long searches this one has been fun. Where
else do you get to check out costume shops and novelty
shops and vintage dress boutiques and browse through all
the spectacular dresses and dream about being a princess
yourself. Then when your Hubby asks what you did all
day you get to play it off like it isn't how you
really want to be spending your time and make the
Hubby feel bad for doubting you and say since you are
working so hard for other people why don't you find a
little something for yourself? See, a twofer! I have went to
a lot of vintage stores looking for dresses and though I have
found some really beautiful items I had a big problem with
finding ones that were anywhere near a child's size. Long
gone are the days where Parents dress their children in
formal clothes and it really isn't any fun for the kids to
go and play dress up with a dress they can find on the
rack at Kohl's right now. They want glamor and style and
long flowing skirts and pink taffeta and Empire waists.
I also checked out the little kits at the store and found
a few that were super sweet and grabbed them. The problem
there isn't that they don't fit or make her feel like a princess
and there are only like 5 styles. I want her to be able to
play dress up and have a selection. To be able to play
with her little friends and not all have to wear the same
outfit. I have done some awesome reviews for a couple
of places that sell Tu Tu's and those are coming up but
I still had the dress issue. Then I thought, why at
Halloween they have tons and I mean tons of costumes
that are not only a Princess but a flapper, a rock star, a
Fairy, a hippy. Why you can find clothes for every single
theme you can imagine and more. If your child even thinks
about becoming an Astronaut for 32 seconds before moving
on to a Cow Girl or Boy you can encourage their dreams by
getting them an outfit to help hold their attention just a
little bit longer.

Long gone are the days when Mom spent her twilight
hours working on that perfect costume for her little
trick or treat-er. Or even kids who made it themselves,
for I remember working for weeks on a cardboard box that
I transformed into a TV when I was like 8 or 9. The bummer
there is when I finally got to wear it the weather did not
agree and it started to pour. By the time I got home I
was covered in poster paint and in tears. Now you
can just hit an Internet site or walk into a store and get
everything you need, the dress, the accessory's and the
thrill of wearing it, all in one little kit that costs less then
a pair of shoes at Pay less. I could not believe my friends,
a lot of whom swear they know everything, did not refer
me to a costume shop when I was asking them over and
over again for ideas on where to get clothing to start building
a dress up collection for Rowan. I went crazy for a week
making a list of themes I wanted to get for her ( we must
remember folks, Rowan is still a baby, this is my quest not
hers right now!) and ended up with over 130 different styles
I wanted to cover. Why that would be a fantasy closet every
little child could dream of! Now I was not going to buy them
all at once for I have about 2 years before she will even
get around to asking but I know a lot of you have kids who
like to do this now. Further more I did check out some retail
stores that sell dress up wear but boy were they pricey and
a costume store not only has a wider selection they
also don't break the bank!

I searched a ton but I got hung up on Costumes for Less!
When you go to their web site right in the corner it says they
have everything and boy, they were not joking. I found
everything on my list plus added a bunch more! I also
cracked up for they have the largest line of Pet costumes
I have ever seen and since Rowan and Boo are so close......
well, let's just say I feel bad for that little pooch sometimes!
There were 2921 outfits in the Children's section alone and
Rowan could have dreams of being anything from a doctor to
Little Miss Muffet and more! I was so impressed I wrote them
and let them know that I planned on sharing this find with
my readers and they sent an outfit for review. I was sent an
Adorable Princess dress that has twinkle lights in the skirt.
I was just about drooling as I opened it and floored with
the quality. I just didn't expect it to be so nice for the
price it was listed at. Plus, it has twinkle lights! Now
it is a little large for Rowan to wear right now, like I said
Baby, not ready for dress up unless it is to humor mom,
but when she is ready that little baby will be the sharpest
princess in the court! The have costumes that range in
price from $7.95 cents all the way up to $195.00 and
your child can be anything from a Jedi to Raggedy Anne,
a Zoo Keeper to Wonder Woman. Kings, Queens, Zorro
and a Bee! The list would go on for ever. I have flat out
decided that this is the way to go and Costumes for Less
has saved me more time then I care to admit for I would
have looked from one side of the Earth to the other before
I found a store half as good as this one. Did I mention
the Twinkle Lights? No longer do we have to wait to
Halloween to encourage our children's dreams and Fantasy's
for at these prices your kids can try on a new dream whenever
they get the urge! Costumes for less can also meet your
Halloween and Party needs too, after all that is what they
were built for and offers literally thousands of choices from
Infants and Pets to Adult. For Halloween you can find daring
and sexy for Mom a Couch Potato to highlight Dad's in
the natural world and Pooch can be part of the fun by
dressing up like the little devil she already is! Already
have the costume but its just missing that certain something,
something? They have you covered there are well with loads
of accessories that can add the frosting to any cake! Now you
don't have to be a nut case like me and go all out to have a
dream dressing room for your child that rivals a Hollywood
movie set but if you are looking for something for your
kids, something for a costumes party's or just ideas for
next Halloween, Costumes for less has a vast selection
of great items all at a reasonable prices and they have it
year round! My review of costumes for less may be coming
to an end but my opinion of them is threw the roof and
I will be shopping there for many years to come! Who knows,
next time I tell you my kids and the pooch are acting like
Monsters it might just be because they are! Grrrrrrrrrr!
Costumes for less for also kind enough to offer a costume
of their choice for your little girl or boy! Did I mention mine
came with twinkle lights? To enter just head over to their
site and take a look around then come back here and post
what costume you like best in a comment. You never know,
that could be the costume you win! The contest starts tonight
and will run to midnight on March 19th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Costumes for Less

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is completed.

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post that you are. 3 entries,
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Picture I used on cards
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